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  1. Unscrew end of the taps at the spout end there is nirmally 2 meshes and a filter which block quite often. Well they do on our cordoba
  2. I’ve just read all these arguments for and against “ go or stay” I think you need to read the SAGE report on this. it’s not about “our right to travel” it’s about our responsibility to others. remember if no one had left China then the rest of the world would be clear of the virus. there is NO argument excessive travel spreads the virus. yes you can catch it in the supermarket, but that’s something we need to do. In the report 8% of the over 80’s that get the virus could die. I work in the food industry and still going to work everyday, trying to fulfil this unprecedented demand ( don’t panic there is enough to go around) and will continue to go every day, but that’s something I and otherS not only in the food industry, but also the emergency services, supermarket workers, drivers etc have to do. we happily except the advise of our doctors to take this pill or that pill, well bloody listen to them now when they ALL say, DON’T TRAVEL !!!!!
  3. Successive governments have missed every target they have ever set nhs targets failed education failed inflation failed why do we think this will be any different??! they can’t even agree on a standard charging system, I have a hybrid, yes it saves me tax but it has also produce 58mpg over 39k miles over the 19 months. my previous diesel only produced 46 mpg over 80k miles in 3 years can I tow with the hybrid NO for that I have a dirty diesel averaging 36 unladen but 25 towing
  4. Check the plug sounds like a loose wire sound you hear is arching
  5. I agree with mr P its not the cost it’s the principle here !!!,! your reply to baileys should have stated “ dear baileys please stop selling ????” we spend hard earned money buying your products, please show us some respect by producing caravans that don’t leak, don’t squeak, oh and doesn’t need returning to factory for repair. quality of all vans have been reduced over the last few years, our previous gt 65 was better quality than the leaky cordoba we recently acquired, from a well known Bristol dealer. (Damp report said all ok, 2 weeks later water through roof strap)
  6. We have a TA using single axle mover. they are talking horse ..... never had a problem if we need to turn on a tight spot we lower the front end ( mover on front axle) which eases the pressure on the rear tyres save your money and buy more wine
  7. I really don’t understand the argument between direct connection or the float in the aquaroll if the pipe burst inside the van the barrel will keep filling up whilst water pumps into the van, either way you get a wet van unless you turn the pump off or water off
  8. Just brought a 2017 cordoba was assured strap had been replaced guess what it’s leaking looked on rood sealant covered in black mould , so much for “just been done. Anyone got a picture or even the dimensions of the new v old strap
  9. I have always wound them down until they just take the weight that way you take the weight on the wheels as well
  10. Having been in the same position as theOP several years ago, I can confirm council tax is payable. Our site owner also charged an inflated rate for electricity and gas ( from main tank) when questioned the then owner wouldn’t engage with the van owners. We purchased, our then van in 2000, with these charges totalling 1400 per year by 2010 when we sold up the “fees” had increased to 4000+ our total costs over the 10 years were 17500, ground rent and 23000 depreciation. dont get me wrong we loved our time at the site, but would I do it again, with the now cost of the holiday home, unlikely unless I win some money ,
  11. I retro fitted a 80 w Truma solar panel, to my gt 65 Bologna. This has kept my battery @13.8 v (that’s what I’ve set charge level too) without issue for the last 2 years. We recently had it serviced and the engineer had left the master switch on , meaning aerial, radio, whale controller etc were on, again the battery was reading 13.6 on a very wet and cloudy day.
  12. I’m writing in the vain hope that the current crop of caravan manufacturers occasionally read what their customers write. we all spend our hard earned pennies buying your caravans, I fully understand that you have to make a return on every caravan you sell. This then allows you to pay overheads and reinvest in our tomorrow’s must have caravan. Most of what you produce are perfectly acceptable, however the fact remains you are judged on the failures. When things go wrong we need to know it will be fixed in a timely manner. your dealer networks can be great, however take a lesson from the car industry, if your appointed dealer lets down their customers, either by not doing what both you and us expect then remove them. Stop them selling your products. Invest in a small team of customer service representatives, who can help us out. We judge you not just on your products but also your “preferred dealers” many years ago I had a damp problem with a new Avondale, the dealer identified the issue, informed Avondale of the facts, Avondale collected the caravan from the dealer, and from that point on I had regular updates from Avondale direct. Van was out of my hands for 3 weeks and returned in perfect condition. People are waiting 10-12 weeks for repairs. This is causing missed holidays and stress for them. They have allowed you to make the profits you do, so come on give a bit back to us, treat us with respect, I have paid more than some of workers earn in a year for the wobbly box that you’ve promised will be my utopia, and yet you treat me with total contempt when something goes wrong. All we ask is that it does what it says on the tin I’m available to set up that dedicated customer care unit, if you don’t know how to do it
  13. 820 miles @ 60 mph is 14 hours with a pee. If you factor in 3 stops of 30 min plus time to fill up twice that’s 16 hours in a car with family moaning and groaning what he trying to prove ? The old saying don’t drive faster than your guardian angle should also say don’t drive for longer than your guardian angel can stay awake for
  14. Yep defno for external aerial mast
  15. I have to send a monthly email to multiple email recipients. Before I send it it is sent to 2 spoof emails., which I receive.this is to check it’s formatted correctly so nothing to worry about
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