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  1. One thing I like is the Micro Wave with out the glass turn table !!! Dam nuisance remembering to take it out every time we move.
  2. Hi, we have a 2014 GT65 Rimini which we have had 2.5 yrs. We enjoy it very much but there are one or two things that annoy us a bit. The rear twin beds are only just wide enough, so if you were a large person may find it a bit difficult? We do not use the front beds at all. The large wardrobe in the Bathroom is ok but a bit awkward to get in and out of ? The locker below the wardrobe is very difficult to get into as you have to lean right over the toilet to get to it ??? We seldom use ours. The wardrobe also makes the bathroom a bit small being in there but quite liveable really. We seldom use the table as it is stored under the left hand rear bed and is "B" of a thing to get in and out ?? We just use the small table attached to the center cabinet which is ok as there is only always 2 of us. It tows very well and the ATC works good although I have noticed after a downhill run and a corner at the bottom as the van swings around the bend the ATC will apply with no real need so if you have a climb coming it slows you down a bit for the climb ? We fitted another 40 liter water tank with its own pump so while on touring we have water if needed . I fitted motor movers , 160 watt solar panel and roll away awning . Here in New Zealand we do quite a bit of what is called Freedom camping with no facilities so these mods are very handy. The axle has the usual Bailey "Sag" so I dont have the meant to have 50mm ( 2") clearance between the tyre and the wheel box but it doesn't seem to rub so I dont worry about it ? Now the most annoying thing ? I had an accident with it and damaged the rear bumper quite bad so my Panel Repair shop ordered a new one from the UK. After some time the reply came back 'Not available '? And owing to the 'Covid 'crisis none will be made ? And as the Rimini and the other twin rear bed models are the only ones that have the Toilet Cassette going in through the rear bumper it makes it very difficult to even get a second hand one where all the other model use the same bumper. So mine has to be repaired so is taking an age ??? Just a funny thing I noticed with the 8' wide models and the Twin rear beds like the Rimini the beds are still the same width so all you have is a wider walk way down the center which is quite wide enough anyway ? Strange I thought ? So I hope this enlightens you a bit ?
  3. Hi, I would have thought you would have had a Volt meter on the control panel near your doorway ? This will tell you if the battery is charging while you are hooked up . Also should tell you what voltage is in the battery at all times . The motor movers draw a fair amount, but if the battery is good and charged should go that long well enough.
  4. I have a Nissan X Trail 2.5 litre 4WD . I feel the extra cc of either the X Trail or a Toyota Rav4 at 2.5 L is a big advantage over just 2.0L Diesel or petrol. I am sure not only is the motor bigger in size but also the transmission and drive line etc beefed up for the extra engine size. I wouldn't have Diesel if you paid me all that DPF trouble most people seem to have ?
  5. I dont worry about the tow car supplying for the fridge or the ATC. I wire into the caravan battery which is looked after more than adequately by the 160 watt solar panel. On our ferry trip in our country 3.5 hrs often the rig is on a deck open to sunlight , if not it doesnt nowhere near bring the 110a battery low anyway. I seldom ever travel at night so not a problem. As I have two vehicles I tow with it saves a lot of hassles ! Works ok for me.
  6. If you get very good quality foam it is as good. You have two figures for foam. One is hardness and what you feel the other is density or quality. This weight is measured in kilograms per sq/m . So a good quality foam will be at least 36 to 38 kilograms per sq/m. A good weight / density foam will last for yrs. Most manufacturers use a low density foam ( 18 to 23 ) density, to save money so will of course collapse very quickly. Now hardness is what you feel when you sit on it. This is measured in newton meters. A normal seating foam is about 130 n/m or 180 n/m . If it is a really thick cushion 150mm or more then 130n/m ok. If it is only 100mm or less then 180 n/m is best. Of course all this foam should be FR ( flame retardant) but of course seldom is fitted by manufactures again to save money. Of course spring cushions or mattresses will always have foam overlays over them anyway ! I sold Polyurethane Foam for 18yrs for a Dunlop Company in the 80s & 90s and have a Queen size mattress on our bed that is now 30yrs old but is still perfect. It was top quality foam. Sorry for the long story but I feel it is important for people to understand.
  7. Hi Gary , it is a little worse close up at the bottom of the square / box where the cassette goes in , it actually is broken and cracked, hard to see in the pic. But I didnt think to bad either. I think the refinisher ( as they call themselves ) has more work than he needs so is only interested in srewing a new one on ? I think half of it would pop out with a heat gun applied carefully ! I tell you they are stronger than you think if you had seen it all happen ?? It hit hard.
  8. Many thanks, a good idea. The chap doing the job acctually specializes in classic car resorstoration. I will suggest to him what you have said.
  9. HI WispMan, I contacted Carboglass and he said yes he can fix it ! Ive sent pictures of the damage . He maintains no need to go to the expense of making a mould etc. hope he is right ? It's only a 3.5 hr Ferry ride and 15 k drive to his factory so not to bad, a heck of a lot cheaper than freight from the UK just now.
  10. Many thanks, a good idea. The chap doing the job acctually specializes in classic car resorstoration. I will suggest to him what you have said.
  11. Hi, I reported a while ago my misfortune about our handbrake failure. In the accident the rear bumper was quite badly damaged. I have claimed insurance and the company the Bailey agent here in NZ sent me to to carry out repairs has told me today they cannot purchase a new bumper for the caravan from the UK. It is a : Pegasus Rimini 2014 model. Apparently what is making it so hard to purchase is the fact of it being the Rimini model and having the square access hole in the bumper for the Toilet Cassette . Only this model has it ? So I wondered if any of you kind people maybe able to suggest a company that dismantles Bailey Caravans in the UK that I could inquire with to see if they may have one ? Or perhaps some other way of being able to purchase one ? The agent over here has tried with the Bailey people in the UK so they tell me and say they are unavailable ?? He said to me after 10 yrs they do stop producing spare parts for Caravans, but as ours is well inside that window it seems strange ? He said ( the repair chap ) he could try and repair it but " I might not like it "? I'm not to sure what will happen if it cant be fixed, maybe they will "write it of "? Maybe some one may have a suggestion ? Regards James Donald.
  12. Are home now and found the battery charger. All the (both ) plugs are in tight so I presume OS. I checked on a new one , yes available in NZ at a co called UK Caravan parts, BUT, $ 500 + postage $20. ( approx £260 UK. I did read where some over in UK had there one repaired? So I took mine and showed it to a repair shop who want $60 to assess it and tell me they can fix it ? If they can then that comes of the price but if they cant then my $60 is gone. I believe I can addapt a normal , correct 20a charger to take its place, can get a good one for under $200 . I wonder if anyone has done this ?
  13. Many thanks to you both. I have read all the info there. I do believe its to do with the overun system? As now after the dust has settled and the caravan parked in its right spot the handbrake lever is in its correct spot and the brakes are operating as uaual. Hi again all, as Stevan says I think it is the ov er run system as when I parked the rig was facing up hill so the coupling would have been fully extended. This along with the brakes probably needed adjustment after our trip and having done a lot of hill work didnt help. Also what doesnt help is the only Bailey Ďealer near us in the South Island NZ will not do any work on Caravans they have not sold new ? The next Dealer is 360 kilometers away.
  14. Many thanks to you both. I have read all the info there. I do believe its to do with the overun system? As now after the dust has settled and the caravan parked in its right spot the handbrake lever is in its correct spot and the brakes are operating as uaual.
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