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  1. Thanks Glen & Les & Doosan, appreciated 👍
  2. Thanks John, very helpful. Good to read of your positive, and not too costly, experience.
  3. That's helpful Brecon, thanks a lot. Looks like there's a Miriad dealer not far from me so I'll discuss with them. I'll have a look at EECO too.
  4. Hi all I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet & replace the 3 front windows in my caravan as I'm seeing signs of delamination, especially in the front centre window. Do you have any recommendations re suppliers or even any idea of approx costs? My caravan is a 2007 Abbey Vogue 470. Cheers, Ness
  5. Thanks Gordon, will do Your gracious apology is accepted AJ
  6. Job done. ...fingers crossed! Appreciate all your input
  7. Thanks again. ...after looking at the costs of a replacement window I'm off to buy a small drill bit tomorrow. .. I can live with the crack!!
  8. Just another thought, has anyone tried making a hole with a red hot needle?
  9. Thanks very much folks, appreciate your input & will give it a go
  10. Hello everyone. Hoping for some advice on repairing a 2 inch hairline crack on the inside of my caravan window. Is there something that can be applied to it stop the crack spreading further or is a new window required?
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