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  1. When approaching the local authority, make sure that you stress this is not a normal static caravan but one that is been manufactured to at least BS3632 (the residential specification). Why not also research flat-pack homes - many are built in the same way as park homes, except they are put together on site and do not have the trailer chassis and wheels underneath so are not legally considered as caravans. A planning officer may be more amenable to this, as the flat-pack homes are becoming much more common as alternative to brick-built permanent dwellings. Good luck, hope it goes well for you - and please come back in due course and tell us how you got on.
  2. Hello and welcome. Cannot quite tell from your post if you are planning to buy a static and then look for somewhere to put it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not do this - forums everywhere are full of folorn questions asking about a site where they can put their static - it is so difficult to do, as very very few parks will accept vans they did not sell to you. The most important thing is to find a park you like in an area that suits - a van that is not quite right will still be enjoyable if it is on the right park, but a van that is perfect will be no good if you do not like the park. I would suggest starting by using google, telephone directories and local council websites to find licensed parks in the areas you like and then contacting them for general enquiries (prices, facilities, availability etc) then visiting the ones that sound interesting. I would think that the site fees for a small park with no facilities in the areas you are interested in may be just about doable - but do remember that site fees usually increase each year, and there will be other costs such as insurance, electricity etc that have to be paid too.
  3. You need to first start reading up on the legislations you are quoting and then Talk to your local councils, the planning department first and then the licensing department. Granny annexes are for buildings (including statics) that are within the curtilage of an existing dwelling. A certificate of lawfulness is usually applied for when somebody has been using something for some time, realises they do not have permission, and retrospectively applies Neither applies in your case - your suggestion is a static holiday caravan site, which will need planning permission and a site licence, even for 4 statics. To get planning permission you will need to show that there is an interest in this - will people want to book a static by the side of the road (especially if you are starting with just a single static)? How will they get there, what is the access and parking arrangements, how will you connect foul water and fresh water, what about electricity? The first thing that any planning officer will suspect when you approach them is that you are trying to circumvent the legislation and rent them out as residential accommodation. Ironically, in this day and age, you may well have better luck trying to build residential properties (even by using flatpack modular homes) than temporary statics.
  4. Oh yesssss - I take wipes to the supermarket and wipe the entire trolley handle and near edges and the lockchain and the lock before getting it out. I then hand it to himself.... who immediately puts his hands on the side rails outside the wiped area.
  5. First bus trip since March, first visit to nearest town since March. Had to venture out sometime. Bus = all passengers diligently wearing masks over nose and mouth. Opticians- Specsavers. Very strictly controlled, very diligent in all aspects. Shops - Oh, for heavens sake. Why pretend to be following the legislation if you are not going to cover both mouth and nose? Your chin is not the area that causes the problem.
  6. Hello and welcome. You post is a bit confusing, trying to work out whether you mean the boiler is actually cutting out when you turn the shower setting towards cold, or whether the shower is not reaching the right temperature and it is nothing to do with the boiler. If this is a combi-boiler and a mixer shower with a thermostatic cartridge, then the most likely thing is that the cartridge or the flow regulator need cleaning/adjusting/replacing. If you are saying that the combi-boiler turns itself off when you try to reduce the shower temperature, then you need a gas-safe engineer to have a look at it.
  7. If it is a broker, rather than the actual insurance company, then the policy arrangement fee has always been there, but I think that legislation changed so that fees and tax have to be shown separately. Before then it will have just been part of the premium. I'll try and find the explanatory link to where I saw that information.
  8. Attached link from NACO helps explain. The corner steadies on a static or park home are used ONLY while the van is being positioned. They are NOT to be used as stands, proper axle stands are to be used (or frequently blocks). Whoever sited your van was either a cowboy or totally ignorant or both. https://www.nacoservices.com/static-caravan-advice/advice-on-siting-a-static-holiday-caravan-or-lodge
  9. I would be very cautious - the ones you see in the brochures with a TV on the wall have had the wall specially re-inforced to take the weight. Ask Willerby directly, as they may be able to give you some advice.
  10. Anyway, back to the original question. I really really did not want to wear a mask. But I got some disposable masks, and wore them inside the stores, making sure to cover nose and mouth, and much to my surprise my glasses did not steam up, I could breathe easily, it was not hot and uncomfortable, and did not distract me. Not nearly as bad as I feared. So no problem for me.
  11. You can soon find out whether a park is prone to flooding. Just try and get insurance that includes flood risk.... The link does not open for me, whether that is because of my security software, no idea. But unless it includes questions about how much research buyers carry out prior to purchase, seems pretty obvious that most van owners would have a very unhappy attitude to being flooded. And personally, I would not even consider a park where a flotation device was needed for the van. Extra expense, extra maintenance.
  12. Hello and welcome. Sites that allow "bring-ons", even new vans, are very rare - this is a question that get asked a lot, but rarely do people come back and report success. If nobody comes back with a recommendation, your only option is to start phoning round parks in the areas you like and asking directly; you might strike lucky. By the time you have paid the fees for disconnection and removal, transport, handling, re-siting and reconnection, you may well find it cheaper to buy another van on a park you like. If you DO find somewhere, please come back and say so as it may help the next person. Good luck,anyway.
  13. Wearing a mask - if you are going to, PLEASE do not do what somebody did today inside the store. Take it off to sneeze. (They did put it back on afterwards, so suppose it kept their mask nice and clean). Luckily, I was upwind.
  14. May take some time for the realisation to sink in. Anyone see the Daily Mail report with the care-worker (wearing her mask on her chin!) asking why the Gov did not make the announcement 2 weeks ago? and who was going to pay her mortgage while she quarantined? Canadian Gov advice website has it better - got in big bold letters that they will not run repatriation flights this time round if anyone ignores the advice and travels abroad against their advice.
  15. I can only repeat my previous advice - ask the park manager (if you are on a park) or (and) the manufacturer for advice. You need to find out what it is and what is causing it to know whether it is a problem or not.
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