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  1. The EMUK mirrors from Big Red Camping. I have now towed 800 miles using them and they are fantastic!
  2. I had a 2014 335d. Powerful engine, I took it all over Europe. Traded it in after 3 years with 50k on the clock. Only downside of towing was the 75kg noseweight.
  3. I too use a TAG (Sanef), best thing I ever purchased for French motorway travelling! I know some others have said they like having a stop waiting at the booths, but in the past I had a habit of always picking the one where the bloke in front dropped his coins under his vehicle (or mine!) and sat around for 10 minutes whilst everyone else reversed out behind me. I like to choose where to take a break, not forced upon me. On our current trip I've overtaken vehicles at the tolls that have passed me 10 minutes earlier and it's been another 10/15 minutes before they catch
  4. But only on Sundays outside of the holiday period. None of the places we stopped had a 3. 5 metre barrier. Lorries were parked in front and behind each other, leaving inadequate spaces to manoeuvre a caravan. Just a heads up warning for anyone travelling on a Saturday.
  5. You just need to tell the Police that you think the other driver is drunk and they are there in. .....90 minutes! As did a French driver when I had an 'incident!' Coming out of a village (so 50 kmh limit) a van driver came heading towards me at speed. I braked and stopped and he went down a ditch in front of me. Being courteous, I stopped to assist him, I heard him explain on his phone that his brakes had failed, which he later denied. I pulled him out of the ditch to hear him accuse me of causing the accident. The Police arrived and I showed them my dashcam footage
  6. I have had the extra cable fitted to my X3, which has a factory fitted towbar. BMW wanted c£400 and let slip they outsourced this work to a local auto electrician. I managed to find out the details of the auto electrician and approached him directly, £160. My vehicle has the Stop/ Start active whilst towing. Same problem here, BMW gave me a loan car when a previous vehicle (without Stop/Start) was in for work (ironically to have replacement turbo fitted under warranty (520d). I kept on trying to restart the car by pressing the start button. And then it da
  7. We are currently in the Lot Valley, having travelled down over a couple of days. Saturday 21st was the first Saturday for HGV travel bans between 7am to 7pm. There is a 3 hour window to be on the move again until the Sunday bans starts on Saturday night at 10pm until 10pm Sunday. We were on the A20 on Saturday. The summer ban applies to all roads in France and will be valid on July 21 and 28 and on August 4, 11 and 18 from 7:00 to 19:00 It was great on the road as I wasn't constantly overtaking lorries! However, the Service and Rest areas were rammed wit
  8. Yes, but it's a ***** when they impound your car and demand cash on the spot. ....as they did with mine! Evidently clocked at 148 kmh? I was the slowest vehicle on the road! Only evidence was written on a scrap of paper. And yes, I could challenge it. .....in court tomorrow whilst on 3000 euro bail!
  9. EMUK mirrors now received and fitted perfectly. The BMW mirrors for pre-April 2014 cars are £138 plus postage. There is only one set in the UK at BMW Preston (who were very helpful!). I paid £119. ....not cheap but they work!
  10. I have a post-April 2014 F25 BMW X3 (September 2017). I purchased a pair of Milenco Aero 3s last October, first time I used them I tightened the mirrors and cracked the car's mirror housing. There were no instructions on Milenco's website about fitting different pads for certain vehicles that mentioned the X3? The second trip I decided not to tighten so much and the offside mirror let go on the A11! I contacted Milenco for advice by email. No response. I visited my local BMW dealer who advised that BMW do not make towing mirrors for post April 2014 F25s (
  11. Yes, the tops of the mirrors are curved. I was unable to fit the mirrors using the bottom of the car mirrors. I have emailed Milenco. No reply. Not great customer service. I won’t be buying anymore of their products on principal. I have been to BMW, they do not make towing for post April 2014 cars! So I can buy a factory fitted towbar, but can’t buy towing mirrors? I have purchased some EMUK mirrors from eBay which the seller has confirmed fits my car. I await their arrival! Has anyone had any experience with this brand?
  12. As long as your don't stream live TV. In May I streamed the Rugby Premiership final, followed by the Champions league final. ...16GB disappeared in one night! It's worth noting that 3 have a cap on the data for PAYG at 12GB and monthly contracts 13GB. I buy the PAYG data with 12GB and then I reload it in Europe once the 12GB has gone. I probably use more data than most as I work when I am away and download big files.
  13. Hi everybody. I came across this forum whilst I was searching for towing mirrors for my 2017 X3. I started caravanning with my parents back in the 70s, towing a van with our Mark 3 Cortina (Dad driving, I was too young!). Got married, got divorced and 2 years ago thought it would be a great thing to do again! I purchased a 2007 Abbey GTS and I have towed it all over the UK and last summer to France. We are back in France in 2 weeks again. Love it! Last year I decided that we needed a bigger caravan, so I first purchased the car in September 2017. I attached the tow
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