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  1. I understand the need to re-brand as a way to attract new members;the old logo, to me anyway, seem quite old-fashioned. However, they could have updated their name and logo whilst preserving their heritage not the CMϽ thing. I only joined the club (with a cashback discount) as a way to make a site cheaper and get a discount on the M6 toll. I wouldn't hesitate to not renew if I wasn't using the member benefits. I cancelled my C&CC membership renewal for this reason.
  2. That's brilliant. Thank you! The comments by my dealer kind of make sense now, as I'd assumed the bin would use the same holes as as the "pocket".
  3. Thanks - I've not tried to remove it, but I've seen the pegs in the door lining. How does the replacement bin attach? does it reuse the Peg holes?
  4. Yeah, you can crush the bolt or the alloy and stretch the thread leading to a wheel loss if you over-tighten - I had some studs snapped and nuts ruined after a tyre fitter windy-gunned the tyre back on. Steel wheels are usually less than alloys, 130Nm for alloys and 88Nm for Steels in my case. Car is 140Nm and 110Nm for Locking wheel nuts. I check the torque before each trip as they can sometimes be loose after being in storage. Doesn't seem that bad - Do you need a special tool to tighten/remove? if so you could think of it as a locking wheel nut.
  5. I was told by the dealer that my 2018 Sprite (with the useless door pocket) could not really take the door bin as the moulding was the wrong shape. Did yours have the pocket?
  6. My wife's diamond cut alloy was damaged by a mobile tyre fitter (a major brand who fit tyres on your drive as it were)- they admitted liability as the alloys were otherwise unblemished; It was repaired by Perfection Alloys in Leicester: the prices were 17”-18” £108, 19"-20” £122 including vat per wheel. As it was Diamond Cut they could not do a proper refurb' on the drive and the wheel had to be brought to their HQ. My alloys are also diamond cut and were corroded when when I bought the car; they were refurbished prior to collection, but this must have been a smart repair as 2-3 years later the corrosion has re-appeared. I don't want to spend over £400 on a pro job so have been considering spraying them myself, either with a silver paint or Plastidip as a temporary job.
  7. I have the same press-stud in the carpet but nothing for it to attach to.
  8. I liked the white worktops (2018 Major 4 SB), makes the caravan light and spacious feeling, but I hate the way that they appear to stain. I accused Swift of making changes to the 2019 versions as a reaction to issues and people actually using the 2018 models, but they of course denied it.
  9. My 2014 XC60 has the Volvo detachable tow bar. Just to the right of the towball when attached is a metal tab with a hole in; alows the carabiner style breakaway cable to clip it. You can just see it in this picture of item for sale: https://www.volvopartshop.com/towbar-detachable-xc60-up-to-2017-16604-p.asp
  10. I reported it to my dealer at the first caravan service. The technicians asked that the towball be checked as there were no issues that they could tell which would cause the noise, but they said the pads had been cleaned by them. This prompted me to clean the ball and hitch before a trip which has "cured" the issue.
  11. Looks like its an industrial degreaser... not sure how it would react to Acrylic/GRP/ABS on a caravan but it would probably be OK in it's most dilute form. It specifically states it can be used on PVC (but not uPVC) more info here.
  12. Yep! Stabiliser handle is very hard to engage and towball is generally dull from paint removal, but has been polished to a shine where pads contact during normal articulation.
  13. I have only started to get this issue this year - the hitch was silent for the first year of ownership. I have found the only way for me to keep the hitch from creaking/grinding is to wipe the towball and friction pads with brake cleaner before each time I hitch up. I towed down to Cornwall from the Midlands after cleaning and had no noise at all. I didn't take the can of brake cleaner with me, so the return trip 4 days later was to the tune of the hitch creaking - lesson learned.
  14. I have had good experiences with Bilt Hamber products for cleaning and Gtechniq for protection; the rain repellent coatings for glass and acrylic are a particular favourite and I have used their 'C2' Spray-on ceramic coating on both the car and caravan - sadly it does not prevent black streaks. I have confirmed with the manufacturer that Gtechniq products are suitable for caravan application. I would not polish (as in the abrasive compound) a car or caravan with a ceramic coating as it will remove it. Applying wax over a ceramic coating would also be a waste of time. The Gtechniq C2 can be used as a 'last stage' over a waxed vehicle and lasts for approx 6 months. The proper ceramic coatings are definitely best left to specialists for application in a controlled environment.
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