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  1. Can anyone help me out please. I have a 2005 Luna Quasar 462 2 berth. My question is: 1) When I hook up on site can I have the battery connected. I know I can have the battery connected when hooked to car electrics as this only works the fridge. What's the best idea as otherwise could I end up with a flat battery whilst using motor mover. Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. Typing error. Reading above handle was 10%

  3. Can anyone help? I have a 2005 Lunar Quasar 462. It has a musty smell (only when stored). I have recently purchased a moisture meter. I have tested all areas and have found damp in wardrobe . The area is where the grab handles (at the rear). Above the handle the meter had a reading of 0. The area below the handle, the reading went higher the lower to the floor i went. Final reading 48%. Q1. Are the handles sealed on the body of the caravan? Q2. Are the rear lights sealed. Q3. Could the seals have perished. I haven't had chance to check these out as yet, but any ideas on the possible cause would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Think I've found the answer!! The TV we have isn't digital. Has anyone experienced the same. Any info greatly appreciated.
  5. Have now been our caravan twice and both times have not been able to tune in on our television. The booster has power and have tried both aerial sockets (one from the booster and one in the 'van itself. The aerial is a round omni status either 335/355 can't quite remember at present. Have tried and tried. .......and got nothing!!! Do I need any other device just to give me that edge that I need to watch TV . the TV is about 12 years old. ....is this a problem? Could it be the aerial itself?
  6. I bought a lunar quasar 462 a few months ago. Having been keen campers we took the plunge because of partners illness, to go for a caravan. It is brilliant ! 1/2 hour on site and Kettle's on. We have one slight problem, the wash basin in the shower room has been somewhat vandalized by the use of mastic around the plug hole. I have tried to take this apart but to no avail ( the drainage plate looks too small for the hole and its been glued in). It doesn't leak but it does look rather messy. Has any one any ideas how to get it out the last option is a new wash basin of which I have tried to find on the web but to no avail. Am now at a loose end.
  7. Having recently bought a caravan, the dealer used self adhesive strip to put our number plate on. After 10 days and with the hot weather, we went to the caravan and low and behold the number plate was on the floor! Upon close inspection of the strip it was bone dry with no stickiness whatsoever! They had also stuck it over the old tape. Can anyone give me any ideas as to what to do so this won't happen again.
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