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  1. Finally bought an Isabella sun canopy from campingworld.co.uk with 10% off decent make but 360cm as I can't find a 370cm online. Soon as this coronavirus has passed and if its still holiday season then I'll be out using it as soon as possible!
  2. Hi mate, there is a second hand one on ebay for the entire vent but I'm only after the top cover. I have emailed him to see if he also sells just the covers but I may have to buy the whole vent? I'll keep looking for now. Cheers 👍 I'll have a look at the link see what still works. There are loads on ebay but finding one thats 3.7m is difficult. I have found the one in picture but that's 4m and I also have found some that are 3m I would prefer to find as close to 3.7m as possible. I should get there at some point!
  3. Thanks Gordon 👍 the sun canopy is a start! I'm sure a lot fit the awning rail? I will look for one of these and I have a little time to sort the skylight.. Its all covered anyway.
  4. Hello all! I'd like to say it's getting to that time of year to clog up the motorways but with this disease going about it may not happen for quite some time. Anyway.. Time to prepare for that time.. I have an awning but I don't like it so I want to get a sun canopy which seem quite cheep on ebay but I'm not sure on what size I would need? My daughter has my tape measure and not allowed out unnecessarily so no way of measuring right now. I also need to go buy as it blew off last year the rear sky light cover. Would be great if anyone knew the sizes of these so I can order online an
  5. I used to have this problem sometimes the taps worked sometimes they didn't. I have a 1998 landranger and the problem was the pressure switch under the sofa next to the sink where your full tank is. It should be a round tap on the water pipe. This not being set right my taps wouldn't turn on.
  6. Well just to add. . I bought my van and went away with the kids for a long weekend which was great. I got back put the handbrake on which i thought was a littke high, i forgot to choke the wheels first! Then unhitched the van from the car and the second it released the caravan shot down the garden dragging me with it and slammed into a farm gate! It didn't help there was another farm gate resting on the gate which was very low down almost on the ground!! The towing hitch was way to low to the ground so tried jacking the front of the van up but it was getting stuck on the gate almost
  7. I'm insured with the one we're weirdly not aloud to mention! I've browsed over their terms and conditions and I didn't see anything about the van needing servicing? Which I do myself. I could of got it cheaper but this had breakdown cover included. I also used confused. com Good luck with it anyway but while you're on the phone ask them what security is needed when it's unhitched at home.
  8. I think it only applies to tyres not the actual wheel size.
  9. If the brakes were binding on you would of possibly burnt your finger! But being slightly warm usually means everything is fine, you would expect some heat from the friction of the brake shoes pressing on the drum under braking. Same with the tyres they get warm too. If the tyres are really hot the caravan has way to much weight inside and could blow out the tyres. I would check the cables and grease what you can. Could even be the cable has frayed which could cause it to get stuck and would need replacing.
  10. If the brake shoes were seized to the drum the wheels wouldn't turn or if they did you would be using a lot of throttle on the car and should notice? Not to mention the heat and smoke from the drums. I see where you're coming from with the pushbike brakes!
  11. Probably isn't? But could of been some kind of reversing camera? Not sure why that would stop the lights working but the camera would need to be connected to the reverse light. Personally as you've just purchased it I would ring the seller and ask what the wires were for and why the lights don't work.
  12. Could just be a sticky handbrake cable if the handbrake was engaged the hole time in storage? Would be a good idea to grease the cable and check for any kinks or damage. I'm no expert, I'm looking at it at a cars point of view which would work in a similar way.
  13. I bought my van for £2500 I recently insured it. It's got to be a good idea as you may damage or at worst damage someone else's pride and joy. I also have breakdown cover with the insurance even though I have breakdown on my car and they will tow the caravan but that's only if the car breaks down so if anything happens to the caravan that I can do nothing about the insurance company will sort that out. I have noticed reading through the insurance that if it's stolen they expect the van to have a insurance approved hitch lock and a wheel lock that goes through the wheel. I have 2 whe
  14. Its definitely the 32mm my socket set only goes up to 32mm and I've had them off once.
  15. I have also just been looking on ebay and found them a pound cheaper! Going to turn out to be an expensive game fixing these brakes! Thanks for the link anyway!
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