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  1. I looked at alloys as supposedly lighter. I had emailed freedom a while back, they didn't know either for certain. I'll check the spare wheel which might be in better condition
  2. Not used my caravan in 2 years since purchase, sat on drive neglected, so have recently been sorting things out to finally get using it. One of the tyres is flat, both steel wheels are more rust than steel. At a minimum I'd change both tyres (spare is ok, 2017 tyre) however I'd like to replace with alloys, if not new steel wheels, rather than just stick wheel trims on. Freedom had some listed with tyres, now OOS but they didn't know if they would fit the van. Currently the tyres are 155/80 r13. 4stud 100mm. Also read I'll need new stud bolts for alloys, but they're all
  3. I can vouch for a freedom caravan, bought my '88 sunseeker this summer and only had chance to use it sparingly, but add a popup awning and it has all the room 2 people will need. I didn't know much about caravans but I knew damp would be my no. 1 enemy at the budget end of the market. Had seen that freedoms are generally watertight and the way they're constructed means they may have damp but shouldn't rot. My budget was £4000 similar to yours but I was starting from scratch, spent £1000 getting Lexus fitted tow bar, £1500 on the van itself, another £800 on full service Inc new
  4. If you're on three you can make voice calls through your WiFi connection. Failing that, there's WhatsApp. So a mifi device may work with a high gain antenna and most likely on a different network to whatever your phone is on. Might be useful to check on 02, we, three etc to view their coverage maps and buy a PAYG sim for use there. Three do a free sim where you get 200mb a month every month.
  5. Apologies if in the wrong sub forum. I have a little freedom sunseeker, just had a load of work done, new alko hitch, cables, brakes, damper, basically anything attached to the chassis replaced. Previously brakes would stick on, clunk off and old hitch was dangerous. I've only ever towed once before so maybe its me. Towcar is a Lexus NX approx 1800kg, van is 600kg and bar gas cylinder and 110ah battery empty. Towed it back from the garage where i had all the work done, braking is fine, nice and smooth. However when a I accelerate either gently or with
  6. Recently purchased old freedom sunseeker caravan, has dual hob and grill, was cheap so expected issues. I've sorted electrics but wanted a pro to look at the gas before I use it. Chap serviced it other day however he said, amongst several other costly things, that the gas system was dangerous, leaking from joint at home and is as tight as it will go, and hob itself may be leaking too, so don't use it The hob and pipework are 30 years old. Getting a new replacement sunseekrr hob difficult too, if not expensive, so I was considering removing the existing grill and hob,
  7. I've bought a freedom sunseeker, 600kg with 750kg all in. It's a 4 berth but 4th bed is supposed to be a hammock suitable for younger kids. Obviously due to size you sacrifice things like a toilet, shower big kitchen etc. Plenty of sunseeker about but more rare in 4 berth form.
  8. Thought I'd update. Bought a sunseeker,, '88 model. has poles for 4th bed but no hammock. I made a foldable bed from 12mm ply which clamps on top, works quite well. Although head room a couple of inches less than bottom bunk, it is slightly wider.
  9. Bought a freedom sunseeker last week, '88 model from an old chap who seemed the DIY type. This evening is the first time I've managed to have a proper look through the van. When I went to see the van, the chap connected up one of the terminals on the leisure battery, and showed me the 12v lighting system working, bar one light. Only other 12v device is the foot pump for the sink, but I didn't test that, he then disconnected one connection and I took the van away. This evening I wanted to check the sink and fix the one light. The wires are connected using crocodile
  10. Thanks all, emailed freedom but they hadn't answered my previous questions about bunk bed poles, so don't hold my hope that some 18 year temp Manning the email account will reply. Have knocked the motor mover idea on the head, looking at one of the motorised jockey wheels instead, should be easy to make it removable too which will save on weight.
  11. I have a freedom sunseeker, '88 year, max weight of 750kg, unladen 650kg but it has battery, spare wheel and 30 years of grime. I'd like to fit a motor mover but I know I'll be very close to the limit. Freedom will upgrade sunseeker models (basically a sticker afaik) to 850kg for something like £100. My question is can this only be done to new vans, or certain models of sunseeker?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions will take a look. Have just won the caravan on an auction and paid less than I thought I would, so if I didn't need to stick to a budget are these still the best choices?
  13. I'm after an awning for a freedom sunseeker 1988. The van has had a bump at some point in its life so the awning rail has bent and I don't want to risk damage to the fibre glass by trying to bend it back out. Therefore I'll need some sort of stand alone awning. I want something that can be put up quickly and easily too like my airbeam tent. Budget 300-400, doesn't need to be huge, just room for the portaloo (I'll probably use one of those cheap eBay shower tent things inside the awning) and then shoes etc. Any recommendations?
  14. I'm after a small light 4 berth caravan. Have been looking at some of the vintage sprite and robin models. I'd seen freedom caravans mentioned but they all seemed to be 2 or 3 berth so ignored. Recently I spotted a freedom sunseeker described as a 4 berth, apparently some sort of roll out bunk bed. I then looked at a few other 3 berth sun seekers on eBay and they too have the wall mounts for a roll out bunk, but don't mention the extra bed (so presume it isn't included). The freedom website makes no mention of a 4th berth option on their vans. Is it no
  15. Hi I'm hopefully soon to join the world of caravanning after several weeks of reading and research. I have a towbar fitted to my NX, I've read up on laws etc, all I need to do now is buy a van! I have fond memories as a kid with my parents travelling about in their monza. Wife has been spoilt over the years with hotels so isn't as adventurous or as keen on the caravan idea so may take some winning over. That said I'm working to a budget of up to £4000, must be able to sleep 4. And if wife hasn't left me then perhaps look at upgrading (I really liked the R-Pod style american va
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