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  1. Very pleased with our VW Caravelle. Seats and table slide forwards (or can be easily removed, if a little heavy) to increase luggage space. More than enough towing capability for the heaviest of caravans and the DSG automatic makes for relaxed driving. Expensive, but the numerous variations on the Transporter models would give flexibility in seating at a more affordable cost.
  2. AlwynMike The car is in a locked garage (motorised door). The charger will sit on the workbench with sufficient 12v cable to enter through the door to the dash. There is another permanently live socket in the boot which may be better.
  3. I have a Lidl "Smart" charger and some spare cigarette socket type plugs. My dashboard socket is also permanently live and fused at 15a. Rather than buy a 13 pin plug and charge through the caravan socket is it safe to use the dashboard socket? I would insert an in-line 10a fuse (or less) for safety. Could this set-up upset the electronics?
  4. We booked in January for a return June/July crossing with Eurotunnel through CCC. I am aware that the Standard tickets are stated to be non-refundable, but changes can be made for up to 1 day before the crossing and up to 1 year from the booking date. In these exceptional circumstances has anyone succeeded in obtaining a refund? I have no intention of travelling to France this summer (they probably wouldn't let us in) and changing the date to the Autumn/Winter does not appeal (if any campsites are open). I would hope for some flexibility on their behalf, and am happy to re-book for next Summer - but thanks to being organised for a change this would not appear to be possible. Clive PS have searched the forums, but apologies if this question has already been raised here or on the Coronovirus threads.
  5. For other Bailey owners, just in case you missed previous posts, contact Bailey for a warranty/servicing extension (although I suspect this concession will be applied to all owners in the near future). Thank you for contacting Bailey of Bristol Further to the continued spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the increase in confirmed cases in the UK, we have updated our policy in regards to 2020 annual servicing on all Bailey leisure vehicles. It is our business policy to do everything within our control to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus and manage the risk associated with it. Given consideration that the coronavirus is likely to continue to affect the UK for several months Bailey of Bristol will accommodate a four month extension to the 2020 annual service due date. This is intended to ease concerns with our customer base and will be subject to regular review and possible future change in response to guidance from the HM Government and UK health authorities. In the meantime, a note has been placed on our warranty system against the VIN of your Bailey leisure vehicle stating that you have contacted us about this matter and what we have advised you at this time.
  6. That's more generous than the 2 weeks either side of the due date reported by my dealer which I posted on another thread. I am wondering if we all have to register with bailey with our VIN to obtain this concession, or if it applies to all vans still under warranty. I did email Bailey on this topic earlier, so perhaps it's down to individuals? Edit Just received the same email as posted by oldboy asking for my VIN so that they can add the note.
  7. There are chemically 3 "sodium chlorates" Sodium chlorate(I) = hypochlorite (bleach) Sodium chlorate(V) = chlorate (weedkiller) Sodium chlorate(VII) = perchlorate (propellants) Hence the systematic naming systems used by chemists. Sorry I took this thread off topic.
  8. True, but the systematic name used by chemists is sodium chlorate(1), and has been since, I believe, 1963. But the common name persists for this and many other compounds.
  9. Wet and forget is not a cleaner. You have to use the product of choice to clean the caravan, let it dry (if necessary) then spray over areas you wish to stay clean. It dries and leaves a transparent film which kills algae, moss etc (including those which cause the dreaded black streaks). Activated by the rain. On patios etc you simply spray on and let the rain clean the dead algae from the surface.
  10. I've only recently started using it, after cleaning and prior to storage in a country setting prone to algae. It followed viewing the advice on their FAQ website which has a section on RVs and campers HTTPS://askwetandforget.com Essentially it's safe on all caravan body surfaces. I know others have used it for longer as it was posts on this forum which encouraged me to take the plunge. Have not been back to view the results recently, but as a bonus my patio is now clear if moss and algae with little effort other than using the garden spray. Clive
  11. Just received a flyer from Screwfix on a new sealant/adhesive product. Blurb looks impressive, and if true could prove to be a useful DIY product. Early days - but has anyone used it? Choice of colours https://www.screwfix.com/brand/ob1/?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-sealantsadhesives-_-OB1
  12. Just to add that my application has now been accepted with a Credit Card registered for payment.
  13. Fuel Pecker just replied with a "personal" code (in place of CMC membership number) to continue with their card. Will give it a try as it's been useful for my local Esso station near a Tesco so normally only a couple of pence more expensive (without discounts).
  14. I tried to sign up but as I have left the CMC and joined CCC I was unable to provide s membership number (left a year or two ago but the card has continued to function). Have emailed to see if I can join as an "independent". Not a regular user, but useful on motorways and my nearest Esso station.
  15. I believe 112 is the emergency number programmed int European phones and operates on all networks across the EU. Feel free to shoot me down!
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