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  1. Had 1 Nissan Urvan Diesel 2.5 L , 2 Mitsubishi Pajero's ( Shogun) 2.5 L Diesels towed with them all. Also had 6 Petrol Towcars , Mitsubishi Pajero's one a V6 3 liter ( a bit gutless ) One 3.8 liter V6 good towcar, one BMW X5 4.4 liter V8 brilliant tow car ,. one X3 3.5 i twin turbo nearly pulled the chassis from under the van brilliant car for everything and now a 2019 Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.5 liter has the CVT transmission goes great but not sure of trans yet ? also have a Toyota Estima Hybrid with the 2.4 L and CVT transmission 2008 model, Haven't towed vans yet but do tow trailers. In my experience I would have petrol anyday over the black smoke Belcher's and they all do it when towing.
  2. Never had any damp issues with my Lightweight 1500 Five star , Bailey Senator 2006 or my Bailey Pegasus Rimini 2014. Answer is they are stored in a shed only outside when we're away.
  3. Definitely off. Not only the tyres receive a heavy Load but also the sets of bearings or bushes that hold the shaft and roller has all that weight on it .
  4. Aha, must be like the squealing brakes, some do , some don't ?
  5. What with squealing brakes and sagging suspension rubber thingos it seems the Alko system is not really as good as it's cracked up to be? As a mechanic since 1961 I have had heaps of experience with drum brake cars and there were some models that would have squealing brakes for some reason? We always had mods to do but seldom worked . It was often said to be a vibration noise ? I believe it no use just putting new Alko shoes back on as they will probably be the same linning material. If I had the trouble ( touch wood my Pegasus is quiet ) I would take the shoes or the whole van if you wish to a good brake company and get the shoes rebonded with a much softer / less metal content linning material. Most of this brake problem has come about since the use of Asbestos in friction material ( for obvious reasons ) has been stopped. Greasing pivot points , champhering and cutting slots , deglazing and all that stuff is just a temporary measure and seldom works in my experience. The squeaky cars gradually got better over time as the linnings wore out and were replaced with alternative materials.
  6. Hi Doosan, yes happy Easter to you to. I have a couple of pics on my tablet , not good quality. Better on my phone but it using that for this site. These are two of shore Islands one is Whale Island, the other with the smoke / steam in White Island an offshore Volcanic cone rumbles away all the time. You can take a day trip out on a charter boat and go ashore if you wish. £115.
  7. What happens when like we are away just now and we are on EHU and the 160 w solar is working well as it's full sunshine? Will it overcharge ? I see the Caravan volt meter on 13.9 v all the time never goes over that. Is that OK do the sparky people think please ?
  8. Hi again, yes Ted the Tourist spots such as Taupo, Rotorua, Queenstown, Wanaka etc can get very busy but we would only go those places if we had to. Thru our NZMCC membership we can get many Park over Properties and other Club sites for very little cost and in good positions.
  9. Hi , just read in our newspaper a report saying " 750,000 holiday makers expected at Cornwall just now !! Can't believe it ? I'm away in our Pegasus in the Bay of Plenty in NZ and at a lovely camp ground (20 acres) , there is 2 permanents here us and another Ranger 640/6 and that's it. EHU , water and dogs allowed , no charge to stay just £2.50 per week for power . 100 meters from long long white sandy beach , no holiday homes either . How's that? Eat your hearts out ,
  10. I put an onboard tank in my Pegasus with a separate Seaflow pump so now I have both Aquaroll with Whale pump and my new setup. No need for taps or any major plumbing at all just remove the fitting from side of van and switch on the Seaflow pump and all's sweet. More pressure to than the Whale setup. Just 'Td' the Seaflow hose into the existing line no trouble at all.
  11. Hi, on our Pegasus 2014 it has a Bailey Decal on nearside front with all info ? Mine says TP 60lbs / 4.2 bar. The single axle models are all about that pressure.
  12. Funny, I have hired Caravans 3 times in my life time , first time being our Honeymoon in 1968. 2 other times since before owning our own ones. All three times were really good and we did no damage at all , never had to pay any extra money. Just need to be very careful about hirers I would think.
  13. Alwyn, does he tow a Caravan with it to ? Would have enough power I would think ?
  14. My new car has Addaptive C C which I use often , wonderful how it works , even at a roundabout does all the right things , until you are speeding up again when I believe its acceleration is really aggressive. So I don't think it would be better on MPG as I would be far easier on the throttle if doing it myself.Have used it towing a few times but found once again the acceleration to be rather aggressive and as my car is CVT the 3.5 liter V6 seems to be reving higher a lot of the time especially on a slight rise . I think on long strait roads it is very good and would keep you at a desired speed which should help MPG I guess?
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