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  1. I've used the NavMii navigation app as it is free and has an option for large vehicles/RVs, and will actively avoid roads unsuitable for large vehicles. It also works offline, so it's not reliant on a data connection. Pre-planning the route is the best option as my car's satnav and Google Maps are hell-bent on taking you down the worst roads in existence.
  2. I use Gtechniq G1 or G5 to add rain repellancy to my windscreen - at motorway/A-road speeds no wipers are needed in heavy rain. The downside to this coating is the wipers may squeak or judder, but usually any water on the screen is swept away in a single pass with no smearing. The G5 coating goes on like Rain-x but will last a few (6 or so) months rather than days. However, I will only buy Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades (I think the OEM Volvo items are probably re-branded Bosch) as they are the best aftermarket ones I've used. A set of Michelin Stealth Wiper blades were on sale in Costco once; I had them on the car for less than 2 months before chucking them and getting new Bosch items.
  3. I have a 2014 XC60 D4 AWD Auto. This is the 5cyl 2.4Diesel engine, great for towing and great solo. There is no driver control for the Haldex AWD system; it will only give you information when it breaks-down! I haven't ever been in a situation where the AWD has saved me but you can tell when it is shoving the car. Downside: it will rob some MPGs as does Auto (I found the manual version 'agricultural' compared to other Volvo 6-speed boxes) and you have to rotate the tyres frequently as the tyres wear more on the front - if the diameters get out of sync the AWD starts to judder. I purchased a spare tyre to replace the tyre inflation kit; the well in the boot will not accommodate a full-size spare.
  4. I kind of guessed the answer - CrossClimate SUV is for SUVs and 4x4s and CrossClimate + is for normal passenger cars. There is no real difference other than the fitments. I think CrossClimate+ is a newer variant of the CrossClimate as both appear on the Michelin Website.
  5. I'm not sure what the difference is, but my XC60 has CrossClimate SUV while my wife's V40 has CrossClimate+. The only visual difference is a slightly different sidewall pattern and the obvious: both are 17" alloys but the V40 has a much lower profile tyre.
  6. This was based on experience of a 2.0D V50. The Eloys had to be refilled every 35k or thereabouts. I only ever filled the fuel tank to the brim for this reason (the Eloys tank was over the rear axle and very small) - I say retro-fitted as the Euro3 version of the 2.0D did not have a DPF but was the same engine in the same cars. As it did not get hot enough for regen, it needed the stupid Eloys stuff, something the D5 does not suffer. I put 2 DPFs on that car as It was purchased at c.50k and driven for 7 years (to the day) until c.180k. At that point something popped in the engine (throttle jammed open and then limped everywhere - I resented putting anymore money into the car). I was doing big miles so the car got serviced 3 times per year at 12500 intervals. The difference with the Pug variant also extended under the bonnet: they had a manual fuel hand-pump built onto the engine, for fuel filter priming: the Ford/Volvo application did not which made filter changes hard without the correct tool. The 2.0D was plenty powerful enough in the V50, but if I had my time again, I would have held out for a D5 V50. That V50 had loads of electrical gremlins and a poor sunroof design, but I was sad when it had to go.
  7. The D for Diesel or T for Petrol/hybrid badging has been around for a few years now across the range, and relates to Power Output. I have a D4 (181bhp) XC60, which is 5 cyl but has a different turbo to the equivalent (215bhp) D5. In the XC60 at least, the later Mk1 D4 badged cars have a 4Cyl engine if the car is 2WD, but AWD variants have the 5cyl albeit with the same 181BHP rating. Historically the 5Cyl has also been badged as 2.4D - this being a lesser state of tune to the flagship D5 but effectively the same engine. Just don't touch any Volvo badged as 2.0D: This will be the Ford/PSA diesel engine with a retro-fitted DPF (Euro 4). It uses a fluid called 'Eloys' to dose the fuel and alter the soot burn-off temp at regen. This along with the DPF itself are service items at 35000K and 75000K intervals respectively and can get very expensive if you do big miles. Edit - all new Volvos have a 4Cyl engine as the 5Cyl engine was killed off when the V70/V60/XC60 were replaced.
  8. Looking at the Google image results, I would say no. The shape of the cassette is different on all side so the blade actuation knob is in a different place.
  9. A recent thread on the door bins covered this... apparently you just gently prise it off.
  10. Yeah, I don't think the DVD player will last for long, as mine is on it's second drive. I also use the 12V as it keeps the 230V socket free for a phone charger which I wind round to the bedside ledge.
  11. I have a Sprite Major 4SB, which is a Single Axle, Transverse Island Bed, rear washroom layout. The front lounge seats are long enough for day-beds for us, and if you pull out the slats and make up the bed, it gives more leg room which makes sleeping on the bed inline as if it were a single possible for me (6 foot+) rather than sleeping across the van as a double bed. Swift say the seats are 1.59m x 0.72m / 5' 3" x 2' 4", the offside has the kitchen so is a butted up to the fridge wall.
  12. I have a Cello TV badged as a Ferguson - I forget the model number, but it is the 22" HD 12/230v TV/DVD combo, with Freeview HD. I chose this brand as I could not justify spending the same on a small caravan TV as I did on my main living room TV. For the amount of time it is used (not much) and the price I paid (Less than £150) it is perfectly acceptable. However, it has some issues. Firstly the DVD refused to play known-good discs. It got sent back and the drive replaced. The Remote control was hit and miss, so they sent me a replacement. However the main issue is the 'viewing angle'. In our Sprite, the TV sits on a ledge by the door, which makes it about eye-height when sat in the lounge. Picture and Sound quality is fine. Not great, not terrible, but, for a caravan TV it suits me ok. As soon as you stand up, the picture is unviewable. The polarising filter on the TV makes the picture a negative image and almost totally black. Compare that to my home TV which can be viewed from almost any acute or obtuse angle. Cello TVs are made in the UK. EDIT: The debate on HD being determinable is subjective, but the HD channels which can be picked up by the TV/Caravan aerial look considerably better than their SD versions on my Cello/Ferguson.
  13. I had a bubble wrap 'bag' from some online purchase which happened to be about the same size of the plate. I put the plate in the bubble wrap bag with the turntable platter on top and put it back in the microwave. If I don't use the microwave I haven't got to move the plate. Alternatively, you can buy one from here: https://bags4everything.co.uk/product/microwave-plate-bag/
  14. I understand the need to re-brand as a way to attract new members;the old logo, to me anyway, seem quite old-fashioned. However, they could have updated their name and logo whilst preserving their heritage not the CMϽ thing. I only joined the club (with a cashback discount) as a way to make a site cheaper and get a discount on the M6 toll. I wouldn't hesitate to not renew if I wasn't using the member benefits. I cancelled my C&CC membership renewal for this reason.
  15. That's brilliant. Thank you! The comments by my dealer kind of make sense now, as I'd assumed the bin would use the same holes as as the "pocket".
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