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  1. wider is colder.. I put my one to max to start, then when cold reduce to the half way point
  2. Angry

    What's changed

    give me strength, why do some people have to bang on about Brexit... There is a world wide lack of sales, a lot of it due to over production. General Motors has shut a plant in Australia, sold its operations in Europe, Russia and Africa. They will close four plants in the US and one in Canada this year, at a cost of almost 6,000 jobs. Jaguar Land Rover will cut 4,500 jobs globally. Honda will discontinue production of the Civic in Gebze, Turkey, affecting 1,000 workers. VW have announced up to 7,000 job cuts in Germany. Ford shedding 12,000 jobs in Europe, only 1,200 in UK. So why? Younger people are are far less likely to see car ownership as necessary. Cars are primarily seen as a means of transport, and many people find car pooling or ride sharing apps like Uber to be more convenient. There is also a growth in cycling, the use of electric bikes, scooters and other forms of personal transportation. There is also a lot of confusion about Diesel after recent scandals with the latest Euro 6 vehicles banned from a few cities in Europe, plus the new Euro 7 comes out next year. In Europe new petrol/diesel vehicles will be not be sold from 2030 (10 years before the UK) so production has to change, consequently people are buying pre owned till the new generation of electric cars arrive. So is Brexit to blame for all this?? no of course not, however the knock on means that for many there is less money about for everything from TVs to caravans..
  3. If thinking of a Tiguan get one with a towbar or find out how much it will cost to have one fitted...I have heard some silly numbers to do the job so like everything these days shop about.
  4. Angry

    What's changed

    It's funny how some people have the need to always twist a conversation to Brexit blu bla...boring.. There are 2 sides to every argument and I had a problem that cost several British workers in my company a job, thanks directly to the EU...thats something that did happen, not something that might, or could, or possibly, maybe happen! The country had a vote, a decision was made, now get on with it...... anyway, back to topic.... We are ready to buy a new caravan, however what we would like is too heavy for our car... therefore it means replacing the car as well.... lots of confusion regarding emissions so I will probably get a petrol and am looking at it now..... cars getting lighter & vans getting heavier doesn't help the formula...
  5. Hi all... I am getting a lot of noise from the rear of my car in towbar area.. It only happens at low speed ie turning or pulling away. I have new rear shocks on car; from tow ball have removed paint then cleaned and de-greased each time .. I have had the towing hitch on caravan serviced, and they used some special grease?..the pads inside are in good condition and de-greased.. The nose weight is exactly correct... On arrival at a site the other day the staff member leading me to the plot said is that a new tow bar.....yes...his reply ohhh... might that be it? and if so how much longer do i need to hear this noise...
  6. yea thanks for that... I did realise it needed a good push to lock properly... but at least its very secure.. wish I had bought this model first time, would have saved so much time and so many phone calls
  7. rather than a board painted black (which absorbs heat) placed in front of the wheel, how about a white board which reflects heat better...also after a couple of years rotate tyres?
  8. Started with a simple idea... as we leave the seats made up as a bed we cannot get to the space under the nearside...so I thought...locker.. I went on a well known auction site and bought a locker, seemed a good price £50.. It arrived, I had a quick look and it locked etc...so away we go... marked the hole, drilled, cut, fitted. couple of hours and job done...but hold on, the door has a slight bow in the middle..tested and not water tight...rats.. Took it off, checked and yes its a design flaw. also the cheap plastic lock couldn't be adjusted.. contacted company and ordered a replacement..that arrived and was the same... contacted manufacturer and told they had issues with that design and it is now obsolete...refunded on 2 doors.. Now have a hole!! ordered a slightly bigger THETFORD locker with infill panel. Fitted in a couple of hours and now is perfect... morale... cheap is not always a bargain..
  9. Angry

    8k tug

    Had both. prefer auto...however check the car tax costs as some autos, (like my make) can pretty much double..Which is why I'm driving a manual..
  10. think this might be the part?? https://www.ecocamel.com/accessories/acc/super-power-suction-cup-products/product/39-tap-aerator
  11. check for things like accident cover, many companies do not recover you and rely on an insurance company, also many won't continue to a journey to holiday site with caravan then recover home afterwards...so holiday ruined...... Just joined RAC (been with them before) as I found the cover better than GEM, who would only cover me for one call out for the same fault... simple thing to do is list all the things RAC or AA or whoever cover you for and compare them..
  12. So so without all the issues you 'may' come across here are my thoughts on the most important points when moving from tent to caravan.. 1. what can you tow? no point getting a huge twin axle if you have a small car. 2. how many adult size beds? you say 4 so guessing 2 adults, 2 young children or teenagers 3. layout, do you plan to stay in a field or luxury campsite... so consider importance of toilet, shower, cooking 4. Storage, do you have room at home? 5. don't forget leave some cash for insurance...and also locks, water containers, awning etc ..unless included in a sale..
  13. Its the feeling of achievement when it works...well done... garage recently quoted me 4 to 5 hours at £125 an hour to change cars radiator plus would only use official rad at £200. ... did it myself with rad from ebay costing £55 , in just over 3 hours...
  14. Another for Puriclean, I do it twice a year..First drum goes through into waste, second sits in system overnight.. then I rinse with 2 drums.. all the waste water goes on the garden. For tea/coffee water we also fill up a clear container from site tap and leave it sealed by kettle.. otherwise we drink beer and wine!!
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