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  1. Hello and welcome. All questions are interesting, no matter how trivial you may think they are - so ask away as often as you want to. I suspect that you may find your new static a vast improvement on the ones from the '70s - just as enjoyable, but much more comfortable.
  2. Link to Gov website attached. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/demonstrating-your-covid-19-vaccination-status-when-travelling-abroad
  3. I'll amend my previous post - the window will come into consideration if it is an escape window (which it probably is) and the fence is so close it may impede escape.
  4. If the static is on a caravan park, then you need to see the site licence terms, as that usually specifies distances. Most licenses refer to the caravans act model standards, I've tried attaching a link to a pdf file found on google. The window in the van is immaterial, the distances are based on fire safety not a view. If the fence is a boundary fence (at 2metre high it sounds as if it is) then the majority of councils stipulate a 3metre gap between the static and the boundary. If it is a fence between statics that somebody has put up then (a) check also the site rules, a
  5. The information is definitely there, and definitely held on NHS records - just that, as you say, there is not yet anything that could be used as proof. The card given in England (I hear that it is not used in Scotland) is a reminder, would not prove anything - especially as several people in various locations report that they wrote their own name in after the event. Incidentally, the unique booking ref is only for those who book via the NHS booking portal. Those called up via the GP practice get no reference. The batch number, I believe, covers a thousand or more doses. I am sur
  6. Reported on another forum that the Covid-19 vaccination cards given out in England were already for sale on EBay by end of March. They were anyway never intended as proof, just as a reminder. And as above, the NHS App will give a link to whatever your GP practice has allowed to be seen on line - and more than a few do not show the vaccination data.
  7. Balmaha = loch lomond Scotland. OP profile suggests it is a tourer (Stirling Vitesse 500).
  8. If Willerby lodges are like park homes, then the internal walls are plasterboard and can be painted with ordinary emulsion. If you are not sure, ask Willerby what the internal walls are made of - but I imagine that whatever they are, Willerby will assure you that they can be painted inside just like an ordinary house.
  9. Think that you really do need somebody with legal training to help you - maybe Citizens Advice, or maybe you have a legal helpline on your home insurance?. If the pitch agreement is in joint names, maybe you could tell the park that you can no longer afford the fees and they need to bill the other named party (your ex) - having to start paying fees may make him change his mind.
  10. You have not caused any trouble or annoyed anyone, it is just that we all want you to get correct help and information to solve your problem. We all think that you have a good case for a refund, but you need trained advice as to the best way to get it. Good luck, and please tell us when it is all over how you got on - it may help somebody else later on.
  11. When you say personal and business, do you mean to use for your own/family holidays and also to let it out to others for payment? If so, there are some other threads on this forum about subletting which may be worth reading - the general opinion is that it is not usually a good idea - for a start, the times you want to use it yourself are also the times when people want to rent. There will be extra costs incurred (insurance, safety checks, maintenance, repairs), you will lose the benefit of having your own van, as you will have to remove all your personal possessions each time you rent it
  12. Contact Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or even your home insurance if you have a legal helpline. Write down the timeline (when you paid, what they said, when and how you chased them, what reasons they have given for the delay, what paperwork has been given and whether any contracts signed, etc) so you can explain the facts clearly to them. Under the consumer rights act you can reject goods as being not as described, unsatisfactory quality, or unfit for purpose within 30 days of taking ownership. After 30 days, the seller should either repair or replace, and if they cannot
  13. Bear in mind that this will be considered as a structural alteration, so your insurance company may want to know (and some want to know before you start) - check your documents. If you are on a park, then you may also need to get permission from your park owner, plus - if you are on a Gold Shield park and have the 10 year structural warranty - it will probably invalidate the warranty. French doors may be a better option than patio doors - they are more likely to take up the same width as the bay window, patio doors may need more structural changes either side. You will need to g
  14. Have you asked Willerby? Bear in mind that paint often fades, so touch-ups can sometimes look patchy.
  15. I think it is not the NHS organisation itself which deserves the praise, it is the people on the sharp end who have consistently gone above and beyond their job description to get things done, struggling with setting up hubs, arranging lists, coping with two separate systems (NHS and GP) and frequent failures of communication in the supply chain. Talking to people who work at the sharp end, the reason we are getting vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as we are is because they have years of experience coping with the NHS "system" and finding ways to manage things that actually wo
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