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  1. Thank you Plodd. It is not a very bad crack but I think it will let moisture in ? Also we are going to update in 3 or 4 months so wondered about trade in problems? There is 1 or 2 companies that bring in Bailey parts but you don't have a bid choice. On another note , I'm so sad to see the rotten weather you poor people are having just now , very sad ! On the other hand we had 36o yesterday so very hard to sleep with 26 o at night. Weathers gone crazy everywhere?
  2. Hi away touring today down South Island NZ and stone cracked one of the small from windows. Caravan is a 2014 Pegasus. I wonder if the window came as just the outside part or if they are a complete unit because of the double glazing ? Not so easy to sorce parts here .
  3. Well did my first part of our 6 week tour Sunday , 360kilometers from Picton to Christchurch, quite a windy day and no problems at all. Did feel the ATC activate a couple of times. I have wired mine up from the Caravan battery with a switch I fitted in the outside power point compartment, works perfectly. I have a 160 watt solar panel which is charging all the time looks after the battery. I don't worry about the other complicated 13 wire set up as I run the fridge on gas, never had it go out yet on a trip. Just turn it of if fueling and on our 3.5 hr Ferry trip . saves me $600 ( app £300 ) which is what the rouges in NZ charge to wire cars up with that system. I have two vehicles I use to tow with so that is double the cost? Anyway I am happy so that's all that matters.
  4. They don't usually fall of , but you knock the on hedges and branches etc in my experience.
  5. Well Rodders , I don't attack corners at speed either , certainly not intensionally anyway , but the corner (and there's been more than one) may have tightened up a bit unexpectingly catching me out and therefore needing a bit more lock than anticipated ! Anyway as others said at least I know its working ! The last trip I did I had just got a new car and although the towbar had been fitted with the wiring it wasn't the 13 pin setup and I did notice a bit of a slight snake in a strong side wind . It is now wired up for our trip starting Sunday coming. Many thanks for the replies.
  6. James Donald


    Hi , I wonder if others have noticed this if you have ATC on your caravan. When I am going downhill and there is a corner at the bottom which starts uphill again , as the caravan swings round the turn the ATC operates and slows you down before the climb back up? Its happened a few times with my Pegasus GT 65. Not a big deal but just wondered if they all do it or just mine?.
  7. When I brought a new Nissan Pathfinder in 2018 I was told £750, so I just said I wanted it fitted for free or no sale ! It was fitted . Same last year when I got a new BMW X 4 I was told £ 1500 so same reply and result , free. Admiddedaly it is not an electric one but is removeable.
  8. Well mine won't be getting them !!
  9. We brought a Senator which we loved the Island bed but disliked the side bathroom and round shower ! So after 1 yr traded on a Pegasus with rear bathroom and square shower which we like very much but now have started looking after 1 yr with the Rimini at the other model ( name eludes me ) with an east west bed ! So I guess it will happen in March or April so third Caravan in under 3 yrs. Nothing wrong with either of them just personal preference and needing to try for a while ? Not everyone can just look at something and say " yes " this is the one !!
  10. It amuses me when someone askes about an 8ft wide Caravan. We always get the anti people going on about narrow Lanes and roads/streets etc. Goodness me they are only 3" wider each side on most models. If thats to wide for some roads then I believe so would the 7ft 4" - 7ft 6" vans? Do we need to design Caravans just because of a few narrow Lanes in a part of the UK. Come on give us a break!
  11. Hi , good report, my Bailey Pegasus is 8 to 9 % to but I keep it covered unless we're away of course . But also we have only had 4 mm of rain in the last 3 months! We don't live in the UK.
  12. 4800 euro is just over £4060 I think ? How much is the car worth? I guess if you like the car and don't mind keeping it then get it fixed. The only thing is then other things can go wrong to ? Its a hard one sadly. That's why I spent the money and brought a brand new car July last yr , 3 liter petrol , 5 yr warranty and free servicing !
  13. Wow, all that kerrfluffle just to tow a Caravan! Good to live in our country , just as long as you have a license and are over I think 18 yrs or have a full licence away you go. You poor people are stiffled with red tape!
  14. Probably 8' 5" now as suspension sags ?? Excuse my sense humor but they do ! My 2014 Pegasus has,
  15. Gee , what a poor design having the steadys pushing up on the floor !! Even as you walk around inside weight is going on and of all the time? No wonder there breaking away. Much better having them chassis mounted.
  16. My 2014 Pegasus came with Michelin s on it. Last year I noticed small cracks appearing in the sidewalls , no drop in pressure but getting more noticeable. I haven't replaced them yet but will keep a watch on them. I passed a Warrant of fitness ( MOT ) last March OK. Not to impressed with the so called Premium three though. In 1982 I sold some used Dunlop M&S tyres from my Escort RS1800 Rally car to a friend , He put them on a car for a while then transferred them to his farm trailer. He still has them on the trailer and tells me they never loose pressure or have any cracks ????? 38 years old !! So much for the replacing at 5 yrs!
  17. Thankyou both David and Hayley. I did put up another post and have hot water again. I found a leak onto circuit board ,after remedying that and drying of , then a shut down period as you suggested David all go again.
  18. Yes and at least you will have somewhere to sleep while the batteries are charging !!!
  19. I mean while were using the caravan ! Of course while not in use I leave the door propped open.
  20. We've had a Toyota Estima Hybrid fr 3 yrs.( just sold brought a diesel ) It had no tow rating as such ! I put a towbar on and towed a garden trailer at times and a 12ft dinghy and outboard. No trouble with that, but I was never confident enough to tow our Pegasus Rimini ? It had the 2.4 liter motor same as aCamry so was quite powerful on petrol, but ran on electric up to 30 mph the both. So it was very Eco round town but no better mpg in the open Road travel than normal petrol I didn't think? But the thing was as it ran on EV up to 30 mpg if you were starting on a steepish incline or especially with a load in ( seated 7 passengers ) it was only running on electric and I got caught 2 or 3 times where it wouldn't take of so had to run back down onto the flat!!!!! They have 2 electric motor's to one in front and one on the diff at the rear which then gave it 4WD. I was not confident enough t hook up the 1474 kg van in case I ever got caught. Have a Ford Territory 2.7 Diesel 4WD now , no worries. So for normal motoring no real problems but careful on inclines ?.
  21. I brought a new Nissan Pathfinder in 2018, a very good car 7 seater , heaps of room , a good weight and heaps of power. Petrol though not sure if they do a diesel if thats what you want. It would tow that weight easily.
  22. Hi Wispman, thanks for your answer. I called at a Caravan Dealer (not Bailey ) spoke to service man who was most helpful. Told me the water heater needed resetting said it might have a button. Went back to caravan took the heat cover of then the Blue plastic front cover. Couldnt find a reset button , But I noticed a drip of water from the hot hose fitting and it had been dripping onto the printed circuit !!! ( not the right name but what I call it ) so I dried of, sprayed with water repellent and then you switch all the power of for an hour as I was told and hey all go. The message came up " Communicating with heater " . Hows that? Hot water again. Hope it helps someone one day.
  23. Hi been away 1 week in the Pegasus Rimini 2014 and all working well until today and no hot water. Meassage on control screen " Unable to communicate with waterheater " If problem persists contact Whale Support. Cant here in NZ ? Anyone had this message before? Ive checked most obvious things ! Help please if poss.
  24. Hi Fraczish, I fitted an onboard tank for cold water to save having to travel with the empty Aqaroll ! I now fill the45 liter tank which gives us water immediately we stop on the way or first night. I then fill the roll when it suits me . Yes adds a bit of weight but we don't have all that worry in my country or towcar worries we all use big cars mainly. Obviously the hot water is looked after by the Whale system.
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