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  1. Thanks for the compliments on my repair guys - I hope nobody needs to do the same for a similar reason, but it may save someone a lot of money! There is sand and what looks like some sort of fibre matting across the race course now, didnt look up to see if there were any asbestos signs!
  2. Thanks Stevan, I would rather fix or modify something rather than go down the Insurance route - which in our case would either result in the van being "written off" due to the expense of the repair (old van) or we carry a lot of the cost with the excess payment and then increased premiums forever! I am quite pleased with my fix. and more importantly - so is the better half!
  3. I am not surprised that someone (two) on here were sharp enough to find the wording humorous. Well done guys, I wish I could go back and re-phrase it, but alas to late and I just have to take that on the chin! Yes, I was fuming with myself - thats why my better half drove the van round to the pitch and began parking - so that I could walk it off! Absolutely right - no one hurt, so really glad about that! I have already done a fix on the van - I bought an external 240 V socket. So I made a cardboard template of the cut out, marked it over the damaged area and cut it out! Now have an external socket (albeit in a slightly strange location), that hides the incident reasonably well - if I say so myself!
  4. STEVAN, I understand your point about moving the post would deny pedestrian access between the post and the fence. But, I woukld think separating vehicular and pedestrian access would be a good thing! In the 2 photos attached, the first shows the approach road with the gate on the left. You can see a building in the middle of the photo - the pedestrian access SHOULD be between this building and the fence behind the gate post. This would give proper pedestrian and mobility scooter access that is safe and separate from motor homes / caravans. The second photo is from the other side of the gate - showing the fence and building to the left.
  5. We arrived at about 2.30 pm or so, so should not have been encountering "leavers" unless they were motor-homes going off site? We try to arrange our arrival to avoid meeting those leaving the site. When my better half suggested moving the pole, she was told it was for mobility scooters! There was no evidence that it had ever been used for this, and did not look fit for that purpose! The journey was a bit stressful, poor weather and numpty drivers not having a clue about how much room a van needs etc. So I was glad to arrive, probably a little fatigued and not as sharp as I should have been - I thought the hard part was behind me!
  6. Just punched a hole in the drivers side rear corner on a post at a Club Site entrance! I may be able to get away with modifying it to take an external 240v 13 amp socket? Got one on order, so should arrive soon, I will have a look at it then!
  7. A bit of a bad way to start your final excursion in the caravan before the end of season (for us)! On arrival at a Club Site, which had a limited arrivals space, I stopped the car behind a newly arrived motor-home and reported to reception. I was asked to pull forward as I was blocking the entrance and 2 people were wanting to leave. The motor-home moved forward a few feet which was of little help as our caravan is about 22 feet long, I did not see anyone attempting to leave - but wanted to stay on good terms with site staff so got back in the car. In order to manoeuvre around the parked motor-home, I put full lock on and started to pull forward slowly. On hearing a noise behind me. I stopped and saw that the rear of the van had pivoted round and caught a metal post in the gate way! Unfortunately, it had a small metal bracket welded to it for securing the gate at night, and this had punctured the skin on the drivers side rear corner of our caravan! I unhitched the car and pivoted the van off the post on the jockey wheel. We were then given a pitch number to use, so my better half drove the car and van round whilst I spoke to the site staff. During this conversation, I overheard someone say that this was not the first time that someone had got hung up on that post! I walked to the van and assisted the boss in parking the van. A member of staff kindly helped with the parking up and supplied a small rectangular piece of plastic that had double sided sticky tape on it - to patch the van up and try to make it water tight. I have no issues with the site staff but consider the siting and signage of the entrance could be improved ! In my opinion, the post should be moved another yard closer to the fence line and the gate made accordingly longer to suit. A larger area should be allocated for arrivals and clearly marked for such use. This would enable caravans to pass other vehicles on arrival and allow access in and out of the site. I hope that this tale of woe warns other members to be especially careful when arriving on a new to them site!
  8. I have done the same as John on my 2005 Lunar Lexon DS - large front skylight removed and cleaned with white spirits to degrease etc and reseal with Soudal Fix All. Also recently done the small skylight over rear lunge - same technique and so far both still fine!
  9. You should get a full damp report done so that you know exactly what and where is affected. We bought a second hand 2005 Lunar Lexon DS from an acquaintance of hers that was giving up - they could not lay their hands on the Service report. There seemed to be water marks from historic leaks but no mold or wet patches obvious. We bought it on the say so that it was a dry van. WRONG ! We had a damp report done as part of the Annual Service, a couple of minor problems showed up but the floor was delaminating (I fixed that), there were 3 areas with 80% damp readings. One area around the gas flue pipe I resealed, the other 2 were both rear corners - we took it in for repair quoted at £1500. Excellent repair job done by a local Barnsley company Carlton Van Conversions. When they removed the wall boards, the damp was not as bad as anticipated = so it was allowed to dry ot for a couple of days when we had sunshine! Reboarded etc for £1200. Well happy and know that there should not be any issues fingers ccrossed. As a belt and braces precaution, I have used white Gorilla Tape that is ok to use in UV light - to seal either side of the aluminium joining plate that goes across the roof of the van. A known location for water ingress! All other areas that have a seal have been cleaned and resealed with Soudal Fix All, including skylights and TV aerial etc. Hope this helps!
  10. Usually the end of season up to close to season starting again! Similar to car prices, often drop before new reg comes out.
  11. I have replaced the 12v lights in the rear lounge / bedroom and also in the front with LED lamps and am very impressed with them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-12V-LED-Spot-Reading-Light-Switch-Camper-Van-Caravan-Boat-Motorhome-Light-UK/163402193988?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have also found some LED bulbs that look like they would be good in the front lounge in place of the 230v lights near the top lockers? https://www.zoro.co.uk/shop/lighting/led-lamps-and-bulbs/bright-stik™-led-lamp/f/82618 Any opinions/ suggestions?
  12. I have just looked at Lunar's website and found the supplier for their plywood, so have Emailed them to see if they still make that style? https://decorativepanels.co.uk/pages/dp-lamination
  13. Hi, does anyone know of a veneer supplier that has a match or near match for a Lunar Lexon 2005 Ds? Or does anyone know what the colour is called that Lunar used?
  14. Gav19871 where are you located - maybe someone can recommend someone local to have a look at the van?
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