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  1. Could anyone please tell me how to remove the vertical triangular trim in the kitchen area without damaging van or trim, and the plastic trim underneath the overhead lockers. It looks like a case of prise off with screwdriver or suitable flat blade but I'm scared of causing damage' Dave
  2. I sometimes think that this reflects the uselessness of fora. Someone ask how to do something and loads of comment comes in with why they shouldn't. The man wants to add a water tank, this is maybe a lifelong ambition or just an exercise in engineering and carrying 10 litres of water in the van (10kg) won't break anything. Personally I've just bought a used Bailey series 5 with fitted tank and think its the most useless addition one could get in a van. It takes up useful locker space. Not supposed to travel with it even partially full, doesn't give continuity of water supply without changeover valve operation etc. Nevertheless if you want to do this then copy the Bailey system with two 2 way and off valves and on board pump. You could use solenoid valves, and even Arduino control to effect automatic changeover from aquaroll to internal tank.
  3. Hi new to this forum so this might be in the wrong place. My gas ignition on my ageing swift heater is intermittent. I would like to dismantle and check inside. Can anyone tell me or point me to a service manual to guide me on removal. Just looking at it seems to indicate the whole fire needs to come out just to get at the igniter box fixings. Hoping in anticipation. Are there any circuit diagrams of the whole fire available for this vintage beast circa 2001. Is flame failure detection by thermocouple or gas flame resistance measurement? Dave
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