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  1. I have posted on another thread that I have recently taken out AA UK/Europe car/caravan breakdown/recovery through Safeguard/Towergate caravan insurance. There are limits to the size of the caravan: Length 8m Width 2.3m Height 3m Weight 3.5t And other restrictions such as a maximum of 5 call-outs a year, but at a cost of £65pa (on top of a competitively priced caravan insurance - over £40 less than my previous CMC "cover") I thought it represented good value.
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    I had a similar endorsement on my licence. The "glasses" declaration must have been needed in the past. When I renewed recently I contacted DVLA and was told it was no longer a requirement to inform them if you only needed corrective glasses. The endorsement is only now required for more serious eyesight problems. I was advised to simply leave the declaration blank on the renewal form so I no longer have the endorsement. No medical evidence needed. Coincidentally with increasing age my vision has improved and the man at Specsavers says I no longer need driving glasses (still needed for reading).
  3. I have now received the caravan insurance and breakdown documentation. Hopefully attached to this post. Besides being more restrictive in the length/width of the caravan (compared to the club offerings) can those of you who are more knowledgeable point out any further limitations compared to those offered by the RAC and Green Flag through the clubs? This one is administered by the AA, and I notice on their website that all enquiries on caravan insurance are now directed to Safeguard/Towergate. At £65pa it seems very competitive (up to 90 days in Europe). All I can say is that I have used the Motorhome Safeguard/AA breakdown/recovery on a number of occasions in France (mainly for punctures and engine problems) without any issues, but not as yet the caravan equivalent. Safeguard Caravan Breakdown Policy UK and Europe.pdf
  4. On a lighter note also when I first read the thread title I had a vision of Indiana Jones climbing over the rear of the car and along the drawbar at 70mph on the M1 reaching for the jockey wheel.
  5. Mine's fine at 7.15mx2.2m and 1450kg so happy to save over £100 on full UK and Europe breakdown/recovery for car and caravan plus £50 saving on caravan "insurance" compared to what I paid last year to the CMC. As a footnote I used Safeguard to insure a number of motorhomes over 20 years. They include full annual UK and Europe insurance/breakdown/recovery as part of their standard policy. Edit The breakdown is through the AA and their European partners.
  6. Just an update on the Safeguard UK and Europe car/caravan insurance. I questioned the weight limits for the breakdown and recovery and was informed that the 3.5 tonne limit was for the caravan alone! Just received a copy of the document: Maximum Vehicle Dimensions Height 3 meters (9ft 10ins) Width 2.3 meters (7ft 6ins) Caravans Your Caravan and its load must also comply with the size and weight restrictions below ... Maximum weight: 3.5tonnes (3500kgs) gross leaden weight Maximum length: 8 meters (26ft)* Maximum width: 2.3 meters (7ft 6ins)* Maximum height: 3 meters (9ft 10ins)* So pretty generous. Clive
  7. I had a similar problem - fully charged battery but only flashing lights at the control box when activated. Took the caravan to the dealer who fitted the mover (caravan due for a service). All they did was confirm it was not a battery issue and asked me to contact Truma. Unwilling to hold on to the van and arrange repair on their premises. Very helpful Truma customer service who arranged for a new controller to be fitted at storage location (plus new handset) within a week and problem solved. There is a 5 year warranty on PowrTouch products. So my advice would be to contact Truma/PowrTouch for advice.
  8. It was a wild shot that someone on this forum might have a VW T6 variant with a Fiamma bike rack. Just to finish I visited a fairly local VW camper converter yesterday who fits the racks and kindly offered to assist. He failed also to attach the rack using the method in the instructions and on Fiamma's video. It took two of them with the aid of a raised platform to affix the top by sliding and attaching one side, then the other. I thanked them for their help, and asked for the rack to be removed as there was no way I could have done this by myself. I have emailed the supplier (bought from their website using a credit card for extra security) asking to return the rack for a refund. Awaiting their response. Disappointing because it's not a cheap rack and one made exclusively for the T6 so I would have expected it to have been tested. The design fault is that there is simply an insufficient gap between the rear door top hinge and the edge of the door for the rack to hook over.
  9. Prices still less than local Asda Tesco Sainsbury supermarkets. However just picked up a 10p off voucher from Sainsbury's so next fill may not be Esso. Otherwise pleased with this card. Not renewing my C M C membership, but hopefully this won't impact on the Esso card now I have it.
  10. Svime I'm not an engineer, but someone I respect with much more experience told me that, although counter-intuitive, if he encountered a difficult bolt he always tightened it a little before unscrewing. Apparently works best for steel bolts in an aluminium housing. I have done this on a number of occasions since and it has generally been successful.
  11. From their website: Caravan Breakdown Cover You wouldn't want anything to spoil your holiday, so cover yourself in the event that your caravan breaks down. Whether the problem is the caravan itself or the car doing the towing, our caravan breakdown cover can help get you moving again. How we can help Home Start & Roadside breakdown assistance for both caravan and car (vehicles must be under 20 years old and with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tonnes). Recovery of caravan and car to any single destination of your choice in the UK following a breakdown. EU breakdown cover for trips which do not exceed 90 days (also includes vehicle recovery back to the UK). The EU breakdown cover also provides alternative travel arrangements to get you home if your repairs take longer than eight hours (maximum £1400 per party and car hire limit is £125 per day). With EU breakdown cover you could benefit from emergency accommodation costs if repairs to your vehicle take longer than eight hours (maximum £60 per person per night and maximum total claim £900). This policy can not be purchased on its own and must be bought as an addition to your insurance policy. The 3.5 tonnes limit may be a dealbreaker for many combinations - it certainly would be for me at 3.0 (max) + 1.45 (max) I will follow up clive
  12. I've been looking into the alternatives to club insurance. Recently been quote £56 (as an add on to the caravan insurance) for car AND caravan breakdown/recovery for UK and europe. I've no need of the car breakdown (covered by VW/AA), but it seems a good deal for the caravan especially if you plan to tour in Europe.
  13. For information I am in the process of renewing my caravan insurance. Safeguard assured me that their £56pa breakdown and recovery insurance for UK and Europe would attend for caravan problems (e.g. a flat tyre) and not just the towing vehicle, so equivalent to the cover offered by the clubs? Seems almost too good to be true..
  14. This is the advice I was also given by a Truma service engineer who recently replaced the controller (under warranty). Spray light oil (he suggested chainsaw oil) behind the length of the top of the covers every six months or so. No need to remove the cover as sufficient oil will penetrate the gap.
  15. I believe the VAG dsg auto gearboxes have a "wet" clutch and therefore less likely to overheat under load? I have found mine very good on hill starts when towing. No more smoking clutches, especially when reversing uphill!
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