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  1. It's an abbey GTS 415 the toilet is the c2. I'm trying to find out where these wires connect I assume it's to bridge.
  2. Hi all bit of a long post. I had the van serviced a while ago and the service engineer said the pump wasnt working bought a new pump toilet still wouldn't flush I had to strip the toilet out to repair some rot in the floor to find the wires off the toilet not attached but my problem is where or how do the wires fit to the pump or battery feed from the mechanism assembly I have 2 blue wires but 4 brown. 2 of the brown are on the bit that connects to the mechanism.
  3. Ok sorry it's a Suzuki grand vitara I think it's an alko.
  4. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get a blanking plate dust cover for where the detachable tow bar comes out please.
  5. I fitted them how they came out obviously with new ones.
  6. Hi everyone I replaced the front window seals and 1 is letting a bit of water in just wonder if anyone as any idea why.
  7. I didn't do I the missus did been and got some wet and dry sorted now. It's a Suzuki vitara 1.9 diesel 25000 on the clock 07 plate.
  8. So would I need to buy a new tow ball is the next question.
  9. So I was told to use a dremel then get slated for it some people.
  10. So could I still use Emery paper or wet and dry for a better finish.
  11. David p I used a dremel tool but the ball has scratches on would this affect the use of either ball or hitch. I will try and get a pic. Pics of towball.
  12. Yes mate I wouldn't care just been to check on the van today should have measured it then.
  13. Hi I am after a jockey wheel for a abbey GTS 416 can anyone tell me the size I would need please.
  14. Will do David p cheers for the tip.
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