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  1. Something wrong I would think , mine gets just as cold on gas as on the 230v. Its not an Avondale thou.
  2. Hi, interested to read about the stoppers in the awning rail. On our Pegasus the awning moved forward in transit and cracked the awning light ! It does have 3 closed cell foam pads to. I now just put a bit of 100mph race tape over either end which stops it moving. Can you buy the stoppers easy enough please?
  3. Hi , I cannot get items on Topics without putting them on the Bailey forum ? I know this is not right so what do I need to do please?
  4. Hi , we had a Virginia Series 5 , lovely van ,well made to. We got it after having a 1974 15ft Lite weight , we thought we were in paradise. Have changed it for a Pegasus GT 65 now and do enjoy the rear bathroom but do agree with others , the quality is now where near as good Idont think. Yes this forum is very good , you can pick up so many helpful hints.
  5. Interested in JayDug's comment about Spain and the young people working roadside. Here in NZ we have people who have broken the law and are charged, but rather than send them to a Detention Center they are given so many hours of Community service. I see them on a Saturday near where we live mowing and trimming a Dept of Conservation park and Camp Ground. They have the high viz jackets and are brought out in a 10 seater Toyota Hiace van with large trailer full of Weedeaters, Motormowers and hand tools. They are supervised by 2 Carers at all times. It must cost a lot of money for all this just to save sticking them inside for a few weeks? I hope it works?
  6. Quite happy with my new BMW X4 M40i , it tows our Pegasus Rimini with ease . I would like a Pegasus Grande the extra width is all we need so we can get round the end of an East West bed and we would have one.
  7. Hi been away with the 2014 Pegasus Rimini for 5 weeks. After towing for about 160 kilos I pulled on the caravan handbrake as usual and the van rolled backwards ? I pulled it on again just the same ? It didn't feel right either on came on 2 clicks? After another couple of shifts same thing not working ? 2 days ago came home about 350 kilos and pulled it on 4 or 5 clicks and working good ? Has anyone struck this ? I wondered if it had anything to do with the coupling whether it was in or out , never noticed really .
  8. I wonder what some people find so obnoxious about a towbar ? I find it protects my bumper often from other people parking to close and also when I am reversing. Not a critisisim just wondered? I have a new (5months) BMW X5 M40i with a fold up towbar , I always leave it down.
  9. From New Zealand , we have been away since Feb 16th. Came back 2 days ago 2 weeks early. The 2nd to last Holiday Park we went to the office door was locked , I had to prove I was from NZ before we could book in. (no prior bookings) The shopping for what we needed was quite stressful because of large crowds. Also any overseas visitors / tourists were supposed to selfisolate for 14 days , ha ha what a joke so the parks were full of hired motorhomes with people from all different countries !!!! One helicopter pilot took a full load up for a scenic flight over the Fox Glacier , the people were joking amongst there selves about it. The pilot reported it to the Police, they will be made to leave the country. So with all this going on we decided to pull the pin.
  10. You don't say why you want to buy it ? Whether its to get a good van cheaper , and do the repairs yourself , then use it for your own use, go for it! But if you just want to do it up and flick it of , be very careful ?
  11. I fitted a 160 watt solar panel to my van myself, followed the instructions, been on for exactly 12 months now and works perfectly. Never blown a fuse yet !
  12. I have 2 Cassettes and neither have lost a wheel ? Must check to see if they do come of. Mind you I dont travel very fast when pulling it along so not much danger if one did come of !!!!
  13. I used it today as we are away on holiday for 5 weeks. I am going to do away with the universal joint part , I feel this will make it much easier to get the socket on to the nut.
  14. Google your cars specifications.
  15. On our 2014 Pegasus Rimini , the Jacks / steadies at the rear have the nuts for the socket to go on about 6 to 8 inches underneath . As the socket is on universal it makes it even harder to get the dam thing on properly ? Have Bailey put a longer shaft out of the jack / steady now on the later ones ? The front are good you can see them from the side very easily . I feel like making up a longer shaft and welding them on each of them , it annoys me so much !!
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