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  1. James Donald

    New Santa Fe with 8 Speed Auto

    A friend of mine has had 2 Santa Fe's over the last few yrs, company cars. They were both Auto trans . He tows a 16 ft boat now and again. He has had new gearboxes in both of them at 180,000 kilometres he said. The rest of the cars has been fine.
  2. James Donald

    13 pin plug problem

    Hi , we dont have a 13 pin plug here in NZ only 12 or 7 pin. Mine is the 12 pin on my Pegasus Rimimi and everything works correctly fridge and all so I wonder why the difference ?
  3. I use a 3M Marine polish for GRP boats which I have as well as the Pegasus Rimini . Other than looking really good , nothing untoward has happened to the Gel coat.
  4. James Donald

    Halogen to led problem

    Man, you would see all the wrinkles ! ! How frightening.
  5. James Donald

    Gas connection.

    Funny, we get a new pig tail as you call it and a new bottle and a new battery and new Aquaroll and waste / grey water container with our second hand UK caravans sold here in NZ !
  6. James Donald

    Interesting quote on quality from Swift

    There's nothing different about the Bailey's sold new here in New Zealand from new to the secondhand imports we get. There is the modified version of Bailey for Aussie and also the UK version available here to. I personally wouldn't have the Aussie model here in NZ.
  7. James Donald

    caravan back to the uk

    I have hired Caravans many times before getting my own, I don't remember any drama ree Insurance at all. All you would need to do is inform them another driver will be towing it, what dates etc . No need to mention any payment .
  8. James Donald

    Reversing camera on Unicorn 3

    Hi, sorry Stevan, just thought someone may have had it done.
  9. James Donald

    Reversing camera on Unicorn 3

    Hi I have just brought a Wireless Reversing system for my Pegasus. Thanks for the tip for power from tail lights. I do notice in my kit quite a lot of wires to be fitted ? (Wireless)ha ha bit of a joke really? But I wondered if anyone has been able to wire up so you use the cars dashboard screen which is useless while Caravan connected but so it still goes as normal once not towing ? ? I think it should be able to be done ? I'm interested to hear from them please.
  10. James Donald

    Caravan showers, time to make them optional ?

    And how much do you think the manufacturers will reduce the price for no showers? They will just charge more for an optional one. And not every Caravan owners has to worry about every pound weight so they can tow with an underpowered smokey deisel! Also many English Caravans are sold in other countries with warmer climates and parks without highly developed caravan parks, so really need a shower! What a silly question to ask really. Just don't use it if you want to walk all the way to the public showers and que up for your turn then so be it?
  11. James Donald

    Thetford C200 flush tank mod

    Hi, is it important to drain the flush tank ? I have never done mine, only because I didn't know to? I think mine is a C260, any difference?
  12. James Donald

    Range Rover Evoque Price's.

    Hi, here in New Zealand the Land Rover agents are advertising new Range Rover Evoque 's (probably 2018 models ) for a special price. They are $90,000 NZ, this converts to £47,088 UK. Just interested in the price in the UK if anyone knows please ? It says it is a HSE with £7000 of extras such as Pano Roof, Keyless entry, Adaptive cruise control, gesture tailgate etc. Says it is Si4 (177kw ) whatever motor that is ? Also I tow a Pegasus Rimini, I guess they would tow that ok ? Many thanks if anyone knows!
  13. James Donald

    Build quality

    Hi, I keep reading about this "Leaky Roof Strap" Can someone please explain where it is and what to look for ? Is it on all models,the Pegasus 2014 or not, so as we know what to avoid in the future if need be. Many thanks in advance.
  14. Can't understand the need to check the wheel nuts so often? Check once after a run after wheels have been of should suffice. I would be afraid of stretching the studs ! I also notice I think on Bailey vans they say not to use any lubricant " I think" ? As a mechanic since 1961 and have worked on many different Race and Rally Teams we have always used Copper Slip grease on wheel nuts, especially the sleeve type used on Alloy wheels, both on the threads and on the sleeve into the wheel. This gives you the most accurate tightening when you tourque the nuts up, no extra friction involved. We have never lost a wheel on any car I have been involved with. I use it on all my vehicles, trailers and Bailey Caravans I've had.
  15. James Donald

    Leisure Battery Charging

    Quite normal, it's called a Surface Charge and soon disappears with use or by itself after a few hours, should end up with 12. 75 to 12. 8 v Obviously it will be higher while charging as chargers govern that.