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  1. Utter tosh. CBI are about as pro Britain as ISIL. Have a look at the confirmed statements in here https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=J5fUn5A809o&feature=share
  2. Hmmmm Roger Bootle seems to think not. I know who I would put my financial confidence behind.
  3. I would suggest Portuguese wine. .........excellent quality and good value.
  4. And the advice could have been do not worry. In all the hysteria everyone seems to forget that most of Europe wants a good working relationship with a post exit UK. Costas Algarve, Balearics etc will tank if the British stay away, there are genuine fears of mass unemployment in areas such as the Algarve. There will be a series of compromises almost immediately post 29 March. So keep calm, it will be fine.
  5. No, not all of us. ...........we are selling up our overseas home and relocating back to the UK. Believe me, the grass is not always greener on the EU side. The good news is that we will be out by 29 March so no worries on visa/residency/permits etc.
  6. Hobby I'll be off now !!! Rob
  7. This article summarises exactly why despite the machinations of career politicians who frankly have nothing better to do, Brexit will be a non event with or without a deal. http://www. theportugalnews. com/news/new-uk-ambassador-in-whirlwind-of-contacts-as-brexit-nears/47183 Travel will not be complicated, visa's will not happen (ask the millions of golfers who go to the Algarve each year to jump through hoops and they will simply go to Turkey or Morocco) Rob
  8. I found to the contrary, the Bridgestone Turanza tyres I fitted to my car performed extremely well, long life, great grip, no shoulder scrubbing on the fronts, slightly more noisy than the pirelli's and finally sensible prices. The car was a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 4. 5V8 Twin Turbo, 450 BHP and as a Californian import it had no restriction on top speed (so I am told !!) Rob
  9. Not a bad place to start from http://www. towingcapacity. co. uk/car-make-model/skoda/skoda-superb/ Lists most makes and models, to be more specific you can find your own vehicles weight plates. HTH Rob
  10. My twopenny worth !! As a recent purchaser of a Hobby Caravan (July 2018) we did not buy from Ambergate. Not that we have had any bad experiences or indeed any experience of them at all, it was more to do with the fact we found another outlet who specialises in German Caravans. Our 650 uFF is a full UK specification with UK mains plugs, oven etc and with a pan european warranty, the dealer in question had a whole bunch of brand new and nearly new German caravans and honestly at times as we were looking round it was difficult to differentiate new from used. I am not sure of the rules regarding advertising on here so maybe someone with more experience will be along to enlighten but I guess you could always ping me a PM. HTH Rob
  11. Thanks Geoff You know what happens when you assume !!
  12. As a new "caravanner" we did a whole heap of research before buying our caravan. Having previously owned and imported our US 5th wheel I was well aware of build quality standards with regard to towing, water ingress, etc and we looked at many brand new UK caravans during our search. Every dealer we met who sold UK caravans seemed incapable of even basic listening and product knowledge skills, the list of mistakes was endless, my particular favourite was the response to my statement "we want a brand new TA caravan with twin beds" was "No you do not" although running a close second was the: "what are you going to tow with" "My Porsche Cayenne Turbo" "I don't think you can tow 1700 kgs with that" The quality of so called UK premium brands was really quite shocking and this coupled with a remarkable laissez faire attitude from the sales people sort of made our minds up for us. We bought a Hobby, because simply the product appeared to all intents to be better built, more robust, very well equipped, stylish and overall better value for money. It was refreshing to work with a dealer who: a) Knew his product and b) Was capable of listening. Will it get stolen? it appears no more or less likely than any other caravan. What is certain is that it will provoke narrow minded judgemental reactions from the assorted "curtain twitchers" when out and about. (don't worry having had a 5th wheel we know all about that!!), still I will not be using a transit or pick up to tow. One man's meat is another man's poison and all that. Rob
  13. OK this is confusing, so you want to stay and support your country. .....fair enough, does that include supporting the referendum decision? which resulted from a general election and a vote in Parliament. It is good to know that we still have people who respect the integrity of the democratic process. It is relevant because it (Schengen) is operating in Europe and the results can be monitored and reported unlike the unsupported accusations made by Project Fear about what could happen, or may happen, or might happen. .........never a will happen is there. As for the second point, unless I am very much mistaken there was always an opportunity to work in other countries and not just the EU before the "Common Market" vote in 1974 so why on earth will it be any different after we leave.
  14. Are those the self same polls that have got every major voting event in the last 4 years wrong. A future event cannot by definition contain any actual benefits, the assessment can only be made retrospectively, what can be stated with certainty is that non payment of EU fees will release approx £15 billion back in to the economy, how it is spent is another matter. Another example is freedom of movement via schengen, what can be said is that the borders are open, what cannot be predicted is the numbers crossing in to individual countries. What I find most irksome is that all the brexit doom mongers and nay sayers only ever do so from the comfort of their armchair in the UK. So come on you all, come and live in Europe, put your money where your mouth is, live the idyllic Euro Life that you all crave so fervently. There are jobs a plenty for all, social services to support the needy. ......what is stopping you????? Thought not. ...............
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