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  1. Thanks for all the help I've ordered a proper battery charger and a new leasure battery for it
  2. Thanks so it's getting on a bit then
  3. This is what's on the windows
  4. It's been sitting in my friends forestry yard since last September. Is it possible that the battery would only charge when hooked up to the car? I can't find any charger anywhere inside. I'm going to pick up a proper battery over the weekend were going to start using it a lot more while we do the renovations on out rental house Did you get a caravan charger or just a normal battery charger?
  5. I changed the mains adapter and now I have power to the sockets but no lights. I put a spare battery in it and everything seems to work now. I still can't find the battery charger I've looked in and under everything
  6. Hi my caravan was parked up for a few months and I brought it home yesterday and plugged it in to the mains and nothing works. It's a Avondale custom Orion if that helps
  7. I'm going on my first proper road trip next month. And I've just noticed that my battery in the caravan isn't holding a charge very well. Any recommendations for a new one?
  8. Looking forward to getting a night away in it just need to wait till my tow car comes out the garage
  9. Hi just picked up our first caravan yesterday. It's a Avondale custom Orion think it's a 1994. It seems to be in pretty good condition just a bit tired inside but it's dry and the floor seems pretty solid and it came with a load of bits. I'm sure I'll have lots of really basic questions but it's the first time I've owned or even been in a tourer
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