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  1. We live across the road from a decent van dealer so will go looking
  2. Hi. Passed in 1992 and also have class C HGV licence.
  3. So I need the official figure from the V5? I’m asking all this because we’re looking at vans but don’t want to have to change the car. Family of 4 with dog.
  4. Cheers it’s the 2. 0Crdi version. No issue with pulling. So if I wanted a bigger van, I’d need to load the car right up?
  5. Help. We have a Sportage MK 3 (2010) and when I put in the kerbweight (1600kg) the 85% weight is 1360. Im sure I’ve seen Sportages pulling much larger vans. Am I missing something?
  6. Open to most things. Also thought about an Outlander PHEV although I think the towing limit is reduced on these vehicles
  7. Apologies for vagueness. Looking for SUV style, about 3 years old. Could probably stretch to about £20000 Currently have a Kia Sportage but it's 8 years old now and I would guess not up to towing something that big
  8. Hi all. First post here. We are looking at starting out in caravanning but would be looking at a larger van (a good 6 berth). Ones we have seen that suit our needs are around the 1700kg MTPLM. As we are at the point of needing to change our car also, can anyone advise a suitable towcar for a large van. I have driven HGV in a past life so am comfortable with driving what would be a substantial outfit, just need recommendations on suitable car plus, of course, your valuable insights.
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