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  1. Gsteve I tested as negative so no threat to anyone but just say I wasn't I'd have to be making love to you inorder for you to catch it and thats the truth. This insane manufactured hysteria will be going on for a very very long time despite any ones individual opinions or attitudes that is because this draconian elitist government will continue to use it controlling and conditioning the masses to be completely sub serviant and not to ask critical questions. Tell me how many people do you know who've died recently and what were the causes? Honestly. I don't know a single soul but do k
  2. It isn't really, actually millions of UK people haven't been affected only tiny percentage who were ill recovered and say it wasnt all that bad just a case of the flu. I'd me willing to sign a disclaimer on arrival and just enjoy without pointless restrictions for example being given silly patronizing rubber bands to take to shower block like that makes any damn difference?
  3. Agree. Many CMC wardens will not be able to manage this when the inevitable arguments break out when someone just marches in with their kids. Not everyone is a loyal covid disciple.
  4. There is absolutely no way anyone is going to catch the plague by someone else using the WC/Shower/washbasin in the next cubicle the same goes by passing someone on the way out. Plus the non member weekend gettaway kids will hit these sites in there droves and will do as they please clogging up the shower blocks because the parents will endorse that behaviour and will gleefully battle it out with anyone who challenges them. Also as far as numbers are concerned it is common knowledge that many people use the sites for free who are infact visiting others and not booked
  5. Its all academic for us now. After over 13 years membership we won't be renewing this year. I can think of better things to spend 50odd quid on; since it was rebranded I've gone right off the club plus we've witnessed much rowdiness at a few sites from the casual non member 'long weekenders' and their gobby brood.
  6. I'll not queue up outside a shower block whilst there are only 3 men in there I have discovered that the caravan club is making everyone carry wrist bands with their pitch no. which have to be hung up outside the shower block. I asked the club hypothetically what if someone uses the WC doesn't wash their hands and accidently removes someone elses band only then to put it back thus passing disease to the rightful band owner who then unwittingly takes it back to his caravan contaminating everyone else in his party? The answer was the club cannot possibly protect against e
  7. I don't understand your point? The spare wheel isn't in the boot taking up space, its secured in the boot well with the jack and other bits.
  8. Totally agree with all of this, and well put. I certainly do not need a lilly livered career politician telling me how and when to wash my hands.
  9. Our CMC membership comes up for renewal in July, we'll call CMC hq try find out what the situation is but if it is as I fear with restrictions put in place higher pitch charges etc then that'll be our lot and packing it in for good.
  10. I'd feel quite indignant to have to buy a spare wheel even a used one. Thanks for you're replies and I'll do a search for the post about this. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, we're considering our options about a possible suitable replacement tow car but are not keen on 'space saver' spare tyres so we were wondering what other members views are of these things to tow as a back up or perhaps have been supplied with a full size wheel because of the extra weight making them unsuitable whilst towing? Incidently we currently tow single axle Swift 1420kg mptlm with 2016 Hyundai Tucson which came with a full spare but new models don't which is very frustrating. Many thanks all. Matt.
  12. To be fair the only ones required to re sit their driving test are those with 6 or more penalty points on their license and yes the re take should be very strict. Don't punish the majority who drive carefully, respectful and don't take daft risks.
  13. I would think the worse part of all this is trying to put a magnetic L plate on the rear of a fibre glass caravan.
  14. Our only poor experience of note was Black knowl CMC summer before last, we only stopped there for one night on a Friday and come the evening out came the beer and awning TV's, I wouldn't of minded so much if they were all watching the same channel! Apparently on a Friday some CMC's allow non members in which I didn't know about at the time. To be honest I was tempted to put Classic FM on at full blast whilst we packed up but the wife said no, it would probably be us being reprimanded.
  15. That's interesting because we've found the Dartford tunnel ANPR toll charge system does not recognise car towing caravan. So we only have a car charge on the account(nice), which proves we and thousands of others were being fiddled all those year's when it was the manual system with bloke with biro in a box .
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