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  1. Tourershine Thanks for the advice. I do have several lances and other attachments. Tried again cleaning and lubricating the inlet valve. Partial success. If I use the variolance on low pressure it fires up. I can then adjust to full pressure and it continues to function normally. Still doesn't start with other attachments. Good flow rate and spray with no attachments, so I don't think there is any obstruction.
  2. On 13 pin wiring ... I had a "dealer fit" towbar and wiring on my new VW caravelle a few years ago. Didn't buy the caravan for a year (sold the motorhome) just assumed all pins (except spare) were wired. Fortunately this turned out to be the case when I hooked up for the first time at the caravan dealership. Planning a replacement and will this time specify factory fit towbar and electrics having contacted VW Commercial Support (T6 range supplied through VW commercial) and have been assured (after a day or two delay whilst they contacted the technical team) that ATC and battery/fridge circuits are connected and live on the factory fit. Still intend to make the dealership aware of this requirement just in case.
  3. Many thanks Seaside. I will look at the link. From my preliminary searches there does not appear to be much legislation in place protecting owners on holiday sites. As you say the contract is crucial. The one we are considering has no age or resale restrictions, but fairly hefty annual charges.
  4. I am not anticipating a discussion on the pitfalls and benefits of purchasing a new mobile home on a coastal holiday park, but could anyone point me towards a knowledgeable publication (paper or online) on this subject? We have owned a variety of motorhomes and caravans over 30 years and feel it may be time to give up touring. I have to admit that after reading some of the threads on this section of the forum I'm full of dread, but my wife is keen and busy ringing around our preferred Dorset locations. Use will be mainly for ourselves and immediate family, but if we could cover the site fees and other expenses by holiday let's this would be a bonus. I'm resigned to losing money on the purchase price. Thanks Clive
  5. Very unlikely to be chlorine (unless everything has been washed with a chlorine bleach). Most chlorine containing compounds are stable. My guess is that as the caravan is new these are accumulated vapours from all the materials and adhesives used in the construction. Just let it stand for a day or two with vents and windows partially open (better weather forecast) then open up again.
  6. Ammonia is a very alkaline gas. It is very soluble in water. Alkalis are very corrosive (more so on skin and membranes than most acids). Alkalis dissolves the protective oily layer on skin (which is why they are good de-greasers and sink unnlockers). It will attack moist lung linings and the surface of eyes. Ammonia will burn in air if a flame is applied, but this extinguishes if the flame is removed. Ammonia/oxygen mixtures are explosive, but not ammonia/air under normal circumstances. In short, don't take chances. It is unlikely your fridge coolant circuit can be repaired. It's a very specialised job to recharge and seal . If the caravan manufacturer has followed installation advice and sealed it from the interior then there is no immediate cause for concern. Can you smell it inside the caravan? As it is about half the density of air I would be inclined to remove the upper fridge vent (close any windows immediately above) and let the cooling circuit slowly degas. Edit With regard to safety for using the hob above the fridge. As I stated above ammonia will not sustain a flame. If it comes into contact with your hob flame it will burn to form harmless water vapour and nitrogen, but you would probably not notice. Keep windows over the fridge and hob closed. Open the closest roof vent.
  7. I've just searched "Flexplus" and couldn't find any reference to this partial Covid refund. I can't take the credit - mentioned on a motorhome forum (past life). If you have a Flexplus account and pay an additional premium for age or health you can apply for a partial refund to cover the lockdown period (if you haven't made a claim). Simple form to complete Http://Www.Nationwide.co.uk/support/coronavirus/flexplus-cover-covid-19 For some reason couldn't copy/paste the link on my phone - so hope I've typed it in correctly. Just sent on my request from the link on the Nationwide page. Mod edit : link made clickable and link checks out correctly
  8. On my Bailey the deglazing/chamfering/cleaning failed a few miles from the dealers workshop. To be fair they had told me it was a stop-gap measure as they had new drums and shoes (with different composition of lining) on order from Alko who had acknowledged the problem and supplying the parts. Since the work was done no more squealing.
  9. Ern After doing some research on this it is my understanding that following French government legislation campsites (and other leisure organisations) are legally obliged to give a 18 month credit note, with an automatic cash refund after this period if it is not used. If the organisation goes bankrupt payment will be received via a compulsory insurance scheme. I could probably dig out a link to the French government website if needed, but French residents on this forum may help. Clive
  10. We would have been returning from our 4 week stay in France tomorrow. Cancelled the two booked sites a little while ago. One gave a full refund, the other the statutory insurance backed credit note valid for 18 months, but with a full cash refund if not used (we were offered a refund less booking fees, but intend to go next year so chose the credit option). Getting a refund from Eurotunnel was not so easy, but they did finally agree.
  11. The Freesat box on the link requires a wideband LNB to view 1 channel and record up to 3 others. I think with two feeds from a conventional LNB it's view 1 record 1? Also no satellite feed for the second room currently served by the SkyQ WiFi satellite unit. Another question.. Am I correct in thinking you can buy a hybrid LNB with 2 wideband and 2 conventional outputs?
  12. Rodders Many thanks for this detailed reply. I had not appreciated Freesat were badging their own receivers. As you say with a wideband LNB this unit would have pretty much the same functionality as my current SkyQ box and all the popular Internet streaming services. Pity it does not support "satellite" stations over WiFi.
  13. One tip I was given many years ago is to deep freeze a couple of 1 litre bottles of milk and put in the fridge just before you leave. They gradually thaw out over a number of days and help to keep the fridge cool if switched off (such as on the longer ferry crossings). Keeps you in milk for the first week or so (milk freezes well in plastic containers), but make sure you one unfrozen bottle available for the en route cuppa.
  14. Apologies for hi-jacking this thread for a question on home satellite receivers (it may be relevant to caravans), but I know there are some knowledgeable contributers on this forum (and admin can always delete or redirect if necessary!). At home we have had SkyQ multi-room since moving into the property 3 years ago (it was pre-wired for TV coax, Virgin cable, and Satellite "F" sockets ). I'm reasonably techically competent but I wonder if someone could explain the differences in current LNBs and receivers. My previous house had a dish with a quad LNB and dual feeds to 2 rooms with Freesat HD receivers. As I remember they were able to view and record on one channel, or record on two channels (whilst I watched on TV Freeview from an aerial). My limited (and perhaps incorrect) understanding of the Sky Q setup is that the dual LNB has one Horizontally and one Vertically polarized output, each with wideband capabilities (similar to having 2 TV aerials). The receiver has multiple tuners allowing for viewing and recording on multiple channels (I think 1+3 on mine which is not the top of the range receiver). Now here come the questions... I'm seriously considering giving up SkyQ (Freesat and Netflix would satisfy pretty well all our needs). Is there a Freesat HD multichannel receiver I can buy which receives the same LNB input as SkyQ (so I don't have to change the LNB on the dish)? And secondly.... We have a mini SkyQ box in a garden room (built after moving in). This is wireless and uses the WiFi signal to receive TV and stored programs from the main SkyQ box (as well as services such as Netflix). There are no TV, satellite, Virgin, etc sockets in this room, so the SkyQ setup is ideal. Again is there a similar setup available for Freesat? Thanks in advance, Clive
  15. CliveB

    Basic toolkit

    I have always used cocktail sticks cut in half. You can then push 3 (sharp end first) into the gap, cut off flush if needed, and screw through the middle. Store cocktail sticks in your G&T cupboard!
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