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    2008 BMW 3.0D MSport with DMS remap 290bhp
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    Swift Elegance Grande 635
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  1. How did you get on? Might be good to know, for future reference. 🙂
  2. I have just received a quote from Alde to have the Flow system fitted along with a fluid change. The price quoted £1025 !!!!!!! It didn't take me long to decide to go with Paul at Total Caravan Care, and his quote for a fluid change @ £180.00 As much as I would have liked to have gone with the Flow system, it is priced beyond what I feel is reasonable.
  3. That is a thread revival, if ever I saw one. Fairplay.
  4. Just converted a Maxview Precision 75cm dish, to Sky Q capatibility - fitted a wide band & legacy LNB, in place of the Maxview std item. Sky Q works great, as does the minibox in the bedroom via a Huawei Three router, used as the network connection. Also ordered some dedicated brackets off the bay, for the Q silver & minibox, to keep them secure while on the move. When we come home, the Q receiver is moved back into the lounge, but the minibox stays in the van, as it was surplus anyway.
  5. We have just upgraded our Swift Elegance Grande 635, which I bought with a Powrtouch Evo Manual 2wd already fitted. We have a gravel drive, and it was an absolute pig to move a van on. Phoned Powrtouch, and their customer service was absolutely superb. Booked a fitting over the phone, and the parts were sent to our home address ahead of the fitter. This was a whole 2nd mover assembly with a control box, plus a new remote and replacement control box, for the existing mover, as the original is not compatible with the AWD system. Cost was around £900 including VAT and fitting. Fitters were great, and they were only there a few hours. It makes the whole rig a lot more manageable, so well worth getting it fitted!
  6. I have sold my Coachman, and as part of the deal, my Satfi went with it. Now have a Swift Elegance Grande, and looking for a new Sat system. Have tried to do a search on the Vuesat AutoBeam, but it isn't even on your website, from what I could see. What happened to it?
  7. I have just gone for the same deal - the irony is, my Sky Fibre has just gone down, just after I ordered it - I am typing this and using my Three phone as a mobile hotspot.
  8. We tow with a 2008 3.0 diesel MSport E70 X5 - had it remapped by DMS Automotive to around 280bhp. It has 152,000 miles on it now, and we towed our Coachman VIP545/4, and our now Swift 635 Elegance Grande, which we are in the process of plate upgrading to 2000kgs. It tows with aplomb - super stable with bags of grunt. No additional cooling and a 3rd party tow trust bar fitted. Only job I've had to do was replace the rear air suspension bags, which I did myself and took about 90 mins to do! I think it's a great tug for pulling a large heavy van.
  9. Having looked at that little lot, makes me even happier I purchased the Savvy. 😁
  10. I received the Savvy level this week, and I'm really impressed with it. I wired it into the 12V feed of a reading light, whereby it switches on when I turn on the Swift Command. I have installed it in a dead space, on the offside front just in front of the high locker (involved removing the small locker bulkhead, whereby a flat space & the required wiring was revealed. Once I'd taken extra special care to level the van, using numerous spirit levels to cross reference each other, I synced the level via the app, to the Savvy unit. I'm certain that it will save me time in getting the van level, before I deploy the steadies. I'm sure the Nay-slayers will not warm to it, but I think it's great, and I know it will save me time, and get a nigh on perfectly level van.
  11. I don't know many spirit levels that tell you how level the van is, while pulling one side up on a levelling ramp, while you are in the driving seat!
  12. Each to his own. 🙂 I'm loaded - so not a problem. 🙂 Plus, at 53 - I'm no teenager. 😁
  13. A bit of a thread revival - I have ordered one of these. https://savvylevel.co.uk/ Not cheap, but for some reason or another, I thought I'd give it a go. I'm terrible at levelling our van and need all the help I can get!
  14. Our 2019 Swift Elegance 635 Grande is a weighty van, and the previous owner made the decision to fit Powrtouch to just the one set of wheels. We keep our van down the side of the house, and our drive comprises of Purbeck chippings. Never mind trying to get the lump around the right angle of the house, it had a mind of it's own on the straights - going every other direction than where we wanted it to go. Contacted Powrtouch, just after Christmas, and they are fitting another set of movers, to the other axle on Monday. And in all honesty, I can't bloody wait. It took three of us to push/ pull our 635G into it's resting place, and it has'nt moved since!
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