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  1. Update from Isabella - they say that we should not be pegging down the guide ropes that are attached to either end of the beading strip as these are over tightening the beading and causing water to get into the beading channel. Both the written/drawn instructions and the on line video show these are being pegged out. I have to say I did wonder what these guide ropes were for as no other awning seems to have them and they don't seem to serve an obvious purpose In relation to the way the awning sits against the van they say that they have checked it and it is manufactured correctly. So I will continue to supplement the air beams with poles. Generally we do like the quality of the awning. The quality of the material is obvious and we had no condensation even in damp scottish conditions. We hope to get away in December so we will try it again and update,
  2. It was too low on the rear or too high on the front depending on how you see it. So the nose of the car was pointing upward. Once towing this was exacerbated by the weight on the rear. Once done the car looked visibly different. Also we noticed a better driving position with a better view over the bonnet. I am assuming that the sensors were being disrupted by the angle they were at. Hope this explains it.
  3. We also bought one to replace a very leaky Kampa. Having used it for 6 weeks we are still getting water leaking from the area around the beading. Also the awning does not sit well against the caravan creating quite a gap. The vertical air beams simply push the awning further away from the caravan and I have had to resort to using the poles from the Kampa to minimise the gap. The Awning is back with Isabella at the moment to be checked but I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems? - especially the leaking.
  4. I have just had a look on the forum and realised that others have had the same issue as I did. I can confirm that since the dealer changed the suspension the problem has not recurred and we have done a lot of towing since the fix. As mentioned in previous posts the car has the conventional suspension.
  5. Having been in a position to purchase both tow car and caravan at the same time there is not a lot available now as manufacturers are reducing the weight of 4x4s to improve economy. I couldn't find anything that I liked and was anywhere near the 85%. I settled on the Mk 3 Touareg (Kerb Weight 2070kg) to tow our Clipper (plated at 2000kg) and on our 9 week trip from a towing point of view it has been great, very stable in all conditions. (I have had issues with the ACC which I have put on a seperate thread but this seems limited to my vehicle and may well have just been sorted by the dealer). As has already been said - check insurance - some have kerb weight limits but by no means all, and load as much as you can into the car.
  6. I have an update on this. We have just returned from a 9 week trip around the country. The problem came back again every time we towed despite keeping the nose weight well below the 140kg. The vehicle has just been to the dealer and I have to say I was very impressed they took the time to listen to the issues and take note of exactly what the probem is. They have now levelled up the suspension (it is conventional suspension but I am assuming there must be adjustments that can be made) and I can visibly see the difference - it always looked low at the back now it looks level. They have also changed some of the settings for the sensors. There are no guarentees but I am hopeful that this has resolved the issue. If the problem reoccurs then they will look to alter the adjutments again. I am really hoping that this will resolve the issue as in every other aspect the Touareg is a fantastic vehicle.
  7. Yes CommanderDave - I think that is what was happening - the weight on the rear was putting the car at an angle the system was not designed to cope with. Was not obvious looking at the vehicle though.
  8. I think I have solved the issue - I am a little embarrassed about this but I am putting it on here should others have similar problems. I was lucky enough over the last couple of days to be working with a colleague who had a friend who is a VW master tech in North America. His view was that the system has a failsafe that will trigger under certain circumstances, if it believes the system is not working properly. His view was that it was something to do with the tracking of the caravan and it was unlikely that the dealer would be able to fix the issues. Due to a combination of reasons on our first two trips I had not been able to effectively measure the nose weight on the caravan. Having taken it to a weighbridge to find the over all weight was ok and the fact that we carry very little over what the van came with I had assumed (makes and ass out of u and me) that it would be ok. Yesterday, now that the system has come back and is working again I went to the storage yard - got the caravan on a reasonably flat location and was shocked to find a nose weight of 179kg. The max for the VW is 140 (buccaneer 150). I rebalanced the caravan - I was amazed (I am new to caravanning) that even things like the mains cable moved from front to rear make such a difference. I got the nose weight down to 130-135kg, the gauge I have is electronic and has a screw thread allowing you to measure the weight at various heights. I then hooked up and towed for over two hours no issues. Used the ACC. Turned it off and on. Various traffic conditions. On my return the system was still fully functional. I am as sure as I can be that this has resolved the issue. The likelihood being that the excess nose weight was pulling the rear of the vehicle down too much and causing the front assist system to failsafe. I shall be much more aware of the nose weight in the future. At this point I have cancelled the booking at the dealer. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this and reply.
  9. Hello, I have a brand new VW Touareg we got the car in March and it has the full VW towing package. It has been a great car. We got our Caravan (Buccaneer Clipper) in July. On every occasion that we have towed the van after about 1 1/2 hours of towing the front assist system (front assist, lane assist, adaptive cruise control) stops working. On the most recent occasions we were actually stationary at the time. The car has been to the dealer once and had the system re calibrated. But as soon as we towed again the fault re occurred. It is booked in for next week. I was wondering as the system appears to be common in most modern VWs has anyone had the same issue?
  10. So pleased to read your review. We are picking up a brand new Clipper next week and so hope that we will have a similar experience.
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