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  1. Well , Ive got a new one now so its all go. You cant buy the Green Power brand here so here goes ? But I did ok as new 110 A one was between $310 (161.80 pound ) ( a good price mates rates ) and $500 ( 261.00 pound ) . I got one from my Auto Electrical friend an almost new one slightly less AH which had just been a loan one 2 or 3 times for $60 . So i'm happy .
  2. Oh thankyou . I will never know then ? Just wondered how old it was ? What does the Hi- fase mean I wonder ? Googled it but not much help really?
  3. I did look but couldn' t see one. Do you know if the Bailey Caravans used that brand?
  4. Hi , I have Pegusus Rimini I brought secondhand from a Dealer . It is a 2014 model. The battery has just cried enough . It is a 110A Green Power Hi- fase. Do you think it maybe the original ? Just wondering. I have no way of telling here in NZ.
  5. Hi I had a 2011 X3 M 3.5i. I towed a Senator Virginia with it and had no problems with stability at all. Heaps of power and wonderfull handing and steering. I then got a 2014 Pegasus Rimini which I feel is quite a bit more fussy to correct loading than the Senator was but have it sussed now. I have now got a brandnew X4 M40i , man what a car !! It is unreal just perfect and tows the Pegasus as if nothing is there. I dont get the ATC wired into the car to save any xtra drama it may cause. I wire it to the caravan battery with its own switch , works perfectly and is no battery drain as I have
  6. Well , problem solved, the little lady is so scared now , she said she wouldnt use a hair dryer now if I got one ? So all I need now is to run my water pump now and again and yes the TV is 12 volt but has a voltage reducing 3 pin plug on it that I have always used as it gets used at home now and again. I dont think I got a 12 volt plug or alligator clips with it but did have a look and it has a round push in plug on the TV end so may be able to buy some thing to use to either go into the Inverter or on to the battery. Solar Panel should be able to cope in day light hours I hope ? Still need
  7. Oh ! Well the hairdryer is out ! She will have to sit in the sun ! Its a bit of a pity because our New Zealand Motorhome & Caravan Association have many many of there own parks where they will all allow dogs , but none have power and not very many have toilets / showers etc. It is self containment only usually. Many public parks wont allow dogs but of course all the other amenities. We will survive Im sure. At least we are out of all restrictions other than overseas arrivals needing 2 weeks Isolation now at your own expense now !
  8. All I really would like to run , is the TV ( and we dont watch for hours) the caravan water pump so we have water and above all the little ladies hair drier !! I can heat the water on gas, run the fridge on gas cook on gas and thats it. We wont need heating at all . The inverter just happens to be 4000 watt not what I need I know but thats what it is. Oh charge our phones byt we can do that in the car if we want to. MANY thanks for all the suggestions I wil report back later while on the beach in 30o with a cold drink from the gas fridge!!! Ha ha. We go Dec 14th , back in March sometime?
  9. PS . The TV is 12 volt but plugs into a normal 3 pin wall plug but has a built in transfomer on it to bring down to 12 volts , (as it came from new ).
  10. Yes Ern we are lucky going away for 3 months. Hi will try to make more clear. The Solar panel has its own controller and charges the on board battery nicely. We will be of mains power at times. I have a normal 3 pin plug on a lead to the Caravan plug which I use at home or at places with no Caravan plug point. ( quite legal here ) SO if I plug that into my 4000 watt inverter which is on my on board battery I was hoping to be able to use some items from there normal internal supply? Not the Micro wave , or electric jug or fridge or toaster etc. But TV and lights and a few bits with low dr
  11. Hi, probably a silly question but if i use an inverter on the caravan for some low draw items is there a way of switching of the inbuilt battery charger please ? I have read some where that you cant have it charging on an Inverter. As I have a 160 watt Solar panel it will hopefully help the battery . It is now almost summer where I live so sunlight not a problem just now. I really only want to run the 12 v TV. the rest I can improvise. Oh Caravan a Pegasus Rimini GT65 2014 model. Hope I make sense ?
  12. My 18 month old Kampa awning doesn't leak that Ive noticed. I presume that is new enough. Anyway if it does I'll just buy some of the Fabsil or what ever, still be $$$$ s better of than paying twice the price for the other over priced brand! n
  13. Hi, thought someone may be interested , even though its the other side of the world. 1st one 1968 on our Honeymoon, at the start of the Haast Pass South Island NZ. 2nd 2010 with our 1974 Liteweight 16' . They came out with a steel frame, so they called them Liteweight still many of them around in NZ. They proved a point. 3rd in 2015 with our first UK Bailey 2006 Senator . Man we thought we were in heaven with this one !!! 4th in 2018 with our 2014 Pegasus GT65 Rimini, really love this one but a later Unicorn on the cards soon? PS couldnt put the others
  14. Had a gas fridge in a 33ft boat for 14 yrs , used to go day and night ,very rough or calm , worked perfectly and still here to tell the story? Do you think fridge makers would make and sell them if they considered them so dangerous? I do not run it when on our Interisland ferry but that's only a 3 hr trip . We don't stop at the huge big service areas in NZ as you people seem to do. They certainly have a safety cut of valve to stop any flow of gas once the flame goes out to. Accident ! Well I'm not sure about that concern ! If that were the case , you'd never leave home ??
  15. Mine runs on gas when towing the van and has only ever gone out once to memory .
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