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  1. The Subaru collided with a Mondeo which killed the 29yr old driver and also a Ford Focus. A very tragic accident which took 3 lives.
  2. Unfortunately 3 people died due to this driver going the wrong way along the M40.
  3. It's a sad time when your hobby has to take a backstage. But the more important thing is your family. College and University is a different era in life enjoy it as your children become adults and choose their own direction. I can only speak from my experience.
  4. The Caravan Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club are both registered with companies house as LTD companies. So are they actually a Club or a business and who are the shareholders as companies house says there is one active member with over 75% shareholding? So who actually owns these? the members or specific directors?
  5. I've tried the government web site but when I put my post code for Bristol it then comes up with Bristol Council and application for weighbridge licence. That was really helpful. So went to Google and as usual more helpful than Bristol Council.
  6. We'll I've been on this Forum for less than a week and I can only conclude there is a lot of knowledgeable and well informed members. I can only wish I had joined years ago. My thanks to you all for contributing to my posts and advising and commenting in a constructive manner. Hopefully I can also contribute just as well as those more informed. Well done to Caravan Talk and it's participants.
  7. We'll so the lovely looking label on the outside by the entry door is a manufacturers scam to make more money for them and the dealer, as the type approval in the gas bottle locker is the legal one. Haven't they already made a bucket of money out of the new sale. So as said earlier just remove the label and save the money. So this leads onto one of my earlier posts if a manufacturer is a member of the NEC then how can they pass I SO 9001 by posting 2 different MPLM's. Surely the I SO auditors should pick up on this, if not they may do now. Now I'm teasing everyone
  8. Firstly welcome to the world of caravaning. There is a myriad of choices from layouts and designs with varying options. I would recommend you consider hiring a caravan to give it a try before you buy that's if you can borrow or even hire a suitable tow car. Also you really need to decide what layout you would prefer because that would also determine the size of caravan and respective tow car. I've been caravaning for 9yrs now and love it, the freedom it gives you as well as meeting fellow caravaners. Although I've just recently bought new with problems but the dealer h
  9. I'm thinking of checking my caravan loaded weight and would need to take it to a weighbridge. Has anyone done this and what advice do you have.
  10. Thanks for that info.
  11. Bailey charge £62. 99 for upgrading the MTPL weight plate from 1490kg to 1500kg for my mk4 Unicorn Cadiz. Is it worth it for the extra 10kg? Decisions!!
  12. I assume you have receipts stating the purchase of a new caravan when you paid the deposit. First thing you need to do is decide what you want (plan A) then what your prepaired to accept as a minimum (Plan Either way you can also report them to Adria as this is who they are representing. This is your decision but at the end of the day they have been fraudulent. Best of luck in getting a resolution quickly.
  13. No that's the thing with retirement 😁
  14. I use a Antara 4x4 primarily for towing. Most of the time all SUV's run in 2wd mode, but I'm more interested in the SUV weight to give towing stability. Using the 4x4 is rare mainly on muddy fields when towing or in the snow. Additionally I have winter tyres fitted to give better grip in rain as well as the muddy fields.
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