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  1. Agree that it is a pathetic little clip. I too was warned at handover about the fragility and replacement cost (the dealership removed all of the clips from the display models as they otherwise disappeared). Still managed to bump the fridge door whilst in the vented position and break it. Repaired with Araldite and still working after 2 years but I could break it again at any time. My thoughts are if this happens to bend a piece of wire into a U shape and bend the ends into a small circle to clip on to the lugs. Perhaps remove when not needed. My previous fridge was a Thetford which had a very heavy duty metal catch which could be retracted into a venting position and left open on the move. It was ina motorhome, so probably designed with this use in mind.
  2. CliveB


    There is a whole section on their Q&A website on the use on RVs. https://askwetandforget.com/portfolio/faq-can-i-apply-wet-forget-to-my-rv/
  3. I don't think it has been mentioned but out VW Caravelle is a genuine 7 seater, although we do tend to remove two single middle seats when not needed. Also the single seats swivel and have inbuilt child "booster", as has the middle of the rear bench seat. All belts integrated into the seats which can be slid to increase boot space. Excellent towcar, but expensive to purchase new. 3-4 year old models would be within OPs price range. Recommend the 150hp DSG engine/gearbox for a relaxing drive. The Transporter range offers a wide variety of passenger options.
  4. Thanks for this info. Saw one in a local store yesterday so bought it straight away.
  5. I've posted before on this problem, so far no solution to cleaning under the gap other than a microfibre cloth wrapped around a piece of broom handle. Bought a sponge backed floor cleaner with hinged handle but this was too high. Perhaps someone will come up with a better tool?
  6. Sorry, just catching up .. This suggests to me that there is a break between controller and battery (there is no fuse). Voltage at battery connection should be the same as across the battery. In my Pegasus the solar charging cable connects directly to the battery. Still sounds like a poor connection at the controller and/or battery. Unlikely to be a break in the cable and no fuse. Why not get some twin cable and try connecting the battery and controller directly? If this fails to get the light flashing then this would point to a faulty controller, but it could save unwanted expense.
  7. Truma DB1024_and_DB2024_instruction_manual_v2_15_June_2015.pdf Just looked on the site and it appears "Resources" section is being updated. I'll get the laptop out and see if I can attach the PDF file.
  8. When I had this problem it was because the aux battery voltage had dropped below 12V (following a break in the solar cable) and the solar charger had cut out (a safety precaution). Solved by "jump starting" the aux battery with a fully charged one to bring the voltage up to 12V and it kicked in with the normal flashing lights. The supplied Truma instructions are useless. With the help of someone on this forum I tracked down the OEM user booklet - much more comprehensive and informative. I now keep a pdf copy on my laptop. They are available on the Photonic Universe website photonicuniverse.com
  9. Does anyone know what current these inflators draw? Having tried to inflate a caravan tyre with a high pressure pump which blew the 10A aux fuse in the caravan I am now a little wary (although I do notice that most appear use the car socket which seems less convenient).
  10. Cordless looks like a good option for me. The first time I used my car 12v corded inflator plugged in to my caravan (I have an extension lead) it blew the aux fuse - only 10A I discovered. Ok plugged in to the car (15A I believe). I'll put a note in for Santa.
  11. Not just France - most UK motorway and crossing charges are waived or greatly reduced for vehicles registered as "Disabled" and/or Blue Badge holders. My original query has now been answered fully and is in line with my later experiences when touring in France. I really do not have anything further to add. If you would like to open a topic on whether or not disabled people deserve any consessions in the "Social" thread I am more than willing to contribute. For the time being all I will say is that the support and understanding provided by the majority of able-bodied people is worth far more than any monetary concession.
  12. James Many thanks for this update. It is in line with what I believed. We had a very pleasant 4 weeks in France in the summer - the first time with a caravan for some 20 years (the past 20 years we have still toured, in France nearly every year, but with motorhomes of various description). Hopefully back again next year - have just been looking at maps to decide where! Clive
  13. It can happen virtually anywhere to anyone. My previous house and drive were covered to a depth of 50cm following a torrential thunderstorm lasting around 20 minutes. Drains simply not able to cope. Not in a flood risk area or near a watercourse. Insurances paid up for all property and vehicle damage, but still feeling the aftermath.
  14. We have used DFDS on a number of occasions. No issues. One advantage is that a truck with a single driver takes up as much space as half a dozen family cars, so passenger numbers are low and you can sit and relax with ease compared to the bustle other carriers. Not sure if they still operate but years ago also went on the longer crossing from Poole with the freight division of Brittany Ferries. Similar experience and very good value.
  15. Yes, it's around 7.2m. But as I pointed out the restriction is in body length not shipping length (body+drawbar). The fact that it covers the car AND the caravan was the reason I took out the insurance. It covers a breakdown of the caravan (e.g. a puncture or electrical fault) in isolation of the towing vehicle. So both vehicle and caravan effectively insured separately for UK and European breakdown and recovery.
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