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  1. We have a 19in Veon. Made in China of course. Goes well ,very good picture , has a DVD player which works good. 12 volt with power transformer built in for EHU. HD, USB ready, HDMI x2, LED/LCD and has 3 yr warranty. Cost was on special $139.00 or £70 approx. Only little complaint speakers are average but not to bad.
  2. My car came with a towbar on it . What do you do then? I haven't told them , but did say I towed a Caravan because its insured with them to.
  3. Our first Caravan was a 1974 model and very basic but did us. Then we saw a Bailey Senator Indiana with Island Bed and shower etc so got one , loved it but then saw the rear bathroom models and read all about the wood frame rot and moisture problems ON this SITE so decided we needed ALU TEC frame so got a Pegasus Rimini . Love it just a bit disappointed with the wardrobe in the toilet but can live with that. Then read on this site about all the problems with the ALU TEC models and leaks ??? So may go for a Grande model , like the extra room and newer to . But the Grande models here in NZ are $ 80,000 about £40,000 so the price is a bit of a hindrance!
  4. Good on you both, that's the only thing we don't like about UK Caravans here in New Zealand is the not being 8ft. But how you going to get around on all your narrow narrow roads and narrow camp sites ???? ( tongue in cheek ).
  5. Yes , remove the mudflap, the plastic wheel arch is not strong enough to hang a heavy ,flapping piece of rubber to. Clean it of and put race tape / duct tape over it then underseal or silicone over the tape, it will never leak. Run a small heater in the area inside for a few hours to dry out.
  6. Hi, Not that I have had any problem with our Pegasus Rimini , I can sleep soundly now with no worries. Under cover shower proof, top cover absolutely water proof. Cost $230 for both covers about 110 pound. Not to hard to put on by myself as long as not to windy. Just need a steep ladder to help. Good slope to assist runoff to.
  7. At 21 I had a Morris Cooper S 1275cc , did 95 mph. Had the cyl head done, put 1.5 inch SUs on , 4 into1 exhaust and a 648 camshaft. It then did another 1000rpm in top gear or 14 mph so did 109mph. It was an Australian built one and as they were especially for the Bathurst Race they came standard with wind up windows, seat belts, twin fuel tanks, laminated windscreen , oil cooler, higher final drive ratio . That was 1967 and they won the Bathurst Race to.
  8. In reply to a previous article which said EV s are the only vehicles to have regenerative braking systems. This is not correct as I have a Toyota Estima Hybrid which has a 2.4 liter petrol motor and has regenerative braking. As well as that , I also have a 2019 BMW X4 M40i which has a 3 liter petrol motor and has regenerative braking as well.
  9. Luckily my shed has the odd perspex panels here and there for light and one ends up almost above my Solar Panel , keeps the battery topped up nicely. It is a 160 watt panel though? Not sure about a trickle charger?
  10. I don't know about if you can't reverse you shouldn't be towing , seems a bit tuff , But I wouldn't want to be in that situation as so often we have to reverse into camp sites , when parking in Villages, into my storage at home , sometimes at lookouts en route and when making navigational errors , you just never know when it will be needed? I suggest as a previous writer suggested, Have some lessons !
  11. It does matter to me if the Caravan isn't sitting flat / level ,or you end up with the back end / steady jacks dragging on the ground at all the uneven entrances and crossings. Most Caravans are low enough to the ground as it is without the added towbar height making it worse! On the Ranger and most Ute's they are very high just by design so you would think the towbar people would design there product to comply ? Although I don't have a Ute my SUV towbar is slightly higher than I want so ( listen for the howls ) I use the normal height tow ball after grinding two flats on it to fit the locking plate , this gives you at least an extra 25 mm drop over the ridiculous Alko thing. It all clears the tow bar tongue and works perfectly.
  12. Fit another 80 watt panel along side , then you will have no trouble. I have 1 x 160 watt on my Pegasus , works brilliantly.
  13. Learnt the hard way! Thought it would not come out and it didn't until our latest Pegasus Rimini ,then it did landing on the bench top on the nearside where the Unit is punching a nice hole in it !!!! £250 I think it is for a new one so it stays as is. Luckily it is not to noticeable.
  14. I use a 3M marine boat polish on my GRP Bailey and it gives very good results. It was not badly oxidised though.
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