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  1. Hi there, I have noticed that whenever I use our caravan oven (Stoves), my eyes sting. It doesn't seem to affect other members of my family, and could just be someting with me - though they don't sting when the hob is on. Following a service, the engineer said the oven reading was above the recommended level (it read 0.0168 and suggested replacing the burner - something very easy to do. He said there's nothing else that could be causing the issue and that was my only real option to try and salvage the oven, shy of buying a new one. So I bought a new burner, fitted it and still my eyes sting. I'll be honest, I have not had the levels re-checked as we infrequently use the oven. I am due a service in a few months, so I'll get it checked then. Does anyone else have an issue with their eyes stinging when the oven is on? Do I have a safety issue here and is there literally nothing else other than the burner that can be checked? The oven itself looks imaculate to be fair, like brand new. Many thanks, Danny
  2. ...and off again. Was wondering if it could be the PCB?
  3. Just a quick update. I switched the fridge off for about an hour. Now it's back on, it's started to cool again.
  4. I think the sensor you are referring too is a wire, attached directly to the fins. If so, this is part of the thermostat assembly (on this model, it's also part of the gas valve too). As it's been replaced already, I'm not sure that's the same issue I'm having.
  5. Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice. Caravan is a 2009 Sprite Quattro with Thetford N112 fridge. When I first switch the fridge on, it cools down. Thin layer of ice forms on the freezer and all is good. This is true of either gas or EHU. After a few hours, the cooling process stops.... And doesn't start again. I have just had the thermostat replaced, hoping this would resolve the issue. :-( I've also tried setting the thermostat to halfway, and even the lowest setting. Same symptom occurs. The puppies at the rear are all hot (the top pipes being very hot!). Which makes me think it's not a coolant issue. Any ideas? Many thanks Danny
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions :-) Think I'm going to go for the trolley jack. as know my luck, I'll end up damaging the car jack and then having a puncture on the way home! :-D thanks again
  7. Thanks to you both for your replies. I don't have a trolley jack. Would a car jack work? The one I have is rated to 1200kg. The van miro is 1320, but I'm thinking the hack is only lifting half the weight and should therefore be ok? A scaffold board sounds like it'll do the job - nice suggestion. Thanks again
  8. Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice regarding leveling a twin axle that's already pitched. My setup is a Sprite Quattro 6 birth twin axle. I don't tour with the van, it's setup on a year round pitch and doesn't move. Indeed, I don't even have a tow bar! Recently a new pitch on our site became available, and using the movers, we relocated the caravan. However, I think the spirit level we used was faulty, as after suspecting the van wasn't quite level (side to side), I brought my larger spirit level from home. Turns out I need to raise the far side by around 2 inches! Part of this is (I suspect) because I have a flat tyre due to a split valve (suspect the ground keeper caught the tyre with ride on mower!). The problem is that the 'van is fully setup with awning attached. As mentioned, the caravan doesn't move, so we've got everything setup as a permanent home effectively. As it's the far side that needs to be lifted, I'm thinking I can do this without impacting too much on the attached awning. I'm thinking to jack up with the car jack and stick some blocks under the frame. Can this be done? The van is on a slight slope, so will need to use wheel chocks I guess, as I cannot hitch to a tow bar. Your thoughts welcomed :-)j
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have left the fridge on for almost a week - so definitely not a case of waiting. Out of interest, how would a service engineer diagnose the fault? Thanks Danny
  10. Hi there, I have a Thetford N112 fridge installed in my caravan (2006). The fridge has a manual three way control system. The caravan itself is sited and has been for a 2 or more years, I bought it used and not having a towbar or suitable car (yet) the caravan hasn't moved. I have read a little about how absorption fridges work, and understand that the pipes at the top rear should be hot - which they are (very much so!). This is irrespective of gas or electric energy selection. When we first arrive at the caravan and switch on the fridge, the freezer compartment begins to get cold - enough to cool your beer, but not enough to keep food frozen or make ice (as the manual would suggest it is capable of doing). The main compartment doesn't get cold enough as before long the whole thing seems to stop cooling. The pipes at the rear are still very hot. The fridge is completely useless and regardless of the outside temperature/weather, just doesn't stay cold enough. I have adjusted the thermostat to various settings and nothing seems to help. I have a mobile caravan service engineer booked for a month's time, via remote diagnosis he suggested the thermostat could be faulty and at £15 it's worth a shot at replacing it. Intention being to order the part so that it's here for when he services the caravan. The problem is that Thetford have confirmed the thermister is part of the gas valve assembly - it costs £55. I'm fine to spend £55 pound, but wondered if given the above description, someone else might have additional suggestions to make? Thanks in advance :-) Danny
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