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  1. My Sprite is the same layout and it had a high noseweight when empty. My Tow-Ball static limit is 90KG so I have to trim with with the payload.
  2. Not been to Raymond James, but Broad Lane Leisure (Kenilworth & Alcester) always have vans open for viewing. Usually only shut if they have been sold.
  3. My insurer mandates that a Hitch Lock and Wheel Lock are fitted when in storage. They do not stipulate that they are AL-KO locks. In practice I have an additional; wheel lock, and locks on the rear steadies (Milenco). I also have a front steady lock, which is one that secures to the winding nut with grub screws... I bough one to test and wouldn't bother with another of this type.
  4. A free option is the Navmii app for Smart Phones (if you have one). It has a setting for vehicle type. Compared to Google Maps it seems stick to main routes when a large vehicle is selected and does actually modify the route when switching between Car and Truck/RV. Again, use at your discretion.
  5. From a purely subjective point of view, I have felt that they make very little difference. .. I think it would be difficult to tell the difference in a blind test. However, they do seem to make the van less fidgety. And after the Microwave trim panel fell off towing round Scotland I decided any upgrade to help preserve the caravan was worth the investment.
  6. When I read that you were following the Sat Nav, I knew it was about to go pear-shaped. I had a similar experience when the Sat Nav tried to take us through a Farm on one of my early caravan trips. Luckily the outfit was tiny in comparison and I could 3-point turn without much faff. +1 for tyres over 4WD. I opted for Michelin Cross Climates as a way to avoid swapping/storing tyres. So far they have been a talisman to keep snow away!
  7. As you have provided a range of weights for your car, you cannot be sure. If your car weighs 2415KG you only have 1085KG trailer allowance. .. There should be a plate on the car detailing it's actual gross weight as this will vary car-to-car based on engine/gearbox & options. Its location will be in your owners manual.
  8. Did you pass your driving test after 1st January 1997? If so, that will restrict the weight of car & caravan you can legally tow.
  9. My Sprite came fitted with Laufenn tyres. .. I was concerned at the fitment of a no-name brand, until I found out they are made by Hankook. I had Hankook tyres on my car for a number of years - Ventus Prime 2 - they were excellent.
  10. As per CJ1149 & Griff, I have used Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner and Conditioner on my cars; It seemed to help a similar situation on a drivers seat bolster. However these were black leather and not perforated.
  11. Not a motorhome, but close enough: My wife wanted a classic VW camper van, so I rented a 1970's Bay Window Westfalia, as a present and way to try it. Due to the limitations of speed/endurance we stayed at one C&CC site within about 60miles of the rental place. Space, comfort and driving leg room aside, my main issue was the lack of separate car. As others have said, having to pack up everything to use your accomodation as a vehicle was a real pain and put us off the camper as a holiday method. We bought a classic caravan with a similar level of space, comfort and features as a toe in the water and have stuck with caravans since. The only issue with a caravan for me is the set-up process, as it discourages you from moving on too frequently, which is the main draw of Motorhomes.
  12. Was crossing a very busy island in Birmingham, which was hard to see cars coming round. Waited ages, for a suitable opening (as was correct) but when I pulled away, a Kia SUV came round the island so quickly I was effectively blocking them; there was nothing I could do at this point, but they sounded the horn & I failed. Still had about 20mins of driving under test conditions to go at this point, but the examiner would not say anything. £160 down the toilet. On my second test I also got beeped! But this was due to the examiner making me stop at the side of the road twice in quick succession & another driver got the hump. They passed me though!
  13. I failed the first time as a speeding driver sounded the horn at me. It was his problem, but my fault. Instant fail.
  14. The Beechcraft Bonanza registration N3794N allegedly did not have a recorded name. But the plane crash event is known as "The Day the Music Died". No hate for Michelin - Fitted a full set of Cross Climates.
  15. Glad I saw this. My 2018 Sprite developed squeaky brakes on its last trip out. I'll put that on the fault list too.
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