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  1. Hot off the press ?? I'll get my coat !
  2. Just to let you know i bought a Banner 100AH battery today........£131.00 but a tenner off with my old battery. and a 3 year warranty..........Thanks again to everyone who helped.
  3. Hi AndersG. As i mentioned before the mains set up is quite poor on the site so really depends how many vans are parked up. In the last week about 3 times a day and they last till someone does something about it. Just lights and fridge this time of year.
  4. Thanks Dave. The guide was very helpful.
  5. Thank you all for the help.
  6. Hi joanie. Just looked it up. its a Halfords car battery.
  7. Hi AJ. My manual for the van covers nearly everything except the battery (typical!). However after searching yesterday it seems i do have a charger fitted.
  8. Hi everyone. As i live in my caravan all year round and based on a site with not the best mains set up so when the mains trip my battery drains within minutes. Could someone recommend what sort of battery i should be looking to buy ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Robbo68

    Bliss !!

    Just got back from my Mum's house where it's like a madhouse. ..Kids overexcited and grown ups arguing over silly things. My Caravan feels like heaven :)...........Merry Christmas Everyone.
  10. Sorry about the delay. ....The problem was a faulty ignition box. Working fine now apart from costing me a fortune in gas !!
  11. I earlier changed the temp on the panel from 21c to 16c as i thought the timer set for 10 30 pm wouldn't work. Have put the temp back to 21c and now heating is on with no noise ? No heating didn't come on, thought it did
  12. Timer was set for 10 30 pm so waited and heating came on but with a loud drilling sound under front seats. Could someone on here please help.
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