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  1. I tow my 1500kg Pegasus with both cars we have . One is a Ford Territory V6 2.7 Diesel. This has done 200,000 k with no trouble what's so ever. Has ample power, good brakes and 6 speed auto box. Can't give mpg but it is very economical. Other car I use is a 2019 BMW. X4 M40i petrol. 360 HP 500 nm torque , 8 speed Auto trans. Tows perfectly ,brakes and all superb. Fuel cons varies a lot from 10 .5 liters per 100 to 14 , depending on terrain and winds etc. Done 10,000 k now.
  2. I've got a cover over mine , not a specific model one but it fits very well, certainly no flapping. Not absolutely water proof , ( as they maintain ) but I put another straight cover which goes over the top , this is 100% water proof. I hold it down with a lot of strait stretchy cords , it doesn't move either. When I take it of the caravan clean and shiny no need to wasynat all. No sweating inside. Sorry don't know the brand. Price was about £120 all up.
  3. As a mechanic I can say many cars have magnet on the drain plugs , but not all. Also about the oil changing vacuum pump ,is all very well but quite a few cars now do not have a dipstick, ( BMW ) for instance you read out the level from the dash .
  4. Gosh, never heard such a lot of scaremongers in all my life ! I had never had or towed a Caravan in my life, went and hired one for two weeks in 1968 , towed it all round the South Island of NZ 3000 miles and lived to tell the story !!! Caravan never even had brakes on it , my car a Holden drum brakes all round !! Compare that with the rigs these days ? Not everybody I'm sure sells a dilapidated wreck ? Don't be so negative ?
  5. Every time I get my LPG bottle filled I take it to and back ? What's wrong with that. No different putting your spare one in ? I drove a Ford for 5 yrs it had a 120 liter LPG tank in the back ?
  6. Hi Wolfgang , I'm in NZ to. We live in Picton , not far away. We had a Senetor. before to but never had to replace those bulbs. Hope you find out.
  7. I commented on topics / here about 3 weeks ago how our Prime Minister and Health officials had declared New Zealand as " Covid free " ! Well that was lovely " until " two NZ women living in the UK came back to NZ because one of there relatives was dying. They were put into a quarintein facility for 14 days. They pleaded with " someone " who let them out after 6 days ? They traveled 640 kilometers to Wellington , and on arrival one was not feeling well so was Covid tested with the result , both positive !!! So now the authorities have to track down over 400 people who needed to be tested ???? People on the planes , UK to Doha, Doha / Brisbane , Brisbane / Auckland , the other people in the quarinteen facility, and those they met on the car trip South !!! So because of these two peoples thoughtless behaviour after 24 Covid free days us 5 million people are now back to square one ! So all I'm saying is people just think before travel is it absolutely imperative or can it wait ?
  8. Does it really need to be done ? Its a big job I would think. If you store it outside leave it slightly down hill so any water runs of. Can you see the waves from the ground when looking or do you have to climb a ladder ? My caravan is a quite new model and I have noticed water lying in certain areas let alone a 1972 model. I would say it would be quite a hard job fairing of all the frames / bows to get it all perfect, you might end up with the low spots being high !! Good luck.
  9. Me ! Cast aspersions ! Never , no I just think if they go to the trouble of fitting one , it may as well be worth while.
  10. Gosh can't imagine why a manufacturer would only use an 80 w panel, even Baileys with 100 is barely good enough ! I have ( put myself ) 160 w on our Bailey Pegasus and it works very well.
  11. Hi, car weight seems light to me ? Our BMW 2019 X4 M40i has a Gross of 2385 kg. Both have a 6 cyl motor. The X4 is AWD of course. May pay as someone suggested to put on the weighbridge.
  12. Remember the Alutec frames came out about that time 2012 -13 I think , worth keeping in mind.
  13. I have a 2014 Pegasus so not the Grande model, but have had no real trouble at all! Only water leak was from inside , a fitting on the water heater was not tight enough allowing a leak under a bed . As for the Grande model I would love one and may even get one when there are a few good used ones about. The extra width and narrow roads ??? Its only 3" each side isn't it ? If your that poorer driver ??? Stay home!
  14. Ive just replaced my solid plastic one with a inflatable one. So much easier to move and maneuver now. The center broke out of the plastic one. AS long as you keep good pressure in it no probs. I check it same time I do the tyres.
  15. Yippee !!! Just announced this afternoon , " our country is now Covid Free " praise god ! We are still at Level 1 but that's almost nothing? Our borders will still be closed for overseas travellers and everyone entering will have a Covid test and quantine for 14 days. Any local who goes overseas will also have to quantine on return. But we are free to shop, eat out, go to full on Sports events, all our Holiday Parks are open , movie theaters , pubs, in fact all else. There is not 1 case in the country!!
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