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  1. Well LPG cars and vans must be extremely unsafe then as your sitting right in them at least the caravan is separate and someway behind you? I'm still not convinced !
  2. Excuse my lack of knowledge but why is it so bad to travel with the fridge running on gas? I have many times and before taking up Caravaning used to cruise on a 33ft launch for many yrs with only a gas fridge no electric , very rough days , all night sleeping still here to tell the story. If the flame blows out which never happened it has a valve that shuts of the small supply of gas within seconds. A bit of over caution by the manufacturer s I think ?
  3. I fitted a tank to our Bailey Pegasus Rimini under the front end of the nearside single bed. This puts it just rear of the axle ,a good place for the extra weight. It holds about 50 liters and I travel with it full or near to and is handy for a need for water enroute or when we arrive if I don't want the aquarol hassle straight away. I just put a standard filler in the side and use a normal hose . It has its own pump and is plumbed into the same hose from the main aquarol system . I fitted switch for it on the side of the bunk and all you do is when the tank that is being used runs out switch that pump of and the other one on. The pump for the new tank also has more pressure (30lbs) than the whale so is really good for a shower. No need for taps or valves and doesn't pump from one tank into the other. 3mm floor well not on my Pegasus its at least 20mm . Toilet flush has its own tank . As for the bit of extra weight its nothing for out tow car with a 2700kg capacity. Haven't noticed the tyres rubbing on the wheel boxes yet. Gives us a total of 110 liters now with both full so quite handy.
  4. If you are so keen on doing it with a brand new one , buy a complete one , rip all the interior out and start again! You may even be able to use a lot of the hardware if you like it.
  5. We love our Pegasus Rimini , Beds can be left made all day , heaps of room to walk by to the rear bathroom, no waking the cook when the night call comes, and plenty of room in the single beds for our sizes. The only down side is the locker \ wardrobe in the bathroom is a bit of a nuisance to get to at times. I don't think anything smaller I would like and we can handle and tow this size quite well so not for us.
  6. Thetford should stick to Fridge's , the door hasn't come of on mine yet ! But the nearside front one did when we were away for 3 months and I fixed it "somehow" forget what I did will have look? Its still working OK.
  7. Sat my test the day after I turned 15 , passed to ,never had a lesson from an instructor as my dad taught me. The police did the test in those days in NZ . Then used to take my mum's Morris Minor to school with 3 mates on board, never managed to crash it!
  8. I put my jack under the low side of the axle and lift up a bit. But fridge has always worked anyway. If its really bad put you ramp under while wheel jacked up.
  9. I brought a new car and the Dealer required the money be paid the day before and in their bank? As delivery day was a Monday I had to put it in on the Friday. They said that was it ?
  10. Wev'e have one for a yr now works well don't always fit the full covers sometimes just the two ends . As the LE says I'm careful about really strong winds but would be with any of them .
  11. First check the fuse I think? I think there is one nearby in the cassette area. Someone may know. There's one on the main fuse box to.
  12. I just use a 3M product I have for my GRP boat on my Pegasus. Keeps good for the yearly polish and on the boat which is a 1997 Haines Hunter hasn't polished through yet.
  13. Yes,should be OK as long as the pitch circle is the same which it should be. Will give you more ground clearance to.
  14. People have been talking about Foam Rubber ! That is a thing of the past . Now days it is Polyurethane Foam . Foam Plastic ! This comes in two measurements ie 20 / 130. 20 being the density and the 130 the hardness ( what you feel when you sit on it) The density 20 is the weight of 1 cubic meter of the foam or 20 kg. Now you can have two foams both the same hardness say 130 nm but one could be 20 density ( or weight ) and one a 36 density . The 36 density (or weight of 1 cubic meter ) is a much better quality and would last very much longer than the 20 density but of course would cost the Caravan maker a lot more ! I would expect they just replace the cushions with the same density ( quality) so the problem will be the same, In my old Caravan I replaced the cushions with a HR 36 / 130 grade foam ( which is also flame retardant and should be ) . The HR stands for High Resiliant. So a good seating grade hardness would be a 130 or if you like harder 160 nm but the important thing is the density (quality) which should be at least 36 or 38 kg per cubic meter. Of course the better foam will be heavier as always. You can of course have cushions made as someone has said with a harder center core say about 75 mm especially if the sitters are a bit on the heavier size. There is nothing wrong with Foam as long as it is High density or heavier weight. Hope this makes sense ?
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