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  1. Les666

    Dash cams

    +1 for the Netbase 512... not bothered about insurance discount only proving who was at fault in case of an incident.. I was in a car park slowly driving out and some old duffer reversed into the side of me, admitted he didn't look properly.. When insurance went through story changed (strange that) to 'he was parked and I swerved into him'. I couldn't prove different so it went knock for knock and cost me the excess..
  2. we are looking at this site for a trip this year, thanks for the thumbs up... got any good pics?
  3. or maybe one day the drain will be in the middle with a slight slope towards it... anyway...I always have the rear of caravan, (where shower is), very slightly un-level so water drains away towards drain..
  4. Hi all... I was thinking of adding a tracker to my caravan, but didn't like the cost of a unit and subscription...However, I have a spare old iPhone worth nothing.. using it attached to a phone battery pack that keeps the battery at 100% for days and days I put it in the van and drove about 20 miles on various roads... my Mrs did the 'find my phone' on a computer and sure enough found my location... I don't think this function is available on Android phones? Has this idea been discussed before?
  5. quick update....fitted my new Aero 3's and took the caravan for a short run just to rotate the tyres a bit and see what the mirrors are like... They are a million times better than my old ones!! Money well spent, thanks all once again for the tip.. as a final note I bought the convex version rather than flat..not like the old days where the image was like looking into a goldfish bowl, the view was normal and it was really easy to reverse with them..money well spent
  6. agree with all the comments, scum bags..show everyone who and what they are, not that these vermin will care.. Did van have any company details?
  7. Many many thanks for all the advice..you all seem to rate the Aero's ..so I just ordered a pair..
  8. there are loads of helpful videos on you tube...a picture is better than a thousand words... here's an example.
  9. as this topic has expanded somewhat I don't mind asking rather than starting a new thread.. My old towing mirrors are rubbish, reading your posts Im starting to feel guilty...so now looking to buy some new ones for my car, I have seen them from £8 upwards (I know, you get what you pay for) ...anyway I plan to get decent ones ...could you suggest some options that won't break the bank.. I'm guessing in the £30 to £60 range?
  10. your drive looks fine..being visible from the road make sure it has decent locks.. oh and re motor movers...I'm no weakling and between 2 of us we can shift our lightweight 1,000kg MOST places... however we have a gravel drive and last time it took 4 of us to turn it round.. Old saying... its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it
  11. Decided to stay in Uk for all holidays this year till things settle down.
  12. have had several caravans over the years, now on 2nd Lunar .. no leaks at all I sometimes wonder if people who cook or have showers with windows and vents shut ,realise how much moisture they put into a van? if this collects in a cold corner and starts damp they then shout leak...
  13. have a look at this for a 12v system https://www.mobile-signal-boosters.co.uk/repeater-62/
  14. Consider a Lunar Venus 380/2 1,000kg , its what I have and am very happy with it...
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