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  1. My 18 month old Kampa awning doesn't leak that Ive noticed. I presume that is new enough. Anyway if it does I'll just buy some of the Fabsil or what ever, still be $$$$ s better of than paying twice the price for the other over priced brand! n
  2. Hi, thought someone may be interested , even though its the other side of the world. 1st one 1968 on our Honeymoon, at the start of the Haast Pass South Island NZ. 2nd 2010 with our 1974 Liteweight 16' . They came out with a steel frame, so they called them Liteweight still many of them around in NZ. They proved a point. 3rd in 2015 with our first UK Bailey 2006 Senator . Man we thought we were in heaven with this one !!! 4th in 2018 with our 2014 Pegasus GT65 Rimini, really love this one but a later Unicorn on the cards soon? PS couldnt put the others
  3. Had a gas fridge in a 33ft boat for 14 yrs , used to go day and night ,very rough or calm , worked perfectly and still here to tell the story? Do you think fridge makers would make and sell them if they considered them so dangerous? I do not run it when on our Interisland ferry but that's only a 3 hr trip . We don't stop at the huge big service areas in NZ as you people seem to do. They certainly have a safety cut of valve to stop any flow of gas once the flame goes out to. Accident ! Well I'm not sure about that concern ! If that were the case , you'd never leave home ??
  4. Mine runs on gas when towing the van and has only ever gone out once to memory .
  5. We towed Rally cars with our Transits for years but we had fitted 6cyl ford motors in them. Wonderful tow vehicles we also had up to 18 wheels and tyres on a huge roof rack and a heap of spares inside so it was very heavy . Never gave us a moments trouble. Still used the original transit manual gearbox to we had 3 vans we did blow one gearbox. Of course the Transits now are vastly different.
  6. Fixed mine up , corroded connections inside which I cleaned up works OK now.
  7. On a bright day my Volt meter on the caravans solar panel shows 14.4 v charge from the 160 watt panel. With EHU it shows 13.4v unless the battery is a bit lower then it is 13.7 v. No help but just thought I'd mention it.
  8. But he never had a claim, didn't get a penny, so no claim ?
  9. Hi , if its the pump outside in the barrel, then you must drop the pump down into the water before connecting it the side of the van, Gets the air out I guess ?
  10. Gary B , yes quite right , ATS make a lot more out of a new tyre than repair of puncture! I had a flat when away towing the van , got the man to repair it as I had a much better place to buy from when home. So he did it for me no guarantees all that stuff etc. I got back home OK (300 k )and did another few thousand k after that until replacing both rear tires. ( not runflats )
  11. My petrol powered BMW I tow with has 400 lb/ft torque and 355 bhp. Not to many Diesels pass me ! And there's never any dirty black smoke out the back !!! ( before all the yells they all do it )
  12. I remove my jockey wheel pit in boot after wrecking one. Rear springs would be the fault, shocks have nothing to do with height. Gas shocks do help a little with ride height but not much.
  13. Not to familiar with the 630 GT but does it have the 4 cyl or 6 ? Is it petrol or diesel you are looking at? I know in the X3 about 2015 /16 there has been quite a bit of trouble ( in the USA ) with the 4 cyl motor , with the oil pump drive chain and main timing chain failures ! So much so there is group taking BMW to court over it. I'm not a BMW disliker at all , am on my 3rd , ( X5 4.4 V8 , X3 3.5i ) and now a 2019 X4 M40 i from new. All brilliant cars and tow cars but V8 or 6 cyl! I love this one it tows our Pegasus Rimini with ease .
  14. As it looks water getting in was the main cause , did you seal up somehow the where it gets entry? I look at mine some times when hosing mine to wash and think , gee I hope those things are water proof ? Must say job well done , I to hate throwing things away when with a bit of work / trouble they can be fixed !
  15. Looks like a DIY job to me , doubt if any manufacturer would do a job like that ? Even if you had to lengthen the cable you would at least solder the join. Not trying to be a know all but I test everything in my van 4 or 5 days before I go away even back the car up and connect all that up ( if poss ) so there are no last minute drama's ! So sorry you missed your trip away.
  16. I tow my 1500kg Pegasus with both cars we have . One is a Ford Territory V6 2.7 Diesel. This has done 200,000 k with no trouble what's so ever. Has ample power, good brakes and 6 speed auto box. Can't give mpg but it is very economical. Other car I use is a 2019 BMW. X4 M40i petrol. 360 HP 500 nm torque , 8 speed Auto trans. Tows perfectly ,brakes and all superb. Fuel cons varies a lot from 10 .5 liters per 100 to 14 , depending on terrain and winds etc. Done 10,000 k now.
  17. I've got a cover over mine , not a specific model one but it fits very well, certainly no flapping. Not absolutely water proof , ( as they maintain ) but I put another straight cover which goes over the top , this is 100% water proof. I hold it down with a lot of strait stretchy cords , it doesn't move either. When I take it of the caravan clean and shiny no need to wasynat all. No sweating inside. Sorry don't know the brand. Price was about £120 all up.
  18. As a mechanic I can say many cars have magnet on the drain plugs , but not all. Also about the oil changing vacuum pump ,is all very well but quite a few cars now do not have a dipstick, ( BMW ) for instance you read out the level from the dash .
  19. Gosh, never heard such a lot of scaremongers in all my life ! I had never had or towed a Caravan in my life, went and hired one for two weeks in 1968 , towed it all round the South Island of NZ 3000 miles and lived to tell the story !!! Caravan never even had brakes on it , my car a Holden drum brakes all round !! Compare that with the rigs these days ? Not everybody I'm sure sells a dilapidated wreck ? Don't be so negative ?
  20. Every time I get my LPG bottle filled I take it to and back ? What's wrong with that. No different putting your spare one in ? I drove a Ford for 5 yrs it had a 120 liter LPG tank in the back ?
  21. Hi Wolfgang , I'm in NZ to. We live in Picton , not far away. We had a Senetor. before to but never had to replace those bulbs. Hope you find out.
  22. I commented on topics / here about 3 weeks ago how our Prime Minister and Health officials had declared New Zealand as " Covid free " ! Well that was lovely " until " two NZ women living in the UK came back to NZ because one of there relatives was dying. They were put into a quarintein facility for 14 days. They pleaded with " someone " who let them out after 6 days ? They traveled 640 kilometers to Wellington , and on arrival one was not feeling well so was Covid tested with the result , both positive !!! So now the authorities have to track down over 400 people who needed to be tested ????
  23. Does it really need to be done ? Its a big job I would think. If you store it outside leave it slightly down hill so any water runs of. Can you see the waves from the ground when looking or do you have to climb a ladder ? My caravan is a quite new model and I have noticed water lying in certain areas let alone a 1972 model. I would say it would be quite a hard job fairing of all the frames / bows to get it all perfect, you might end up with the low spots being high !! Good luck.
  24. Me ! Cast aspersions ! Never , no I just think if they go to the trouble of fitting one , it may as well be worth while.
  25. Gosh can't imagine why a manufacturer would only use an 80 w panel, even Baileys with 100 is barely good enough ! I have ( put myself ) 160 w on our Bailey Pegasus and it works very well.
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