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  1. Still a lot better than many, who exclude ALL cover for ANYTHING relating to coronavirus. Cancellation not being covered is an expensive risk. Medical treatment and repatriation not being covered could be life and death.
  2. 8 berth is not unusual for a holiday static, some of which are exactly what is described above - bunk beds in one room, pull-out sofas in the living room. Just be aware that some insurance companies, and most parks, will stipulate that the van must not be used to accomodate (i.e, sleep) more people than it was designed for, so if you buy a van designed as a 6 berth and put in a few extra beds to turn it into an 8 or 9 berth, you may be invalidating your insurance, and you probably will be breaching the site terms.
  3. I strongly believe that much of the attitudes, and following legislation, that was designed to help children has made things much worse in many ways. Remember the days when, if you saw a young child out alone (especially late of a night), you would stop them and ask what they were doing, where their parents were, and march them back to their home? Remember when it was assumed that if a small child fell over the nearest available adult would hoik them up, give them a cuddle, and check if any plasters were needed? Nowadays - how many adults feel confident enough to go near a child they do not know, let alone touch it, for fear of being accused of having bad intentions? Children now have so many "rights" that they have been left behind in the wilderness, with nobody able or wiling to make sure they are being taught that along with "rights" come "responsibilities".
  4. Don't think Fold House allows dogs. And I suspect not many static holiday parks will have plots that can be fenced in for dogs; normally decking can have a small fence round it, but not the plot itself. Only way to do it is to draw up a list of parks in the right area, and then start contacting them to find out which ones allow dogs and whether you can enclose an area around the static for them. (I have assumed that you are looking for a holiday static, not residential?)
  5. I take it you live in a very flat county?
  6. When people say it is unenforceable, they really mean unimplementable. There is a difference - unimplementable means that you don't think you will be caught if you ignore it. Unenforceable means that there is no legislation behind it. As far as I can see it is enforceable. As far as being implemented - bear in mind that you may not think it a problem to ignore it. Your neighbours may have totally different ideas and report you.
  7. Gardening non-essential? Wash your mouth out with soap!! Next you'll be saying that hairdressers are not needed and should not open until next year!. For what it is worth (which is not a lot) under the current eased lockdown restrictions, I can't see anything particularly wrong with visiting a stored caravan (especially if local) to make sure all is OK, then returning home again. I can still see something wrong about people driving 200plus miles to visit a beauty spot for a picnic, along with a few hundred others who had exactly the same idea - and that is now allowed.
  8. Even if there is no specified curfew, most properly run sites will have a requirement that you do not cause a nuisance or disturbance to others on site. So being noisily active late of a night or in the early hours could result in you being requested to take yourself and your van elsewhere. It is unlikely that any site will have an actual curfew in the sense that you cannot be outside of the van at all. Probably plenty of people who like to sit quietly outside looking at the stars, or the sun coming up.
  9. If it is normally/often parked outside his house, then must have been the local vigilante patrol looking for tourists rather than a neighbour. Oh joy - the Lone Ranger rides again. Just think how grumpy people are going to be if they think they have to have a local lockdown because of a batch of infected tourists. Meanwhile all the cruise companies are telling their shareholders that their customers are really, really keen to get back on a cruise ship with a few thousand other people just as soon as they can.
  10. Like these? https://www.clactonandfrintongazette.co.uk/news/south_essex_news/18474605.southend-coastguard-rescue-sunbathers-shoebury-beach/
  11. Personally, I think everybody should be obliged to have third party home insurance. Surprising how many fires caused by unattended cooking/candles/bonfires/(cheap)phone-chargers that (a) also damage neighbouring properties, and (b) are in houses whose occupants never got round to taking out insurance.
  12. What is there to criticise? You are not trying to find loopholes in the legislation, or trying to argue that "this" really means "that". You simply want to get away when you can, so good luck to you. Some people do, some people prefer to wait a bit longer, there is no right or wrong - as long as people are sensible and wait until it is officially permitted at the departure point, the arrival point, and all points touched in between. Oh, and make sure you have insurance....
  13. With regard to vouchers/credits instead of refunds being offered by tour companies, be aware that there are two types. One is underwritten by ABTA, so (provided the company is a member of ABTA)even if the tour company goes bust before you can use it your money is safe. I know this will not apply to many of you, as you are not booking packages - but for anyone who has booked a package, here is the ABTA link. Scroll down to the article about RFN (refund credit note) https://www.abta.com/news/coronavirus-outbreak
  14. Not knowing what sort of static you have, cannot give a definitive answer. But unless the bedframe has a weight limit marked on it (you know, the type of limit that some sun loungers have - maximum weight XXX kilos) it seems unlikely that the mattress would be too heavy for the bed frame. After all, the frame will be expected to take the variable weight of the people who buy it. Your best bet would be to ask the manufacturer if you are really worried.
  15. It amazes me with all the discussions in the papers/news programmes etc about "when can we book our holiday abroad" they spend a lot of time talking about which transport services are operating/planning to operate, which countries have opened their borders/planning to open their borders, they remind people to calculate the quarantine period - but they make no mention of the fact that the FCO advice has not changed and therefore travel insurance is almost certainly invalid. Does everybody travel without insurance, or what? Me - I'm staying in England for the rest of the year. At least if anything happens I'll be able to get home again.
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