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  1. Thank you all once again. The suggestions about drain valve not being quite in the correct position, were spot on. By switching it back and forth, a few times, found the point where seemed a bit 'floppy'. This would appear to be the correct position for filling with water. Was able to go away on holiday after all. Surely there must be a more positive valve we could replace it with as it would appear to be such a common failing. If anyone does know of such a replacement I would be grateful for the knowledge or link.
  2. During my investigation, I opened cold first and then hot first. Just in case I was forgetting the sequence. It made no difference, and the water was leaving by the dump valve and did not observe any leaving the overflow pipe. Over my two days of investigation I tried as many permutations I could think of, however, never even considerd the dump valve acting as previously described but will definitely look at it. But thank you very much considering the problem.
  3. afleetingview

    Kia Sorento Titan

    Most important, Low Ratio 4x4. Power and torque. level ride. reliability and cost of maintenance.
  4. WOW, never even thought valve wouldn't be in true position, one for the morrow. As for hearing water discharging, obviously didn't explain. I needed to be in the van to check what was or wasn't happening and unable to transcend caravan construction to observe output too. Water was leaving van by the usual drain pipe, but could hear it doing so from my vantage point. Water loss was verified by increasing quantity in collecting bucket. To be quite frank I suspected finger problem on my behalf, at my age I'm finding I have to check, double check and triple check everything I do, LOL. Truly grateful for all your input and I'll let you know the outcome, however, if this is the solution I wont be in contact until tomorrow evening as I would have left for my holiday.
  5. Hi all, sorry to introduce myself initially with a problem I can't solve, but desperation leads to. .... Help please. First outing of the year, or should be. Out of winter storage, checking and servicing van, water problem, everything else good. Fleetwood Heritage 640 2005. Closed drain valve, closed taps, removed drain plugs. Full water container, connected, and fully charged battery. Turned on fresh water pump, opened cold tap good flow after priming, ditto with hot water. However pump does not turn off other than by switching. Water continuously discharging. Turn off pump, can hear water still discharging . After two days of head scratching and reading and rereading manuals, I give up! Initial inspection shows no leaks and everything as it were before storage last year. All electrical connections and fuses checked, all good. I would be extremely grateful if anyone had a solution to this nightmare, otherwise I will have to follow the advice of 'her who shouts' and call a very expensive servicing person. David
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