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  1. Hi I am hoping someone can help. We purchased a 2 berth Bailey Monarch Pageant last year. The problem we have is the water heater switch is black and you can not tell if the switch is on or off. Our previous caravan had a neon light on the switch which made life easier. My question is do I need a special switch to be used in a caravan or can I purchase a standard one with a neon light from say B&Q. Thank you Andrew Stay Safe
  2. I'm fairly new to caravanning and a complete novice regarding motor movers. I've just purchased a Bailey Pageant Monarch Series 7. I was initially shown how to use the mover but the first time I use it on my own nothing happened. The steps I followed are 1. I checked the amp meter that showed that the battery was charging just under 12amps. 2. I switched off the Mains switch and the amp meter immediately dropped to zero. 3. I disconnected the main hook up. 4. I inserted the isolator key and turned to the right/clockwise. (There was no click or sound). 5. I engaged the motor mover to the tyre. That really took some pressure!! 7. Released the Handbrake. 8. Switched on the Hand Control. 9. Pressed one of the directional buttons. 10. Nothing happened. 11. I tried switching on and off, nothing. 12. Checked fuses found that the battery fuse had blown. 13. Replaced with new fuse, still no movement. On my old Lunar Clubman (that had a mover), had a seperate switch for connecting the battery to the mains supply. I've checked the Manual but there is nothing about such a switch. What am I doing wrong.
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