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  1. Yes, you are correct, but the law also considers what is a reasonable length of time. We are talking a matter of months here. Bailey are also (at this stage) being very cagey about exactly what they are proposing to do, by way of repair. If it is proven that this is somehow a manufacturing issue that bailey were aware off, I can argue that it is not fit for purpose. Just depends on how tenasous an individual is. I can also argue that should any repair compromise. The future value or lead to other problems again I have a case. Bailey are a budget manufacturer with the build quality not being great in the first instance, I needed a caravan fast and the bailey unicorn cartegena was the only one that suited my needs for layout etc. There are lots of niggles and the latest re-design 2018 model has lost so many good features of the 2017 model. I await the report from thetford. With regards to 6-8 weeks to repair - this is not going to happen, bailey will be told they can have the caravan a day either side if the ‘true’ repair time, as I will suffer loss of use.
  2. I have joined this forum to discuss this very topic. We too, purchased a Bailey unicorn last year 2017. Approx 3 months ago, we noticed some melting on the wall directly behind the cooker, on the side of the electric ring, the thetford caprice has 3 gas burners and one electric ring. We hadn’t used the electric before this. There is no such mark on the gas side. Alarmed I decided to phone bailey direct for some advice. I was shocked at the attitude I was given when asking for a technical line. I was told that it is baileys policy not to talk to owners and I should take this up with the dealer where I bought the van. I did. I was asked to send a photo, which I did. I was then asked to talk it to the dealer as bailey had requested the dealer take the photos as clearly mine weren’t,t to be trusted. Bailey then told the dealer they would send engineers out to inspect the van. Heard nothing! Cased, told be dealer that bailey want it back to factory to repair. I wanted to know what this entailed. It would seem that bailey are at a loss as they don’t seem to want to acknowledge all the pageant, Valencia and cartegena owners that I have found having the same problem. Bailey contacted thetford who are coming out to test and report back to bailey as to what the cause could be. Bailey also want the van back to factory in September for 6-8 weeks to repair. They still won’t say what the repair entails. Ripping offf and supergluing the side back on (I suspect) conmpimising the integrity of the entire caravan. I have got black horse involved who seem to want to side with bailey and allow them 4 months to decide what they want to do to effect a repair, but screw the whole caravan up in the process and effect the future value as in - if a repair takes 6-8 weeks it’s pretty major in my opinion. Watch this space. I suspect that bailey have fitted the cooker too close to the wall. And thetford don’t fit heat shields to the caprice.
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