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  1. Hi is this the.cause of the problems on the Unicorn models ? It's on my Pegasus 2014 never had any problem so far. Is the Unicorn the same.?
  2. Parking sensors work perfectly on my Nissan Pathfinder with a permanent bar. As previous post also said , a good protector against poor parking by other drivers. Also saves having a big piece of iron rattling around in the back .
  3. Hi Fred, I've never had a car that was to powerful yet !! Let me.at it. !
  4. Hi, many thanks. The leaky roof joint on the Unicorn that seems to be the main problem is fairly easily fixed by the sound of it anyway so I think I would get it done when I buy one anyway as a precaution. We would get a new one but my wife dislikes the very dark wood / veneer on the very late models. Also would get a Pegasus Grande but dislike the G shape front seating area , if you could get an alternative layout as the Unicorn and our Pegasus has we would love one , just for the more width at the end of the bed.
  5. Hi we presently have a 2014 Pegasus Rimini which has to my knowlege never had any damp / leak issues. After reading many posts on this site I don't remember seeing anything regarding Pegasus models with damp issues. BUT I have seen many regarding Unicorn models? Would it be fair to say they are the troublesome ones ? Why I am asking this is because we are soon to update and like the Unicorn Vigo model, not new but about 2017or 18. I'm not sure what is the difference between the construction of the two models is if any that may cause this? Do people think In would be wise to stay with the Pegasus with similar floor plan or am I imagining this ? We do like the Unicorn model for a few reasons but one being it is slightly wider so helping with room around the end of the bed at night. Value you people's knowledge on these Caravans that my wife and I love.
  6. Just say this Joe Blogs , they dropped the motor cc down to 1.6 on both F1 and WRC as they were becoming to powerful for safety reasons I think , so somebody must think more capacity means more power even these days ?
  7. On our Pegasus it's underneath the lockers on the nearside near the front.
  8. Hi Grandpa Steve, no I don't know everything about engines , even though I am an A Grade mechanic since 1968, have driven RS1800 Escort Rally cars to 3 NZ Championship wins in 14 yrs. And I remember the words of a rather famous F1 driver and constructor Jack Brabham : There is no substitute for cubic inches !
  9. Probably because very few people here would tow with a 2.0Liter engine vehicle. I read often people fussing about tow vehicle weights talking about being a few kgs near the tow car limit etc? Hook up to something with a bit of grunt may fix the problem! I'm not trying to be scarcastic or smart just find it hard to get to grips with.
  10. Living in New Zealand I cannot understand why you UK people use such small capacity motored vehicles for towing ? A 2 liter motor wether diesel or petrol has very little low down power so you would need to slip the clutch on hill starts I would think? An auto is obviously the way to go but of course it has to be robust enough for the job to (read the previous post regarding the VW) . My tow vehicles have all been automatic but 4.4, 3.0, and now 3.5 V6 Nissan Pathfinder 2019 absolutely brilliant tow car CVT transmission. Before I hear about the price of fuel ours is $2.20 a liter just now. Kindly, get more cc s.
  11. Hi , I have a Pegasus Rimini single axle now with motor movers which is extremely manoeuvrable. If I get a newer model with Twin axles do you have to have 4 motor movers or will two do a reasonable job and with four are they just as good as a single axle one ( within reason ) . Not only the expense but also weight.
  12. The bottle will still fall down the gap , so what's the difference ?
  13. Have the same trouble with our Pegasus in NZ since we had it modified to "Self Containment" standard. Sink, handbasin and shower are absolutely so slow its not funny. I think now I've got the certificate I will change it back to standard.
  14. Good one ! I need to do a couple of things like that on my Pegasus.
  15. Well at least if it had a chain it would have stayed behind the car ?
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