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  1. Apologies - yet another senior moment. Just realised I posted a similar rant a month or two ago, but if anyone has purchased the above how did you get on?
  2. Hot weather? On my VW stop/start doesn't operate when the air conditioner is active.
  3. Never bothered. Although the requirement is technically still on the books the French government announced some time ago it would not be enforced. My French friends tell me no-one in France bothered, even when it was a legal requirement. Only the British ..
  4. Feedback to those kind people offering advice. Tested pins 10&11 today with engine running. A healthy 14.2v on my DIY meter. Also a constant voltage at pin 9 (which I was confident about as the ATC kicks in as soon as a connection is made). Hoping to get out to the caravan later this week.
  5. Mine was VW/Westfalia kit but fitted by the dealer.
  6. I suspect this is the case with my VW but still haven't checked. I have a solar panel so battery always topped up. Like you I could live with no 12v fridge connection, but would be a little annoyed as it was something I did specify with the dealer. At least all lights and ATC fully functional.
  7. One other related question. If in addition to powering the fridge the switched pin 10 function is to operate the habitation relay which isolates the caravan 12v to ensure no interference with the car electronics this is a "must have" connection and should not be omitted?
  8. Jiffy Many thanks for these suggestions. I know understand why switching on awning light will verify that pin 10 is live when the engine is running. Agree hitching up and removing vent to check voltage is the best option, but this would be difficult in storage. Will start with the 13 pin socket on the car.
  9. Thanks - a little more detail. But again shows +ve feed to the fridge not passing through the habitation relay?
  10. Many thanks. So the fridge is normally operated through the habitation relay and not directly from pin 10 as shown in the schematic in the caravan chronicles link?
  11. Many thanks. I had not seen these guides. I think I now understand the electrics, particularly with regard to the fridge. As I see it I should be able to determine if the car fridge supply is operational by measuring the voltage across pins 10 & 11 on the socket with the engine running, and the the fridge circuit is intact by measuring resistance across pins 10 & 11 on the plug with 12v selected on the fridge panel. What can possibly go wrong..?
  12. Unfortunately this Domestic fridge does not have a light to indicate when the 12v supply is active. Would have helped. The car is a 2 year old VW Caravelle with a dealer fitted Westfalia towbar and electrics. I requested full connections to the 13 pin socket. Caravan a 2018 Bailey Pegasus. Caravan in storage which makes things a little difficult. As suggested will firstly check voltage across pins 10 and 11. Difficult to connect in storage, but am I correct in assuming there should be a resistance of around 1 ohm across 10 and 11 on the caravan plug with the switch set to 12v?
  13. New to "modern" i.e. 13 pin electrics. On a recent 8 hour return trip the fridge defrosted. It was set to 12v on the control. Before getting out the multimeter I have been reading on latest wiring (caravan and car handbooks not much use). As I understand: The fridge is powered via pin 10 which is live only with the engine running. Pin 9 is permanently live, powers the ATC, and charges the leisure battery (but only when pin 9 is live). Is this correct? In the caravan there is a 12v fuse labelled "fridge" which I will remove and check. The 13 pin loom seems to termiate under the passenger seat of the car. There are a number of electronic black boxes plus a bank of 3 fuses (15a and 20a). Suggestions as to what circuits these protect. Am I also correct in assuming that the alternator on my euro 6 diesel may cease charging when the car battery is fully charged? Information overload!
  14. Many thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply. When I'm back home I'll search again in lockers for any fuses on the run from the 13 pin plug. Also try to find out more from VW/Westfalia about the plug in module for towing electrics. All works well at the moment, but I like to know how things are set up to resolve any future issues.
  15. One brake light failed yesterday whilst mid way through a holiday. Against my normal practice I consulted my Pegasus Rimini handbook. Useless. The only useful information was on the wiring of the 13 pin plug which indicated a single feed to all brake lights. A new bulb resolved the problem (not even any information on gaining access to the bulb). This set me thinking. Returning to caravanning after 25 years and my previous experience of towing electrics involved the copious use of Scotchlocks on feeds to rear car lights. Simple and effective, if prone to corrosion. If the resolution had not involved a simple bulb change do Bailey install in-line fuses for rear lights? I have looked and not found any. Do modern car wiring looms include fuses? I think mine connects under the passenger seat (new vehicle VW/Westfalia removable towbar). There is certainly a lot of untidy wiring there. Could someone bring me up to date with current practice (no pun intended) so that in the absence of documentation I might have s fighting chance to resolve the problem?
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