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  1. To be fair the only ones required to re sit their driving test are those with 6 or more penalty points on their license and yes the re take should be very strict. Don't punish the majority who drive carefully, respectful and don't take daft risks.
  2. I would think the worse part of all this is trying to put a magnetic L plate on the rear of a fibre glass caravan.
  3. Our only poor experience of note was Black knowl CMC summer before last, we only stopped there for one night on a Friday and come the evening out came the beer and awning TV's, I wouldn't of minded so much if they were all watching the same channel! Apparently on a Friday some CMC's allow non members in which I didn't know about at the time. To be honest I was tempted to put Classic FM on at full blast whilst we packed up but the wife said no, it would probably be us being reprimanded.
  4. That's interesting because we've found the Dartford tunnel ANPR toll charge system does not recognise car towing caravan. So we only have a car charge on the account(nice), which proves we and thousands of others were being fiddled all those year's when it was the manual system with bloke with biro in a box .
  5. Thank's Rob. All I wanted was the car repaired, clean and ready to drive away without any fuss. Good thing is atleast the interior and centre console all un molested.
  6. Well, just a quick recap: We had the Tucson delivered to Hyundai Tunbridge Wells on 23rd Dec I rang them the next day to ask if they have taken a look yet and told what part (gear lever broken) they believe had failed. Anyway fast forward to 2nd Jan and we get phone calls both mobile and landline from the service department strangely they don't leave voice mail? We call them to be told that car is ready for collection. Great! Proceed to dearership and notice car but unusual for Hyundai it hasn't been washed down even though their cleaning guy is in the background busy getting wet. After a few minutes we're informed that the part a brake cable linkage had snapped and was covered by the warranty. Great again! Then we inspect car alongside the service chap, whilst I'm making sure the towing hoop thingy has been placed back in the boot and everything else when wife suddenly says "the bonnet is scratched!" Straight away the service guy goes into defensive mode, I then ask politely for the car to be washed down as so we can inspect everything. After a free coffee car is ready again and the scratches on an otherwise immaculate bonnet are shown clearly which if I had to guess I'd say some one has sat on it with something sharp in their back pocket. The damage area is right opposite the wheel arch (a handy place to plant the feet) At this point we are told to place a complaint to the service guy's manager and take it from there. Hyundai then email later that day asking for copy of our Green flag call out docket. We make it clear that the Green flag mechanic was with us at all times and not to blame plus reiterated because the damage was so easily noticeable through the dirt it proves that it was fresh and recently done. Luckily for us we bumped into the salesman we've previously dealt with before as we were about to leave and he said it looks recent and said not to worry we will have to get the bonnet painted. He knows we're not trying to pull a fast one and commented its in his interest too as he wants this car back later this year as it's so nice. We'll now have to wait for them to decide but are prepared to fight it out if necessary so we'll see.. It's either one thing or the other!
  7. Well I'll certainly report back when it's all resolved. The other thing we're not happy with is the Hyundai recovery service that's included in the warranty that we were told Hyundai customer services we'd have to use for them to order a courtesy car, but the problem was the AA couldn't come out and deal with car that was stuck on a junction for 6hours which I said was unacceptable. The wife could've been stranded in lane 3 M25 but it wouldn't of made any difference. They even told us that Thrifty car hire had ran out of hire cars! Luckily because as we tow a caravan we have additional recovery in Green Flag who as usual were excellent even sending a fast deployment van to see it it was something they could sort out on the roadside. The guy helped me push the car to the kerbside but couldn't tow the car being it being a 4WD model. After a bitter complaint to Hyundai customer services a very helpful lady there organised a replacement Tucson for us to use which was delivered yesterday without anymore fuss. The problem I have with Hyundai Tunbridge Wells is there negative reporting; the car was dropped off 6pm 23rd Dec. I called them next day to be told the part in question will have to be reported to Hyundai and may not be covered by the warranty. I asked them who pays for it if the warranty request is denied and was told it would be us. Nice eh. Anyway since speaking with the helpful customer services lady she reported that it has been sent to warranty and all will be good. Hopefully. We now have a 19 plate petrol Tucson with a black filler cap(why do they do this) I've pointed this out to my wife. Thank's all for reading.
  8. Yes it is an odd one and doesn't exactly fill us with confidence at the moment. It's a real dilemma because we now have doubts whether to buy it outright as we'd planned do as it tows our Swift Signature very well. Maybe it's a one off, we'll have to see what the dealership says about it now. Thanks for your reply TD.
  9. That's my point; it demonstrates that the mice defences are good if the piece of fruit n nut is still where you've put it. I don't think mice and rats need any encouragement to move in whether the caravan or garden shed.
  10. We were just wondering if any one has had gearbox failure with the above Hyundai Tucson model? Luckily the wife's car is still under warranty till 2021 and currently at the dealership being repaired. Apparently the service guy said the part that is broken is one of the gear levers? Thank's in advance. Signature.
  11. Not sure if this already mentioned but the way to know if mice haven't been back is to put a small block of chocolate somewhere discreet and keep an eye on it. Its the only way of knowing for sure because they cannot resist a bit of cadburys. But if it's gone it can be a bit fraught and I have been there so know what it means to strip out all of the kick boards of a kitchen at midnight looking for the latest breach in the expanding foam chicken wire mesh defenses. We've had mice in the gas locker before but that not so bad just a bit smelly and left a mess to clean up. They came up the hanging pull cords of the hitch cover so I make sure they're tucked up out the way now.
  12. You'll be fine. Really, towing is straightforward enough only just a few things to do differently than driving a car solo that's all. Very good idea having the motor mover fitted and going on the towing course. Motor mover will allow you to accurately align the hitch over the top of the tow ball. Just an idea after you've completed the course to have a dvd of the whole hitching up routine, it really is very straight forward once you've had a bit of experience and theres always someone around who'll help. Make sure your caravan heki roof lights and windows, lockers are locked before setting off. Good luck with it all and enjoy!
  13. Remove the two clusters and check bulbs with continuity tester and clean the contact surfaces with a small patch of emery cloth to remove any algae build up. Even a small thump on the cluster may well bring them on one at a time if they've not been made to work for sometime. Mostly works everytime when our Swift rear lights play up but they're an awful design allowing moisture ingress in.
  14. We'd be tempted to try some CL's if only to get away from those who selfishly cut across your pitch to save 30 seconds. CMC sites seem to be going down the everyone out for themselves route sadly.
  15. Yes the 2016 Tucson we have has a full sized spare wheel which we've needed a few times so far as this car is a magnet for punctures. The new Tucsons aren't supplied with full size wheels either apparently. I find the whole test drive experience a chore as one salesman with a cheesy grin morphs very easily into another.
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