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  1. post up pictures - that helps us to see what is going on and give advice more appropriate to you?
  2. This looks like your set up on Amazon at £52 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unknown-FRE35137-Double-Fridge-Fan/dp/
  3. BFM, do you have a link to your write up?
  4. In addition to the measure twice advice, mark it out twice! I only added an external socket (to cover accident damage), but I would recommend using low tack masking tape on the outside of the van to protect the surface. Are you going to use power tools to cut the hole or hand saw? I used a drill to marks the corners and gain access for a metal blade in a pad saw. This cut the aluminium outer skin well and slowly enough to keep control over what was happening! Take some photos and keep us up to date! Good luck!
  5. Thanks carabiker, sorry for late reply - only just logged back in to the Forum!
  6. Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of a Kronings motor ? The nearside motor keeps shorting out the control box, so a second hand replacement motor looks to be in order - if they exist? Any suggestions to who may be able to suppy one?
  7. Danny123. where is the seal leaking? Is it at the join ? Have you put the joint in the same place as the Original?
  8. Repairing damage due to water ingress is can be a long business! The van has to be disassembled to access the required area, it may need some time to dry out and then has to be put back together! So 3 spaces are soon taken up!
  9. Vin, I have read your article - WOW! Do you have the original photographs? I would like to look at your bracket arrangements more closely, and can not enlarge them from that site?
  10. Durbanite, I bought another oval dish to use solely with the van, it has 4 sockets on the LNB. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-SKY-Zone-1-Dish-with-Quad-LNB-Wall-Mount-Bracket-for-SKY-or-FREESAT/264215183776 CommanderDave, I have ordered a meter, should be here in a couple of days! Vin Blanc - will Google your article soon!
  11. Update, tried out the new Sky Oval dish, old Sky HD+ box and had no luck? Will try again weather permitting tomorrow! The LNB has 4 connectors on it - so I may be connecting to the wrong pair with my Shotgun cable? I may also need to check my alignment with the Satellite? I have used the one on the wall of the house as a guide and pointed my new dish in that direction, but I have less up / down adjustment that anticipated? I will look at the set up arrangement to see if there is another way to get a bit more elevation? I may have to buy an alignment meter to get it within acceptable accuracy?
  12. Air Hawk Pro Cordless Digital Tyre Inflator https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/113976573817 Air Hawk MAX - Portable Air Compressor Tyre Inflator https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/173673330688
  13. To check the black wood out, you can put your damp meter directly onto it and see what the readings are? OR, what about using a small drill to drill out a core sample to see what the structure looks like?
  14. I don't know about the "extra" seal? Maybe someone else will? I have use Soudal Fix All - which is a non setting sealing mastic type adhesive / sealant. I have had really good results around the skylights and also along an aluminium cover plate that runs across the back of my Lunar van. Other people swear by another similar type product whose name escapes me at the moment! Glad you are able to keep the van under cover and warmish - it will definitely help with the drying out ! Cold damp air is not conducive to drying anything!
  15. If you can, get a fan heater and put it on low heat to dry out the van while you are waiting for parts to arrive. Good job so far, keep the posts and pictures coming!
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