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  1. Nope, I want all my cables to be easy access concealed but not inaccessible
  2. Yes finally feel like it’s getting better, no longer taking things out putting them back! i have 10 sheets of ply ready to go just need to get the edging trims sorted
  3. The roof is finished! safe to say I don’t want to do that again lol the curved parts are not easy to do
  4. Yes it’s a lot stronger than before, was even with just the new timbers! roof will be finished today/tomorrow then I’ll need to measure how many plywood boards I need for the walls
  5. Was hoping to get done for somewhere this year but you never know at the minute 😏 So, insulation has now finished, below is the video for the roof and all the walls being stuck and taped im now cracking on with the roof almost finished but here’s is a sneak peek!
  6. So any screws or staples are now removed, insulation of the walls and roof is complete video to follow soon: today I started cutting the roof hardboard sheets im painting the back with yacht varnish as I had some already I also have put some small blocks of wood at the sides where there is a lot of gap between the roof supports
  7. So here’s part 5: painting lost most of the videos I made of the main colour due to phone memory/editing storage So it had been a while, I finished painting back in may and haven’t done anything since I do however have new seals ready for the windows, all windows have been cleaned up best I can, trims all the old sealant has been removed and is ready to clean/buff up ready to go back on. I really want to get this done ASAP as I’d like to use it this year! February Update video Back at it now! Insulation on the sides is now complete, using 25mm foil backed foam insulation. I picked these up off Facebook awhile ago for around £6 a sheet as they are rejects, they are normally around £20-25 a sheet! Insulation Part 1! Monday I ordered all new: Rear lights Rear Triangle reflectors Rear number plate light Front marker lights 7core wire Junction box Another tub of filler Tomorrow I’ll be removing any staples/screws left from the strip out, and hopefully starting insulating the roof with foil membrane which is equivalent to 50mm insulation
  8. I forgot about this! I’ve not been on much but will update shortly!
  9. Haha no not 5 minutes! Just finished the 4th coat of main colour video to upload soon, had a long break due to new baby and bad weather, trying to get cracking now it’s been a year next month!
  10. Part 4: sanding the filler is done Sanded with 120/240grit discs not much else to say :p
  11. Part 3: Filling is done I used tetrosyl 2k filler as it can be used on aluminium and plastic next is sanding the filler
  12. Take a look at my thread about Avondale heron 1978 doing a full renovation/restoration severely damp walls patch of floor needed replacing and currently in painting stages
  13. Someone had bodged my heron door, I would take door out and put full new timber In especially if it’s the hinge side of the door. you may find some of my thread helpful
  14. Next part 2: sorting out the stress cracks in the grp edges of the roof and also nailing the panels together/secure ready for filling. using a multi tool to cut a hole at the end of the stress crack and then grind out the crack itself using a bead nailer and 19mm stainless steel nails to nail together the aluminium panels Hope this may help some people Next stage is filling still waiting for my primer to turn up but my colours are already here waiting
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