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  1. After a very lengthy and sometimes 'heated' discussion, I've found the fitting that I was originally enquiring about. It can be found at www. loostation. co. uk. Now, I'd be interested if anyone uses this and what they think of it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys. There is definitely a guy who has brought something to market to allow this - I meant to save the link when I saw it. Will have another look through the forums and if I find it again, I'll post it here.
  3. I recently saw a fixture that you can add to your soil pipe at home to make cassette emptying much easier. However I can't remember the product name. It was basically a pipe with a screwed lid for access that could be added on to the soil pipe. Anybody know the product?
  4. Has anyone any info on proposed changes to the Vision range for 2019? As Have my eye on a lovely 2018 outfit but curious as to whether to wait for the new model or not. Thanks.
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