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  1. thanks all for info Will defo get in touch with the mobile service agent at Crossford
  2. Yes just last weekend, all was well (at least with the lights ) till then, the front lights in the lounge and kitchen area still work but there on a different fuse. Just getting a bit (removed) off with always having to return it to the dealer 160 mile round trip plus they have the caravan from Saturday till the next Saturday so missing out on 2 weekends also
  3. Hi Folks The caravan going back to dealers this weekend to get another problem sorted (hopefully) This time its the rear bedroom and toilet lights that keep blowing the 10 amp fuse, anybody else had a similar problem ? Its an 2018 Unicorn Pamplona
  4. Thanks for the info and help chaps will get it sorted at weekend
  5. That's great thanks will let him see that and hopefully get it sorted Thanks Malh Thanks Kiaboy
  6. Hi Folks Have just picked up our new Unicorn Pamploma and when I connect the caravan socket to the car I was expecting the ATC to light up green but nothing ?? I had the mechanic wire the plug from the 2 -7 pins to the new 13 pin, Is there a wiring diagram so I can get this sorted pretty quickly Thanks for any help
  7. The saleman said it was Bailey that was promoting the mover and not the dealer so will wait and see what Bailey say ? have sent an email to them last night asking them to clarify the offer The saleman even agreed with me that there was no date stating when the offer ended ??
  8. Thanks Commander Dave I got the magazine in there shop and showed it to the salesman and he just showed me the email so a bit of a stalemate really. Have sent email to Bailey tonight so will see what happens start of next week There is no cut of dates or limited period only or anything like that so think I`m going to stick to my guns and hold out for the mover Thanks for your reply
  9. Nope nothing like that on there advert will, try and upload a photo Thanks for the reply they clearly show the offer end date, but not on the advert in the magazine
  10. Hi all After a good bit of research and trolling through the caravan magazines and visiting dealers we opted for the Bailey Unicorn Pamploma it suited nearly all our needs, so a visit up to Perthshire caravans and the deal was done. what made us choose this dealer was in the Scottish caravan and motorhome magazine they were offering a free mover with every 2018 Unicorn model purchased (page 11) for anybody who has the magazine But and this is a big BUT the offer ended on the 29th June (doesn`t say that anywhere in the magazine) and the magazine comes out in July having spoken with the sales man he said it was Bailey that put the advert in to celebrate 80 years trading and not them and there is nothing he can do, if we cancel we will lose our deposit ?? can someone give me an email address for bailey as I have tried to get one but nothing come up on there, get in touch page. Pretty sure this is a misleading advert and am quite prepared to head to citizens advise in the coming days Thanks in advance Ian
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