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    hyundai ix35 2. 0 awd as a towcar

    We did have a 2016 Hyundai IX35 2. 0 SE NAV 4WD 6 Speed manual 134 BHP. Towing our 2005 Swift Signature 16/4 (challenger 500) loaded to around 1500kg and found it a comfortable tow car without a struggle either on hilly A roads or overtaking articulated lorrys on various motorways. After using our powerful Kia Sedonna for so many years which towed alike a freight train I were concerned when we switched to the IX35 being a smaller lighter SUV as opposed a large heavy MPV vehicle but was pleasantly surprised. Cruise control was a nice extra which made towing with the IX35 a pleasure, but sorry I didn't log the MPG whilst towing. We've since changed the IX35 to the later Tucson model that also tows exceptionally well throughout the gears without any concerns. Matt.
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    CAMC new phenomenon?

    Well done for defending your family, a pity another bloke didn't back you up, I know I would've done right away. It's the same ethos adopted by those who push in a line of stationary traffic and try to barge in right at the death. I just drop my van window and lean out "it'll be an expensive paint job unless you get in line right now" We've seen all manners of rude behaviour at Caravan Club sites in the past 12 year's, although luckily most seasoned wardens can spot them a mile off as they've seen all the low tricks being pulled previously and deal with them.
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    Low profile tyres and towing.

    Hi to all, We originally changed our Kia Sedonna for Hyundai IX35 and then on to our current 2016 Hyundai Tucson 4WD tow car. The Tucson model we chose which was nearly the equivalent to the IX35 we had but has 19" wheels with low profile tyres. We've towed our Swift Signature 16/4 only a few times since we've had the Tucson with no real issues to report although it doesn't pull like our old Sedonna. What I'd like to know is what's the consensus regarding low profile tyres and the effects they have on towing in all weather conditions. I'm sure I read some where that low profile tyres are not so suitable for towing caravans compared to a smaller wheel standard chubbier tyre? We'd be grateful for you're views and opinions on this subject plus also what other Tucson tow car owners have to say about what caravan their car tows and how well it manages etc. Many thanks. Matt and Theresa.