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  1. Durbanite - On what grounds did you reject, can you reject just for a rework notice?
  2. Spoke to Eldis today, they have confirmed in writing that my dealer was notified 3 days before I collected. So annoying as they could of fixed at no cost to me. 200 mile round trip, day off work, etc. Welshman. . my van is new build, ordered end of March I received June 9th. Alas no screws oops mechanical fixings on mine. guessing yr sunny Wales with your username. . I am North Wales, where are you?
  3. Hi all, just purchased a new elddis avante 866. It was delivered to me on the 9yh June, we went to see it at the dealers on the 2nd June. I received a letter today dated the 8th June from Elddis advising me of the stargazer rework that is needed. Spotted that some van owners have had the same issue with Bucanners, but have not noticed any commenting who own an Avante 866. Curious to know of any Avante 866 owners who have had the rework notice and when people got to know about it, also do dealers know about these recalls before the buyers. I am a little aggrieved as I feel this work could of been done before I received the caravan.
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