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  1. The reason the electric car market attracts men like Dyson is because diesel engines are being cynically vilified by government and eventually priced out of town centres by phoney toxicity restrictions. Oh and by the way James Dyson did not originally introduce the bag less vacuum cleaner. He also shunned his founding British work force that made him by spitefully moving the manufacturing plant to Malaysia to secure a dirt cheap production line. Disgraceful man.
  2. Look for the change over switch that when in one postion charges the leisure battery whilst hitched and towing and the other position for when you are pitched up and use the 12v circuits. Also there is the 12v master switch but I assume you've tried that already, but it can get confusing which is on or off position, so try that again. Check under seating for any partially dislodged 12v relays that may just need to be pushed back in their base socket. Also remember not all of your internal lights will be fed off 12v, normally the lounge corner fittings are fed mains 230v so don't get these confused with the ceiling lights which probably are 12v fluorescent fittings for a '90's model. Obviously your leisure battery is connected correctly hence 12v pump working ok. Did you check the 12v fuses with a continuity tester to prove they are good? (Set to OHMs scale or beeper once you touch the probes together momentarily) Possibly you may have a faulty 12v master or change over switch too that a mobile service engineer would diagnose and replace cheaply. Good luck with it.
  3. Does anyone know if the congestion zone as well as the ulez is being extended to the south and north circular as well? Thank's.
  4. Blimey, old fuzzyface getting it on with blunderwoman.just imagine what the love child would look like..eek!
  5. No not a made up story, just one a few interesting informative things you get to know about whilst chatting with the waldens. I have absolutely no reason to lie about anything, but I won't take it personally. Anti sentiment? Is that what Jeremy Corbyn is accused of?😅
  6. In the new CMC site book I've noticed they've stopped peak and off peak prices and now bundling the pitch and adult price all in one cost. So am i right to believe that it is still only one pitch fee charged per night? If so where it say's 1 Adult and pitch is £15 per night: how much of that 15quid is the pitch and how much for the one adult? As a side to be honest, I lost quite a bit of enthusiasm for the 'club' when informed at a south coast club site year before last that when the director general(Nick Lomas) and few of the staff came down for a bit of a jolly up they refused the use of pre set up caravans by the wardens prefering a local hotel instead. I mean if they can't believe in this pursuit then whats the point of it all?
  7. Puraflex 40 is a sealant best suited for marine and caravans as it flexes and doesnt split. As recommended by a Kent caravan service engineer. You can buy this from Tool Station at around £6 a tube, fits in a normal silicon gun. I would clean the surface thoroughly and pierce the noozle with a tiny little hole and run that into the cracked area and smooth down afterwards. Keep an eye on it then.
  8. Also we discovered the polarity is reversed in France when visited Normandy. Not sure if this applies to other parts of the continent?
  9. Jane, the battery locker door opens downward so with it lodged upwards with a stick or piece of wood it should be ok unless there is a typhoon out there! I think your mains hook up is in the same locker but this is insulated from water ingress but to be safe always switch off at the hook up point first at all times as a matter of procedure. As said once you have flicked off the battery charger switch your 12v lights, water pump, 12v TV power socket, gas hob ignition, outside light and toilet pump flush should all continue to work for some time providing you don't have too much switched on especialy the TV. Also whilst the battery charger is swtched off push your battery level monitor button as this will show the battery voltage level, keep checking this over a few hours to get an idea of battery health. If the battery dies really quickly under a reasonable demand(lights on and using water pump quite a bit) then you will need to buy a good quality leisure battery, mine is I believe an 85 amp per hour size but other members here will advise if that is not enough for full time habitation. As per the other replies I don't think it's a coincidence that you've had carbon monoxide alarms and also a strange smell coming from somewhere. A visit from a registered caravan engineer wouldn't be a bad idea to be honest. I paid around £180 for our 'van to have a full service last year which covers a whole range of stuff including damp testing and electrical / gas testing etc. Hope this is rectified soon Jane. Kind regards. Matt.
  10. Jane, as this petrol smell has only been evident in last week or so I'd say it must be from outside but if your neighbours haven't detected it then either you are smelling something else inside the 'van or the ground you are pitched on has had petrol or similar spillage in the past. Try to ask if someone could take a look for you and check in all cupboards and hidey holes, it would be useful to get someone elses take on it. We have an older Swift Challenger type 'van and the battery charger is built in the waldrobe amongst the 12volt fuses and switches etc. As already said, you're maybe mistaking the smell of petrol with sulpher dioxide that comes off a poor lead acid battery that smells like rotten eggs, in that case if possible keep your battery compartment door opened slightly to keep it ventilated. Use a piece of wood or stick to prop thxxe door slightly open until you have this smell identified. If you were nearer me I'd take a look and for you. Hope you get it sorted soon. Matt.
  11. We did have a 2016 Hyundai IX35 2. 0 SE NAV 4WD 6 Speed manual 134 BHP. Towing our 2005 Swift Signature 16/4 (challenger 500) loaded to around 1500kg and found it a comfortable tow car without a struggle either on hilly A roads or overtaking articulated lorrys on various motorways. After using our powerful Kia Sedonna for so many years which towed alike a freight train I were concerned when we switched to the IX35 being a smaller lighter SUV as opposed a large heavy MPV vehicle but was pleasantly surprised. Cruise control was a nice extra which made towing with the IX35 a pleasure, but sorry I didn't log the MPG whilst towing. We've since changed the IX35 to the later Tucson model that also tows exceptionally well throughout the gears without any concerns. Matt.
  12. Well done for defending your family, a pity another bloke didn't back you up, I know I would've done right away. It's the same ethos adopted by those who push in a line of stationary traffic and try to barge in right at the death. I just drop my van window and lean out "it'll be an expensive paint job unless you get in line right now" We've seen all manners of rude behaviour at Caravan Club sites in the past 12 year's, although luckily most seasoned wardens can spot them a mile off as they've seen all the low tricks being pulled previously and deal with them.
  13. Hi to all, We originally changed our Kia Sedonna for Hyundai IX35 and then on to our current 2016 Hyundai Tucson 4WD tow car. The Tucson model we chose which was nearly the equivalent to the IX35 we had but has 19" wheels with low profile tyres. We've towed our Swift Signature 16/4 only a few times since we've had the Tucson with no real issues to report although it doesn't pull like our old Sedonna. What I'd like to know is what's the consensus regarding low profile tyres and the effects they have on towing in all weather conditions. I'm sure I read some where that low profile tyres are not so suitable for towing caravans compared to a smaller wheel standard chubbier tyre? We'd be grateful for you're views and opinions on this subject plus also what other Tucson tow car owners have to say about what caravan their car tows and how well it manages etc. Many thanks. Matt and Theresa.
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