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  1. Cooker and Fridge will go on gas, LED lighting and 12 TV will go on battery using very little power. More than that use a wee quiet generator.....its just a purr and it will run a battery charger
  2. Ferrybank ... over the bridge in Wexford ... good site Or Use Google Maps ... I see IOAC Camping and caravan site on N25 near Rosslare
  3. If van breaks free most car insurance says van is not covered for 3rd party damage caused by van. You will have to prove that all reasonable steps were taken to avoid breaking free. ie ball and hitch not worn etc having safety link will not stop van causing 3rd party damage, it will just pull on the van brakes if it works. the van can be detached as a result of accident or if it becomes detached it can cause an accident..? Van insurance itself normally does not cover 3rd party risks when towing.
  4. Whomer "why would I want to fill the tank at under 1litre/min?" OK you are filling a tank so can turn on high flow and then shut off. Fill as fast as you can. Aquarolls with floats or other continuous "on demand" draw systems.....If someone just cracks on a tap for hand rinse etc flowrate would be low and probably not measured. If you want to know accurately how much used over a period may not be true reading. Whomer "Easy enough, tanks empty, let in 45 litres - voila, full tank." OK, but if tank partly empty and want topup, don't know how much in tank, don't know how much it will take to fill..?? Whomer "Why not just put a city water connection to your tank?" You put city water connection to Aquaroll float ballvalve connection providing the ballvalve is suitable for the pressure. City water to tank would be "big bang" or "big leak"
  5. richardandross...."If you're connected to mains water in the van, why do you need a meter?" If you want to know how much water you are using you need to measure it,....Think conservation.?? richardandross..."At first I thought it was something to tell you when you were about to run out of water" .... NO it will not tell you anything....You will have to read it.... and shout loudly....Hopefully someone will hear you telling them something?? The meter measures litres (which is a volume measurement) You probably look at your tank and see the level in the tank (which is a linear measurement). If you don't know how much (litres) is in the tank or how much more (litres) you can put in the tank without overfill the meter will not show anything usefull. These small meters are not accurate at low flowrates and only start to increment at about 0.5 litres per minute, so you need to fill your tank with tap full on and when it overflows...water everywhere.??? I didn't price it but the whole contraption probably costs about £40 to £50.
  6. Every good house or caravan should have one. It provides a filtered, metered water supply to anything that is connected to it. Normally the components would be described in the direction of normal flow through the system. So first you have a Stop Valve (1/4 turn ball valve) with connection for a garden hose. Then you have a hose connection which connects to the Karcher Water filter. This then connects to the water meter (filter upstream keeps meter clean) and finally to an angle swivel joint with a hose connection at the outlet which could be connected to a hose, garden sprinkler or caravan water supply inlet. It is not suitable for direct connection to a mains water supply as it is. It would need a Non-Return valve fitted on the inlet possibly between the ball valve and the filter to allow easy maintenance of the whole contraption. The non-return valve is required to prevent back flow into the mains water system. If to be used for potable water all components need to be WRC approved for potable water.
  7. Find out what is happening? If pump is running constant where is the water going to..?? do you see any big leaks...Is the outside water tank emptying..?? Does the pump just pump up to its maximum pressure a keep running whether a tap is on or not.?? Does pressure at taps seem very high or very low. If very low and no leaks maybe pump has failed or overheated due to running dry earlier or maybe siezed. If pressure is very high try adjusting the pressure switch on the line. Is the bacterial filter blocked..??
  8. To keep it simple (for Policyfirst).. if the caravan is left unattended in a "public" area, doesn't matter attached or detached, wheel clamp or hitch lock, it is NOT covered. If it is unattended and detached on a campsite for more than 2 hours it needs a wheel clamp and will be covered. It is covered while towing. and Disco Kid ....Campervans are probably similar to car insurance so maybe don't have this problem.
  9. Have now got confirmation from Policyfast, The Caravan is NOT covered when stopping en-route even for only a few minutes at a service station or public park or lay-by, with the car and caravan attached, if the occupants leave the car and caravan unattended even for a few minutes. Fitting wheel clamps or hitch locks do not matter.
  10. RAC includes Accident Care only with collision with another vehicle .......you are not covered if you crash into a tree or a wall. You will need top level of cover eg RAC Arrival Return & Re-Unite to get car (still broken) Re-United with caravan if breakdown or accident happens when not actually towing and caravan is on a campsite. After they re-unite if car is not deemed fixable within reasonable period then they will recover both to your home or another agreed location. If car is fixable in garage they will take car to garage and occupants to caravan then re-unite. Not sure with MayDay but for UK you will need Premium UK cover and if breakdown while towing you need to be going to a pre-booked camp site at the time and you will need Dual Recovery to be recovered if not fixable. If caravan is on a campsite and you breakdown not actually towing you need Premium UK and Dual Recovery to get both car and Caravan recovered. Not sure if Any Mayday options give accident cover.?????
  11. I looked through the online documents for Caravan Guard. Didn't get a quote yet. Didn't see anything about stopping en-route for a few minutes at eg a carpark or service station. even if I was alone towing and no one else with me in the car and stopped for fuel, I would need to leave the car and van unattended to go and pay for it. My policy does not cover that. If unattended it must be on a camp site or at home. I see Caravan Guard prohibits leaving the van on site for more than 72 hours. I don't think my policy has that restriction if it is a recognised camp site. You say "My car insurance is only £70 more for a £20,000 car" is that fully comp with Caravan Guard ..... do you mean caravan not car..?????
  12. Thanks for your reply Mr Plodd.... I use a local reputable broker who provides car insurance etc and assured me they do their searches to find me the best company ??. I have what they call fully comprehensive insurance for my caravan which is actually as costly as my fully comp. car insurance. regards your what is covered list " Being towed and whilst detached" seems a good clause.?? .... If being towed it must be attached, if detached it is not being towed.... so does this means it is covered for all situations.?? so no need for the other clauses. regards not covered list "if it becomes detached whilst towing" "this cover should be provided by the towing vehicle"..... Most car insurance cover only 3rd party risks for a trailer except in this case your car insurance is providing fully comp. insurance for the caravan as well as the car, which I doubt. ?? The problem clauses in my policy are the exclusions...... 3. Theft of or loss or damage to the caravan while the caravan is not in use unless it is kept at your home or at a storage address you have written and told us about and which we have accepted. 4. Theft of or loss or damage to the caravan while in use, if left in communal parking areas, or on public roads or highways. The problem is defining "In Use" and "Not in Use" It it is "not in use" it has to be stored in my garage or driveway, If it is "in use" it cannot be "left" (even for 1 hour shopping) in a public carpark or communal capark of a shopping centre, It must be on a camping site or on tow. I agree my current policy is not suitable, I was with the Caravan Club for maybe 15 years and only changed to this broker 2-3 years ago, Luckilly had no claims from either, but will have a re-read of the Caravan club clauses and probably go back. ..... BrianE ........my caravan is 4 yrs old and car is new, thats why fully comp.
  13. The Policy is from Policyfast It is just called Caravan Insurance Policy Policyfast definition of In Use is as paragraph below.... In Use When you or your immediate family are using or visiting your caravan for holiday purposes or when the caravan is attached to a towing vehicle. This includes a 24 hour period immediately prior to and returning from you or your immediate family using or visiting your caravan for holiday purposes provided the caravan is kept at your home during this 24 hour period. Please note the policy definition of home excludes communal parking areas and public roads or highways. My simple reading of this is.... In Use when van is on a camping site and I visit it for holiday purposes, including a 24 hour period prior to going to site and returning from site provided during this 24 hour period the caravan in actually kept at home ??? ..... If I keep it at home how can I tow it to site .??
  14. Thanks for all the replies... This is the actual wording..... Policy Cover We will cover you against loss or damage to the caravan and its contents/equipment caused by an insured peril which happens within the geographical limits. Insured perils 1. Fire, Explosion, Lightning and Earthquake. 2. Storm or Flood. 3. Accidental Damage. 4. Malicious Acts or Vandalism. 5. Theft or Attempted Theft. Excluding 1. Theft of contents/equipment whilst outside the caravan. 2. Theft of or loss or damage to money, valuables, firearms, wines, spirits and tobacco goods. 3. Theft of or loss or damage to the caravan while the caravan is not in use unless it is kept at your home or at a storage address you have written and told us about and which we have accepted. 4. Theft of or loss or damage to the caravan while in use, if left in communal parking areas, or on public roads or highways. 5. Theft of contents/equipment unless there is evidence of forcible and violent entry or exit to or from the caravan. 6. Theft of electronic or electrical equipment whilst left in the caravan when it is not in use. 7. Accidental damage to contents/equipment and valuables. Exclusion 4 is the paragraph causing the problem... I have spoken to my broker several times about it. Yes, everything outside or strapped to the van or car eg bikes, water containers water pumps etc are not covered anywhere.
  15. I have had fully comprehensive caravan insurance for my van for a numbers of years but discovered on reading the small print that I have only full cover..... (1) when van is stored at home ....(2) when van is on tow with my car .... (3) when van is parked on site at a recognised caravan/camping site. If while towing on a journey to a caravan site etc, I stop for a cup of tea or some shopping or sightseeing at a service station, public carpark or shopping centre carpark or tourist attraction etc and leave the car and caravan locked with the wheel clamp on my van is not covered for any type of loss or vandalism. Apparently this is because it is left at a place other than its normal place of storage and is unattended. If it is on tow with me driving or unattended at a recognised camp site it is covered fully OK. They tell me there is no way around this and they quote that "I am negligent and by doing this I am not fulfilling my proper duty of care" I have fully comp. insurance on my car and it is fully covered if I park it in a public carpark etc. So just wondering has anyone else got these problems with caravan insurance. ??
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