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  1. Yes, it's around 7.2m. But as I pointed out the restriction is in body length not shipping length (body+drawbar). The fact that it covers the car AND the caravan was the reason I took out the insurance. It covers a breakdown of the caravan (e.g. a puncture or electrical fault) in isolation of the towing vehicle. So both vehicle and caravan effectively insured separately for UK and European breakdown and recovery.
  2. Why not? My AA car and caravan breakdown and recovery (through insurance company) is comparable to those on offer directly from the AA (or through the club's) and less than half the cost. The only significant difference is that they do restrict the weight, length, and width to "standard" caravans i.e. those that do not require a 3.5t towing vehicle e.g. body length (not including drawbar) less than 7m
  3. I too have AA cover with my new(ish) vehicle for another 12 months but decided to add the AA UK and Europe car+caravan breakdown and recovery insurance through my caravan insurer (Safeguard). It was an additional £57 if I remember. Did discover one other insurer (Lifesure) who used to offer stand-alone caravan breakdown insurance (UK) for around £12 but now will only sell with their caravan insurance. I thought the offerings from the major clubs very expensive by comparison.
  4. On a Bailey (Phoenix GT70) where is the statutory plate normally found? I assume it must be in a visible location. If so not worth paying £60 for a replacement Bailey sticker.
  5. Over the past 30 years we have oscillated between motorhomes (5) , caravans (4) and VW camper+caravan (2). Advantages and disadvantages of all permutations have been discussed. Perhaps one day we will come to a conclusion, but I doubt it. Already looking to trade in our Caravelle for a California or Reimo Citivan next year (keeping the caravan), but don't tell the wife.
  6. My dealer waited until I collected the caravan with my cylinder then fitted the correct connection. Have a word with your supplier.
  7. I am a member of this Facebook group and they could be a source of advice and information. Also members post adapted caravans for sale. At least one "for sale" post for an adapted carsvan at the moment. Disability Camping and Tenting Camper and Motorhomes A bit of a mouthful and a "closed" group, but very friendly and helpful
  8. Jacko I did contact Nova Leisure who have reported back to Fiamma. Nova leisure have been very helpful and supplied two replacement top brackets in an effort to solve the issue. Unfortunately they were identical to the originals.
  9. Firstly thanks to John for the link. I was hoping for an email address as I wanted to attach pictures and videos - but the contact form seems to allow at least one attachment. PandR - I was trying to avoid boring everyone with the details but briefly for the record: I purchased by mail order a Fiamma T6 Pro Carry-Bike (latest model for Transporter/Caravelle range) After initially being supplied the incorrect item this was replaced with the correct one It was a few weeks before I assembled it - no issues it went together as per instructions The advertising, instructions, and Fiamma video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Id9xxpRE0 ) show that the rack can be fitted by one person I tried and failed to fit the rack over the tailgate (the gap between the hinge and lip was too narrow) Contacted the supplier who arranged for me to visit their VW camper conversion unit, fortunately fairly close The fitter was unable to attach the rack on his own. With the help of another, standing on a low platform, and sliding the rack from side to side, it was attached to Caravelle. I don't want to leave the rack attached permanently (it's not a camper) so removed it on returning (with help and stepladders, again having to slide to remove one side at a time). I am unhappy with this situation and requested a refund on the grounds that the rack is not fit for purpose (I purchased on the understanding that it could be easily fitted and removed by a single person). This has been refused. Hence my wish to contact Fiamma for their response before taking it any further. Clive PS It's 30 days for return from receipt under CRA - but still well outside this window
  10. Stevan That is the exactly the line I have taken with the supplier which they have rejected. Before taking the case to the small claims court I was hoping to get a response from Fiamma, I suspect there may be others who have encountered the same difficulties (not that they are likely to admit).
  11. Without going into detail I bought a Fiamma product which does not fit my vehicle in the manner as advertised even though it was vehicle specific. After extensive communication with the seller they refuse to take it back because, as they see it, there is nothing wrong. I would like to contact Fiamma for their response before taking the matter any further. Does anyone have contact details? Their website just refers you back to the supplier.
  12. CliveB

    13 pin plug.

    I was wrong - it's just as Squash says. Had to take the caravan to the dealer yesterday and it did require a slight turn to engage the ATC.
  13. I had the same issue. No voltage showing at the input to the controller. There is no fuse. On the roof under the panel there are two push connectors between the solar panel output wires and the connection to the controller. Disconnecting and cleaning these solved the problem. If under warranty get the dealer to check - they should be aware of this issue.
  14. CliveB

    13 pin plug.

    My ATC engages before the plug is turned - as soon as I push the plug into the socket. Assumed this was normal (first caravan with 13 pin electrics).
  15. I agree about the need to give 100% protection against water ingress. As I said I only noticed after raising the aerial to clean underneath. My surprise (as per title) is that Bailey have no-one sufficiently skilled to completely seal and give a neat finish. As an aside I have recently had some bathroom units fitted and the builder called in someone just to finish the siliconing. He was very skilled (even made his own smoothing tools) and the finish was excellent. Far better than anything I could achieve. Whereas I am pretty sure I could have done better than the Bailey fitter.
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