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  1. Ok sorry it's a Suzuki grand vitara I think it's an alko.
  2. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get a blanking plate dust cover for where the detachable tow bar comes out please.
  3. I fitted them how they came out obviously with new ones.
  4. Hi everyone I replaced the front window seals and 1 is letting a bit of water in just wonder if anyone as any idea why.
  5. I didn't do I the missus did been and got some wet and dry sorted now. It's a Suzuki vitara 1.9 diesel 25000 on the clock 07 plate.
  6. So would I need to buy a new tow ball is the next question.
  7. So I was told to use a dremel then get slated for it some people.
  8. So could I still use Emery paper or wet and dry for a better finish.
  9. David p I used a dremel tool but the ball has scratches on would this affect the use of either ball or hitch. I will try and get a pic. Pics of towball.
  10. Yes mate I wouldn't care just been to check on the van today should have measured it then.
  11. Hi I am after a jockey wheel for a abbey GTS 416 can anyone tell me the size I would need please.
  12. Will do David p cheers for the tip.
  13. If I change to an alko stabalizer would I just have to take the old hitch off and the alko fits with no work needed.
  14. Ok so if I change the hitch I would have to change the tow ball would a alko detachable ball fit on to existing bracket. Or is the tow ball already on compatible with the alko hitch.
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