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  1. I have now towed 2000 miles with my 2017 model Outlander PHEV. I acheived 25mpg over a 200 mile run including one mountain pass on slow roads where I rarely exceeded 45mph. On the motorways I acheived 21mpg at 56mph. I had no problem at all on hills while towing my Sprite Major 6TD weighing in at 1490kg loaded.
  2. vanhens

    Outlander PHEV

    Plenty of power going over the Pyrenees. Hit Tortoise mode on 3 occasions but still not a problem.
  3. I am new to towing but have a Mitsubishi Phev and a Sprite Major 6TD which is right at the towing limit for the car. I achieved 24mpg on the 160mile run from Nottingham to home starting with a battery that was half full. At the weekend did a trip to Hythe and achieved 23. 6mpg on the down run in very heavy rain and 29. 8mpg on the return journey. The car had no problem pulling the caravan up the long hill out of Hythe however I had made sure that the battery was 75% charged before leaving the site. I am happy.
  4. I had the same problem and it turned out that the dealer had not registered the type of heater on the System. One phone call to Sargent resolved the problem in five minutes. They were able to access the caravan remotely and set it up. Everything now working as specified.
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