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  1. Ok thanks for your help! I'm going to avoid the whole can of worms and just get a charger I can plug in when hooked up. I have a solar panel for when I'm not hooked up. I'll blank off the charger cable and take out the fuses.
  2. Hi all. I've wired up my 2S4V all apart from the charge wire. I'm wondering is this a direct charge to the leisure battery? The unit has a charger fuse on the front at 5amp and an anti surge fuse (0. 3amp). If I can charge my battery through this when hooked up then happy days!
  3. I can't upload for some reason. Its a Swift 2S4V unit
  4. Hi Dave Currently. ...an old Swift. Phone wont let me upload a pic but I can do later
  5. Great stuff thanks. The van is currently fully stripped so all wiring is accessible. I'll study the diagram tonight as I've found it difficult to find a good one online.
  6. Hi all. I have a diagram of what I thought was a full rewire but I'm unsure about the power from the car battery. The diagram says to use a 16mm cable but I have the old 7 pin connectors. ..here it is. .. Can I wire the caravan like this if I upgrade to 13 pin connector? Or can this type of rewire be done from the old 7 pin? Does anyone have a proper rewire diagram?? Cheers!
  7. Its a 1987. Ok so looks like I need 12v!
  8. Completely new to caravanning but bought an old Mardon Classique to refurbish. Sooo. ...got to the wiring and thought. ..can we just wire the whole lot to be powered by the hook up? (Leaving the vehicle lights aside) Is there some legal requirement? Or is it just from a practical point of view? If we cant, and it needs a rewire. ..what sort of cost are we looking at? Cheers
  9. Thanks all! Looking forward to picking your collective brains. ..
  10. Hi all. New member here from South Yorkshire. New to caravanning and just bought a Mardon Classique 1987 440/4 to refurb. All good so far!
  11. Hi, first post here and very new to caravanning. We just bought a Mardon Classique 440 4 made in 1987 and have completely gutted it. We found wet rot in all 4 corners and parts of the floor too. I'm wondering if anyone knows the thickness of the top layer of ply on the floor? Also. ...long shot but does anyone have a manual for one of these? I've started replacing the rotten wall timbers but the floor has thrown me a bit. Hopefully I can scrape away the rot and treat with wood hardener rather than cut the floor out. Much appreciated!
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