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  1. I got my refills from the pound shop. They sell a lot of tobacco related products. Also the gas lighter. £1 each! (•‿•)
  2. What concerns me is that I believe if you leave the key switch on and the control box goes into sleep mode it won't respond to the remote. You have to switch off at the key, wait 30 seconds, then turn on again to activate via the remote. Hopefully disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds will achieve the same result. Are the motors disconnected from the tyres? Otherwise risk of distorting?
  3. My storage site happens to be behind a (open) garden centre. I had my caravan at home to clean and prepare for winter. I returned it Thursday morning, the first day of lockdown, a distance of less than 2 miles. Of course on the way I passed a police car at a junction and half expected it to turn my way. They ignored me and turned in the opposite direction. I did buy some garden compost on the way out through the garden centre - so I suppose I could have argued that I was shopping for essentials 😀
  4. Thanks for the reassurance. I was wary of removing the plugs because the weather was so cold (frost overnight) and the plastic seemed quite brittle. More worried about damaging the bumper. Will probably leave now until the spring.
  5. Although I wasn't expecting it as the dealership has closed until December, I have had confirmation that the missing trim is purely cosmetic as suspected. Posting in case others have the same issue. "... however you are absolutely correct that the bumper forms no part of the vehicles water prevention and the trim is merely a cosmetic part serving only as a decorative trim. "
  6. I have searched the forum and the closest I can find to my question below is this from an old Olympus posting which I don't want to resurrect: "I agree that the plastic trim on both front and back panels look and are awful. I decided to discard them but before doing so I phoned our dealer ( the biggest bailey UK dealer) who confirmed that the panels are purely cosmetic and that by removing the trim would have no detrimental effect on body integrity. I have now discarded the long rear trim and the van looks much better. Hope this helps". I have just returned my Pegasus t
  7. So it's basically vaseline thickened with sand?
  8. The microswitch operates the water pump when the tap lever is turned to the on position. The tap also operates like a normal tap in that in the on position it allows water to flow, and in the off position it should turn off this flow. As Dodgy days it is almost certainly the case that the tap is allowing water to flow both in the on and off positions. This way be something as simple as a sticking valve or damaged washer (I wouldn't think any tap of this vintage would have a ceramic cartridge - in my mind's eye I see a beige plastic tap?) How easy these taps are to dismantle and
  9. Lost... Thanks for the additional information. Makes more sense. However, it did get me thinking ... If the relay for the auxiliary battery charging is now effectively on the caravan side (and operated by the fridge circuit going "live" when the engine is started), does this mean that for those who have an older caravan and have replaced the 7N and 7S plugs with the newer 13 pin plug for a modern car that the auxiliary battery is now connected to the car battery without a relay when the caravan electrics are connected to the towcar?
  10. Very strange behaviour. With a 90s caravan I would firstly suspect that the pump is operated by microswitches on the taps rather than a pressure switch? Check for wires under the taps. Still wouldn't explain what you observe - but when taps are shut they shouldn't allow water to flow. My bet would be on a faulty kitchen tap which is forced into the open position by water pressure in the pipe.
  11. When I returned to caravanning some 3 years ago (20 years after my previous caravan and after switching to motorhomes) I too was perplexed by this new fangled 13 pin plug and 12v electrics which didn't appear to make any sense. With the previous caravan and two 7 pin plugs everything 12v appeared to operate normally whether connected or not. So after reading around the subject I think the answer is (but correct me if I'm wrong). Modern car electrics (canbus?) can be affected by 12v appliances in the caravan. Therefore manufacturers have taken the easy option to disconnect
  12. Chemically oxalic acid crystals are your best bet. It's a weak acid which will "dissolve" the iron oxide rust without damaging the vinyl (make a paste with water). It also forms a "complex" with the iron ions assisting the stain removal. Well that's the chemical theory, anyway. Oxalic acid is toxic, so don't lick your fingers. If you can't buy any try rhubarb leaves!
  13. I tow a Bailey Pegasus approx 1.5t single axle. Caravelle T6 150hp DSG. Best towcar I have had. Fairly lengthy caravan at 7.2m overall. I'm sure it would cope easily with larger and heavier twin axles, but I'm sure someone will be along soon.
  14. I too have had cause to contact Truma PowrWheel on at least 3 occasions. An engineer has attended promptly (same person) and fixed the issue (new control box and/or remote, rubber gaiters). On the last occasion he noticed that the manual activation lever was stiff so he removed the covers on both sides and lubricated the mechanism. I have discovered, however, there is a slight "good cop - bad cop" response at Truma. One person in the team is very calm and helpful in taking you through checks, the other a bit more formal and abrasive (not rude, just not as reassuring).
  15. I have a lightweight plastic Le Cube propane bottle for France. It takes the standard (27mm I think) clip on connector. Can be purchased and exchanged at nearly all supermarket fuel stations and many others. Not been to France this year (like others had to cancel) and it's just run out on the home BBQ. As a back up and for use on the Cadac I have a CampingGaz bottle, but have not needed to exchange in recent memory. We do use sites with electric hookup.
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