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  1. Having been in the same position as theOP several years ago, I can confirm council tax is payable. Our site owner also charged an inflated rate for electricity and gas ( from main tank) when questioned the then owner wouldn’t engage with the van owners. We purchased, our then van in 2000, with these charges totalling 1400 per year by 2010 when we sold up the “fees” had increased to 4000+ our total costs over the 10 years were 17500, ground rent and 23000 depreciation. dont get me wrong we loved our time at the site, but would I do it again, with the now cost of the holiday home, unlikely unless I win some money ,
  2. I retro fitted a 80 w Truma solar panel, to my gt 65 Bologna. This has kept my battery @13.8 v (that’s what I’ve set charge level too) without issue for the last 2 years. We recently had it serviced and the engineer had left the master switch on , meaning aerial, radio, whale controller etc were on, again the battery was reading 13.6 on a very wet and cloudy day.
  3. I’m writing in the vain hope that the current crop of caravan manufacturers occasionally read what their customers write. we all spend our hard earned pennies buying your caravans, I fully understand that you have to make a return on every caravan you sell. This then allows you to pay overheads and reinvest in our tomorrow’s must have caravan. Most of what you produce are perfectly acceptable, however the fact remains you are judged on the failures. When things go wrong we need to know it will be fixed in a timely manner. your dealer networks can be great, however take a lesson from the car industry, if your appointed dealer lets down their customers, either by not doing what both you and us expect then remove them. Stop them selling your products. Invest in a small team of customer service representatives, who can help us out. We judge you not just on your products but also your “preferred dealers” many years ago I had a damp problem with a new Avondale, the dealer identified the issue, informed Avondale of the facts, Avondale collected the caravan from the dealer, and from that point on I had regular updates from Avondale direct. Van was out of my hands for 3 weeks and returned in perfect condition. People are waiting 10-12 weeks for repairs. This is causing missed holidays and stress for them. They have allowed you to make the profits you do, so come on give a bit back to us, treat us with respect, I have paid more than some of workers earn in a year for the wobbly box that you’ve promised will be my utopia, and yet you treat me with total contempt when something goes wrong. All we ask is that it does what it says on the tin I’m available to set up that dedicated customer care unit, if you don’t know how to do it
  4. 820 miles @ 60 mph is 14 hours with a pee. If you factor in 3 stops of 30 min plus time to fill up twice that’s 16 hours in a car with family moaning and groaning what he trying to prove ? The old saying don’t drive faster than your guardian angle should also say don’t drive for longer than your guardian angel can stay awake for
  5. Yep defno for external aerial mast
  6. I have to send a monthly email to multiple email recipients. Before I send it it is sent to 2 spoof emails., which I receive.this is to check it’s formatted correctly so nothing to worry about
  7. Easier and funnier to post it and let others check it. There ain’t anything else to laugh at. excluding the house of commons, Scottish parliament, welsh assembly and the irish parliament. The above is not listed in any order of childish behaviour or embarrassment.
  8. Hi having serious issues with my Truma solarcontroller. After fitting a solar panel all was well for 2 weeks when I noticed 16 v going into battery. I checked solar output this was showing 16.2 v on input and 16 on out put. I immediately disconnected to save the battery. I ordered a controller x amazon and installed it whilst I waited for Truma to respond. Truma sent new controller which was fitted and has been working fine, although battery was already fried. Fast forward 6 months and again controller has gone haywire again. Anyone else getting any issues with their controller as Truma say they have never had any issues
  9. 2 years for a service, modern oils are great, but make sure you tell the dealer you’re towing. Towing adds strain so I suspect it come under the arduous service schedule. on another note I drive a bmw 530e ( hybrid) it doesn’t even have a dip stick, but relies on that electrical trickery to check levels and tell when to service. 7 months 21000 miles and first service has been done.
  10. Thanks for all the replies ferry crossing £480 dog passports 2x£60. 00 rabies vaccine and check 2x£85. 00 Now in all honesty £770. 00 before I’ve book a site for2 weeks and fuel is fairly steep. decided on north wales instead. Willvisit Ireland without the dogs and book a nice hotel instead
  11. good Eve ship broker I think it’s a real shame we can’t name and shame these cowboys, but rules is rules gov the dealer I was in discussions with was along way down the A1.
  12. Is there an original thread where I can find out which dealer to avoid almost brought a advante 840 mid July last year, but noticed a sagging roof around the stargazer light, dealer said it was normal. When I explained it clearly wasn’t he shrugged his shoulders and said elddis were happy in was “within specification”. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away
  13. Thanks for everything so far looking to go over ( live in west coast of Scotland) in June time. Guessing weather will be pretty similar to the west coast of Scotland, slightly damp on more days than not.
  14. Planning on visiting Ireland later in the year for a couple of weeks. Bit of advise as to where would be the best place to stay. We want to do the main tourist bits, and can’t decide if north or south would be best. The dogs will be with us, so plenty of Walkies needed. Suggestions please !!!!,
  15. Chasstreet

    Hybrid swindle

    Logiclee yes I pay for my own fuel and electric, but claim at the revenue figures for all work related mileage. But not to a registered single place of work
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