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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated
  2. Wonder if anyone could clear something up for me. Im very new to caravanning and first trip is 10 days away. Im just wondering how we charge the leisure battery up on van?. Please can someone explain in simple terms. Does it charge automatically when hooked up to car? Or when hooked up to mains?.or both. Is there an onboard battery charger that needs to be plugged in?. Im a bit confused by it all, and i worry that i go to use the mover and the batteries not got enough charge to do it. Its a lunar venus 2015 Cheers gary
  3. Mm, think I'll try the vent solution first. I assume you can get different sizes
  4. Ouch!! That looks painfull. Any pictures of it fixed mate Thanks for all the input guys. Dont feel quite so peeved
  5. Hi Returned to my caravan today to discover this damage. First time ive ever had damage to my van. Can anyone tell me how this would be repaired. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone Does anyone on here use Whiteshawgate caravan storage in Strathaven? Ive been trying to contact them regarding storing my caravan there, but can never make contact with anyone. Cheers
  7. Very interesting read this, will have a look at this after work
  8. Think im gonna go lunar venus 550/4. Found a nice 2015 model, 1 owner, immaculate condition with mover and extras. .......price 9650. Does this seem a good deal
  9. Yes i have b+ e. I fancy lunar venus 550/4, this appears a good match?. Can anyine with more experience than me advise at all. .
  10. hi max tow weight 1600kg kerbweight 1590kg nose weight 80 kg does that help?
  11. Hi Everyone, My partner and i are looking to take the plunge and get our first caravan together. Can any one tell me if my car is a tested workhorse for caravanning. 1. It Is SEAT EXEO 2. 0TDI ST170hp Estate (only 55k miles). I was told this car gives us lots of towing options, however so far every caravan i choose comes back as too heavy. ..grrrrrrr max tow weight apparantly 1600kg 2. We are ideally looking for a van with an island bed or 2 rear singles and cost wise somewhere in the value of 9-12k. can anyone give me some options Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  12. Thanks for your help guys Hopefully find something soon
  13. Can anyone help. . ive got a seat exeo 2. 0tdi 170st, ive worked out it can tow a van upto 1360kg i think. My main preference is an island bed. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which caravans i can tow. . Im just looking at most stuff and it always seems to heavy. Budget is upto max of 14k Cheers
  14. Thanks for the info guys. . The car has a factory fitted towbar in place already with removeable bar. underneath there are 2 sockets but ive no idea what all the pins are for. The previous owner bought the car new with intention of caravanning but fell ill before getting started. so i think its pretty good to go once i find right van
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