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  1. Hi Silversurf, absolutely this Caravan & Motorhome Talk, our friends say they prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of the survey, and the "servicing customers" are just that, owners who have their caravan or motorhome serviced. Thats why they are asking our fantastic membership. Hi Ivan, My wife asks the same thing. I say it depends on the job that needs doing ; )
  2. Hi Guy's, Friends of ours at Caravan Talk are running a short survey for the Caravan & Motorhome servicing customer base, if you have a few minutes would you be so kind fill this in for them Much appreciated https://form.jotform.com/211303730208037
  3. We are offering a discount until Tuesday on our security products as theft is on the increase UP YOUR PROTECTION! Code 10MAYBANK https://phantom.uk.net
  4. Luxury Caravan Wash The shampoo of the range. If you’re looking for a product that will effortlessly break down the surface grime whilst leaving luxurious suds, this product will not disappoint. Being pH Neutral, you can have confidence in knowing your plastics, gel coats, fibreglass and paintwork are all protected. Using it is simple: dilute 60ml of product to 10L of water, then from the top to the bottom, use either our Safe Wash Sponge or Advanced Microfibre Wash Mitt in straight lines cleaning the surface. Once complete, thoroughly rinse your caravan / motorhome to reveal the now g
  5. These guys sponsor this section, call them and ask for Matt, great guy https://www.thecaravancompany.com/
  6. Hi Guy's, Have a chat to Clesse Gas, great products, https://www.clesse.co.uk/products-2/
  7. Have a chat to Pro Tec, customised covers and a supporter of Caravan Talk.
  8. Hi guy's, Call Compare Caravan Insurance; https://www.compare-caravan-insurance.co.uk/?mkcode=caravantalk&affiliatenumber=AFF0579 Let us know if they can help you Many thanks Jeff
  9. What Tracker system would you need? https://phantom.uk.net/pages/decision-tree
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