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  1. My Bailey pump light illuminates only when the pump is running. Following pressure adjustment issues I am considering the Whale IC unit which, I believe, not only regulates pressure but automatically isolates the pump if it is running dry?
  2. Although my Pegasus has the AL-KO receiver I opted for a Purpleline Nemesis wheel lock which I biselieve is far simpler to attach as the wheel does not need any alignment. My insurer gives the same discount for the Nemesis wheel lock as the AL-KO (but less for conventional wheel clamps).
  3. Just to update and close this post. There was no need to remove the shelf. Flinty was spot on. Finally brave enough to lever and tug the sides of the flyscreen frame. They did then come free of the door frame. Two plastic clips on each side which engage in a channel on the door frame. It has widened the access to the caravan as required. Will refit if/when I sell the caravan. Thanks to all the responders.
  4. Thanks Logiclee Not sure about buying a caravan from Skoda - or perhaps I am misreading. Suspect they mean towbar? Anyway, reassuring.
  5. Mr Plodd As always so knowledgeable Thanks for the explanation. In the 3 years with my current caravan I have never had the ATC kick in. My current insurer gives a fairly hefty discount if ATC is fitted - I wonder if they are up to speed with TSP, especially if it is a superior system? Looking forward to reversing using the door mirror controls (Trailer Assist)?
  6. Does anyone have a VAG towcar with TSP? All reviews I've seen are positive, the car responds to any caravan instability. I have a vehicle on order with a factory fitted towbar with TSP, trailer assist etc. Does it affect the ATC control or will they operate in harmony?
  7. When my Classic control box recently failed Powrwheel sent me the Evolution box next day as a replacement. I opted to fit it myself rather than wait for the technician. It was a direct replacement - the only difference was the model name on the case.
  8. Except that the cable connection is for power only and does not carry a signal. At least this is what I was told by the Powrwheel technician when he fitted my replacement control box and I asked why the cable was no longer provided. Only useful if you have a flat remote battery.
  9. You could probably replace with any battery isolation switch. I can't see that the motor mover one is anything special?
  10. With respect to hydrogen power I am a little perplexed as to how they lower the carbon emissions. As a retired chemist I always understood that most of hydrogen was produced from methane (CH4) by a catalytic reforming process. What happens to the C content? CO2 is the by-product! Yes you get more hydrogen than that in the methane by using steam in the process - but still not "zero carbon" technology. Perhaps the use of excess renewable electricity and electrolysis is the future?
  11. After slight dragging damage to mine I repaired with "self amalgamating" rubberised tape and an outer protective spiral of plastic "cable tidy".
  12. Do I remember something like this being promoted for caravans some years ago? Searched forum for TrestleJack and no results. Would appear to be a useful product - especially if it's difficult to engage a jack. The video shows a use for caravans.
  13. I believe the IC unit can be retrofitted to the inlet box. it looks the same as mine (though yours is more accessible) There is a YouTube video on this. But before you embark on expensive solutions take a look at this Whale trouble shooting document. https://www.whalepumps.com/rv/siteFiles/resources/docs/resource-library/WhaleAdjustingyourpressureswitchb.pdf Tried to upload my copy and failed!
  14. Obviously my butane was 27mm. It isn't a Calor so apologies as I made the assumption all clip-ons were the same size. I have taken a look and the seller does not appear to have a 21mm equivalent.
  15. Griff Not heard if this product, but sounds ideal. Will follow up. Thanks
  16. I have searched but not found exactly what I'm looking for (or rather I got fed up of having to wait 30 seconds before I could view the next thread). Anyway, just returned from a site with a fair few pigeons. On washing the caravan discovered unsurprisingly that they had left their brown calling cards. Snow foam and wash removed the solids and about 70% of the brown stains. Autoglym removed most of the remainder but I am still left with many visible light brown marks. Reluctant to use anything more abrasive or containing bleach. The caravan is a 2017 Bailey which has a solid moulded roof which apparently I could stand on, but at my age probably not a wise move. Anyone had this issue and can give advice as to what to use? Thanks
  17. Just to add one more possibility which happened on my new Bailey. The solar charging failed at the connection between the solar panel output cable and the input to the controller. This is outside under the panel. Push connections cleaned and remade. Diagnosed initially because close to 0v detected at the input to the controller (checked by removing the input cable). The first place to start when you have the multimeter?
  18. This link gives detailed instructions (OEM not Truma) for the controller if it is the same as mine in my Bailey (same controller without Truma sticker). https://www.photonicuniverse.com/upload/file/Manuals/DB1024/DB1024_and_DB2024_instruction_manual_v2_15_June_2015.pdf DB1024_and_DB2024_instruction_manual_v2_15_June_2015.pdf
  19. Just to update.. Adjusted the pressure switch as per Whale leaflet. Very simple job (easier if Bailey hadn't installed pipework and the Truma heater in the way. Now a nice hum from the pump and a steady water flow. I still have to tackle the leak as now the pump operates for a second after 2-3 minutes (previously it clicked on/off every 15seconds). Will be ordering the service kit and replacing the non return valve (which I don't believe can be purchased on its own). Thanks everyone for the input.
  20. I have finally found the Whale instructions I need for recalibration. Not through the Whale website downloads (only the IC version instructions indexed) I would post it here, but the pdf is too large and it won't let me! https://www.whalepumps.com/rv/siteFiles/resources/docs/resource-library/WhaleAdjustingyourpressureswitchb.pdf But this is the link.
  21. That video from Whale has a more sophisticated electronic pressure switch. This one looks morr like mine, but poorer quality.
  22. Thanks everyone. Pressure to taps ok, but with the constant on/off it's pulsating. I have now seen the recallibration video and it looks as though the adjuster needs a tweek anticlockwise. O rings look ok, but when I disconnect the pump there is a constant trickle of water from the inlet. First step to adjust pressure switch. Edit Lost in the wilderness I was eventually coming to the same conclusion as you. Two issues, the adjustment and a leaking non return valve. The adjustment I will try later. Valve replacement when back home and I have bought a service kit (referred to in another thread I found). Thanks all.
  23. First time out this year on site. Whale submersible pump operates OK but: Whilst a tap is open the relay continually hunts on and off. I think in the past it stayed off until the tap was closed. With taps closed the relay clicks regularly every approx. 15 seconds. Bailey/Whale instructions of little use - no troubleshooting. My guess is either the pressure needs adjusting (if this is possible?) or there is a sticky/damaged/gritty non return valve. Getting by with witching off the pump when not in use. Any pointers would be much appreciated.
  24. Good to know. We toured France regularly pre our entry to EEC and never bothered. The friend who sent the email with the link is a French national, so clearly doing the rounds with French residents.
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