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  1. I am in the process of renewing my caravan insurance and a few policies had endorsements stating an AL-KO wheel lock must be used. I use a Nemesis lock and I'm not going to change to a fiddly and expensive AL-KO lock. Query through the broker. Lifesure came back immediately stating they would accept the Nemesis. Also if no wheel lock was employed a tracker was accepted as an alternative which may be acceptable to the OP. Tuggit, you have my support. Although not disabled mysel my wife and I are full time carers to a wheelchair user and it is amazing how much is still stacked
  2. Just heard back from the insurers through Lifesure. They will accept the Nemesis wheel lock in place of the AL-KO one.
  3. Straight from the NCC technician who will be servicing the caravan later this week: Just turn off all 12v master switches before replacing the leisure battery. There is no need to disconnect from the solar controller. So a straight swap with no faffing around with cables or fuses. Incidentally my controller checks the battery status and output is 0V if no battery is connected. In fact I found out to my cost that there is no output if the battery voltage drops below 10V which is the main reason I am having to replace the leisure battery.
  4. Awaiting reply from their insurers (UK General Insurance) wrt wheel locks. But less sure now, even if they do accept the Nemesis, having looked up their TrustPilot reviews and mainly 1* ratings
  5. I'm also embarking on the "annual dance" and also looked at Lifesure. On the surface it looked a good policy (downloaded documentation) and received a competitive online quote. The £10 caravan breakdown cover/recovery also looked good value (I have car breakdown/recovery through my insurer). On filling in the information required for a quote one of the questions was did I have a wheel lock? I use a Nemesis wheel lock and AL-KO hitch lock, so answered yes. On receiving the quote details one of the "small print" endorsements is that I must either have a tracker or AL-KO whee
  6. Lost its Thanks for replying to the question. Makes perfect sense. Reducing the risk of sparks was the reason for switching off all switches on the 12v panel. I also plan to ensure radio and Truma are also fully off and not on standby. I don't have an alarm or tracker. I don't think an isolating switch was installed with the solar controller, and no fuse visible to remove, so I am going to have to disconnect the cable at the terminal. Someone suggested elsewhere to simply place something over the solar panel to block out the light. Blanket and stepladder added to
  7. Last resort - read manuals! Will do they are currently with the caravan in storage. Job for the weekend.
  8. I have just collected a new 12v leisure battery to replace one which was damaged a few months ago when a connection from the solar charger failed and voltage dropped to around 10v. I managed to reconnect and bring the rest voltage back up to 12.8v, but it does not hold charge well and the voltage drops dramatically after a motormover use. The question is do I need to do more than simply switching off all isolating switches at the control panel (and the mover)? I have read that it is also advised to isolate the solar controller (in my case I would have to disconnect cables). I can't
  9. This may not be the cause of the issue in your case as usually they jam closed so at least you can get in! Happened to me the first time out. Normally the result of expansion in sunshine. In any case you can try this first - remove the Hartel tab on the inside lock, slacken off the fixing screws, push hard on the lock to gain a few extra mm gap between the lock and door frame, then tighten up screws. We have had no problems since adjustment, but if it happened again I would be filing down the offending striking part. PS some have reported that using the key to turn the
  10. Just a query - so don't make assumptions. Do VOSA traffic officers have the power to request you to follow them? I have always believed it had to be a police officer who directed you towards a VOSA test station? Because of their limited powers wasn't there some recent Talk about making them "specials". There vehicles look similar to police vehicles but with black not blue chequers. If not police then no blue lights? Just thinking out loud
  11. This is a Facebook disabled campers group I subscribe to. They are very friendly group with a variety of camping units and disabilities. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1395941937105391/?ref=bookmarks
  12. Well you learn something new every day. At first I thought this meant any flammable gas will trigger a CO alarm mut then again natural gas (methane does not). More research into the technology behind the alarm needed (CO and hydrogen are chemically reducing agents ...?) "Case Study: Hydrogen Gas and False Readings on Carbon Monoxide Alarms Carbon monoxide alarms are vital pieces of safety equipment used to protect workers and residents from poisonous carbon monoxide gas. But, did you know that hydrogen gas from charging batteries can set off the alarms as well. The
  13. Is your Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm linked in to the auxiliary battery? Most have their own 9v battery and "chirp" about once a minute when this battery needs replacing. I would think only hydrogen and oxygen are given off from the auxiliary battery with excess charge, but in the extreme sulphurous gases such as "rotten eggs" hydrogen sulphide from the sulphuric acid, especially if cells in the battery are failing. Carbon monoxide release would not occur - unless you have combustion with restricted air supply.
  14. We have the same Aquasource. Firstly it is not powered by 12v so no need to have the pump switch on. Yes, we find the pressure slightly less than on the pump, but not so far as to being unusable. The convenience far outweighs the small reduction and shower etc still function normally. I would suggest you have a faulty unit and contact Whale for advice. We decided on Aquasource rather than the Torbeck unit for the Aquarol so we can leave it behind.
  15. Agreed to all you wrote. On an awning you would have to erect, spray, allow to dry and kill off moss and algae, and then leave it erected for a few weeks to allow the rain to wash off the dead vegetation. At least this is how it operated on my moss and green algae ridden garage roof - now spotless and zero elbow grease or mess. Their website has all the information you need. As RobertB says it looks expensive (it works out at around £1/litre diluted), but saves so much time, energy, and mess.
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