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  1. Joway

    Hi I’ve just seen your old post we have the exact same problem as you had Bradcot says it’s due to pegging out on different surfaces don’t think that’s the case as it’s been like that since we bought it not happy at all it’s leaked badly four times feel

    like there trying to fob us off any ideas on what to do about it pls?

  2. Hi completely new to air awnings anyway we bought a bradcot aspire at the end of march and used it 4 times. It’s leaked badly every time and the front bladders looked curved. We took it back to the shop who sent it back to bradcot who has since waterproofed the awning and straightened the twisted bladders out. Our concern is should a new awning need waterproofing and they have told us the front leg beams are curved it’s quite normal hence we’re not happy about it but unsure what to do any advice is appreciated
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