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  1. I'm hoping this is posted in the correct forum - I'm looking for any contacts you may have for Pre Sale Touring Caravan Inspectors based in Newcastle? We have seen a Caravan and it's a 3hr drive away, plus we are new to Caravanning and therefore don't want to buy without a full report on first. I am struggling to find anyone who can travel out of the centre of Newcastle to where the Caravan is sited at Rothbury and hoped someone may have contacts I havent already tried. I tried the Camping & Caravan Club first off and they were 3wk wait for an appointment?! Nearest I have fou
  2. I can imagine😁 although here, the majority tend to stick with the normal slimline variety and only use them ad-hoc. The wider vans are rarer, or as some have said, usually only seen with Travellers. My husband, however, is required to sit his Licence Test all over again, to achieve a B+E upgrade on his current road licence( he passed his test 3mths AFTER the licence laws were changed). Whilst others are able to start towing without extra training, it has meant that for us, he has had to spend the best part of a week covering every aspect of towing safety on both open roads, motorways and bui
  3. @GaryB1969 Funny. .. I think the most things designed for families never had input from one full-stop! When I hear the term 'Lightweight' in Caravanning terms, it sounds as though something has been altered to allow the average person to tow it. Our family would need the weight if only to balance out the load and according to my husband, the 7-seaters we are looking at should handle it without any issue. I don't need pristine and new, but I do need it to withstand UK weather, have a decent heating system in place (although with the heat of our bodies combined i don't think that it will need
  4. Its a Catch22 as dealers nearby are not to listing anything older than a few years and will push to give away (or so they say) the newer models. Thanks for the input👍 @sleepyfolk Wow, really? Now that would be a significant upgrade! It is this kind of knowledge that is invaluable - thank you so much for that. I will take a look at the older models with this in mind.
  5. Cheers @Gordon thanks good to know. Appreciate the advice. We have just seen the Super Sprite from Swift online, but only available New & many have told us to avoid buying brand new, so that any niggles are done by the 1st owner? We looked at that exact Caravan but for us, we'd need 4 bed for the children. If possible i'd rather we didn't have to choose who slept in the Bunks - They already fight over the bunk at home now lol! Thanks tho, it is all good to hear.
  6. Anyone with experience of 8ft wide European or Scandinavian Touring Caravans? We have had several members suggest European models fair better than UK counterparts for disability. As a family who plan to travel a lot and not be static on one site for more than 28 days max we would value any helpful insights into what we could expect from extended width caravans. We have seen a few WEINBERG & also KNAUS Caravans for sale in the North of England, where we are currently based. We would plan to tour through France, Spain and possibly Germany at a later stage, so again
  7. We don't want to appear as Travellers to be honest lol! We are leaning towards 7-seater Audi or Land Rover and understand there is a trade-off in payload between that and a van, but we would only be taking the essentials and add heavy items to the towing vehicle.
  8. Someone has commented further up about livng full time for 5yrs in an aged Bailey Senator. Am I to assume then @Steamdrivenandy it is the newest models which wouldn't stand up to long-term use? Thanks
  9. Wow. .. I'm super impressed at the number of people commenting so far & very thankful to you all. I have tried asking this question before and instead got questioned my reasons for doing so. So THANK YOU. @thebriars I have the children covered on the school front - many Teachers actually take their children out of school and go travelling abroad to some far-flung places for a year+ because despite quoting school is everything, they are happy enough to do the opposite. Children learn life experience that no school can teach. Accessing Health Services is the same as if I we
  10. @stevan very criptic😁. . ok it wasn't intended to offend any Bailey lovers - I am going off what I have learnt on several forums, in terms of more serious issues arising and general discontentment from the lack of Customer Service shown. Being newcomers we lack what experience would tell you is a wise move. What we feel is necessary when you have 4 children are: *separate space for the children - The children need something that is theirs - it would give them a constant in a world full of otherwise managed chaos. Sleeping in the same area as us would keep them up late, as we bo
  11. Ern Yes, so we are looking to travel for 6-12mths minimum in the Caravan and so full-time during that time period. With work available across England especially and too much time spent travelling back n forth the best option right now, for our family, would be on the road. We envisage Campsite usage at least 5-6 days each week, only stopping at safe and well-known free camp spots in-between to break up any journey.
  12. So. . We are family with 4 children aged 3-10yrs, looking to travel for at least this year and maybe next across the UK. We need a 6-berth (not to mention the Awning lol) and thought we had found the ultimate in the '2018 BAILEY Unicorn SEGOVIA' . Winning lots of industry awards and the perfect layout for families with the middle bathroom/separate children's bedroom (that shuts off too). Only the 'Dealer Spiel' coupled with real-time complaints on this forum alone under Bailey Owners has put us off making a high-end Caravan purchase, possibly one with Bailey too. I have read today reports o
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