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  1. I used the Green one part foaming glue from Ebay and have had excellent results? its a bit messy as its expands out of the holes and even after wiping up the excess, they still expanded more over noght and needed scraping off ! Floor is now solid!
  2. Would Gorilla tape be suitable, they do a white and it is supposed to be UV resistant?
  3. I have finally (long story), got round to removing the outer sheel of the dome interior light - thank Springtime, I was being too gentle! I have found that the bulb is Sylvania 0025902 - Lynx SE 9W/840 - CF-SE 9W/840, which looks like a mini fluorescent tube? Does anyone know if there is an adapter to allow LEDs to be used in place of these?
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! I love the stair carpet idea - will show my better half when she gets back in! Making a template from cardboard etc seems a good idea - may use that if the boss decides to go with the Lino!
  5. After taking up the old (replacement carpet) in order to carry out he drilling, glue injection and dowels insertion to fix a spongy floor! My better half went to see a local company thet does caravan carpets. They said they want us to have Lino fitted - so that they can take it up and use thais as a template for the carpets - bound edges etc. Is it necessary to have Lino or underlay fitted ? If yes, what is the recommended method (if any) for securing the Lino to the flloring? Cheers, Vinny.
  6. 2005 Lexon, when I have looked in the service compartment - I noticed a pair of electric wires that appeared to have corroded away from somewhere? I can only imagine they are part of a low level flush warning system? They look as though there should be a small (9volt?) battery box to power them - is this correct? Cheers, Vin.
  7. I have tried a 32 mm plastic push fitting blanking plug and that fits quite snugly! https://www.wickes.co.uk/FloPlast-WP30W-Push-Fit-Waste-Socket-Plug---White-32mm/p/431925
  8. Thanks for the reply, what Wattage did you use?
  9. I think the interior lights could do with being brighter, so am looking at maybe using LEDs inside the existing light fittings. My first question regarding this is how do you get to the bulbs in the first place? I have tried to turn the ring that goes around the centre (glass) - but it does not appear to want to turn? This ring appears to be flush with the van ceiling and does not look as though it will pop off straight downward? Am I missing something obvious here?
  10. Robbie, where did you buy your stuff from?
  11. As per title, I am considering adding an additional locker door to the rear of my 2005 Lunar Lexon. We tend to have the rear made up as a bed - which makes getting to the under seat storage somewhat difficult! So I thought I would explore the idea of getting a locker door for each side and gaining access from otside? What do people think, is it a good idea? Would it affect the structural strength ?
  12. Thanks for the replies guys, I will go round to see them and try to get a quote.
  13. Hi all, we have had a damp report that has identified 2 areas at the rear top of our van reading 80% ! Does anyone know of a good place to take the van to have it repaired? Just found this place quite close by, anyone used them? Kustom Sport Ltd A: Unit 6 Middlewoods Way, Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, S71 3HR T: 01226 203347 W: www. kustomsport. co. uk
  14. When you have "fixed" the ingress of water - how do you intend to get the water / damp out of the side wall? I am wondering because the outside will now be watertight and many internal coverings appear to be covered in a vinyl type paint / covering which is waterproof - so how do you get the water in between them out?
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