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  1. Thanks for your replies guys, its appreciated. We've decided to go for it, should be money well spent. Cheers. Trev
  2. Thanks daveandjude, thats the info I was hoping for. We had more or less decided to go for it but it is good to hear from someone who has already tried it. Trev
  3. Waking this conversation up again. I am in a similar position to others here with a Pegasus 4 Genoa with dream sleep seating. The backboard has been replaced twice and I am on my second set of replacement seats. The latest set slide forward as bad as ever, and they are so hard to sit on its very uncomfortable. We only use the front seats as single beds, and they are far too firm. Bailey have referred us back to the dealer again, but its just going round in circles, so rather than do this, it seems time to bite the bullet and buy replacement seats. Belfield have quoted £270 for two spring bases, which I am prepared to go with. My question is to the members who have taken this route. Have you found the spring seating comfortable (subjective I know), or is an upgraded foam a better option, by that, I mean a complete seat in foam, not the dream sleep system. Hope this all makes sense and am looking forward to being active on this site. Trev
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