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  1. It is not actually the plug that is twisted but the part with the round disc on it on the outside of the plug that is turned. The plug should be held in the socket and then the outer ring with the disc turned clockwise about a quarter turn to pull the plug fully into the socket whilst still holding the plug. When removing hold the plug and turn the outer disc anti clockwise about a quarter turn so the plug comes out of the socket but it might also need a slight pull for the last bit once turned. I've had a caravan 13 pin plug/socket since 2011 and not had a problem, also last few years I have been charging the car battery weekly (due to lack of use) using the tow bar 13 pin socket and a plug on the charger and still not had a problem doing this many hundreds of times.
  2. I have just seen your other topic on your transformer problem so ignore my post here.
  3. If you use a volt meter, if you connect it to the positive and negative wires the wrong way round it will show a negative voltage.
  4. It might not be as simple as this. Chances are the transformer is 230 v AC input and maybe 14 v AC output. If so, after the transformer the 14 volt AC will be converted to DC so you would need to connect in after this point and remove the transformer and its connection to the 230 volt supply. If the transformer is faulty I suspect you can just continue to use the caravan leisure battery without needing to do anything. When the transformer (charger) on our 2000 Elddis failed I did not need to do anything in a hurry since the 12 volt stuff continued from the battery. The replacement charger was a different make but was a direct fit without any changes needed.
  5. False alarms can be given if the steady leg sensor magnet has moved - to check needs a look underneath. The PIR might have developed a fault and be giving false alarms and need replacing - I have needed to do this on our house alarm and they do not cost much.
  6. Where are you recording the mileage and for what purpose, assuming you are talking about your caravan and not your car or a motorhome ?
  7. How does the shower flow compare to from just a sink tap, is it the same or a lot less ? There was a recent topic on here where the shower hot flow was very poor. It seemed to turn out there was a problem with the fitting of the mixer unit and possibly the hot water inlet to it was partly blocked. It was going back to the dealer to sort out but I do not recall getting the result of this.
  8. The warranties on our Elddis caravan ran out a few years ago and 2 years back I took it to a Swift dealer for servicing. This meant only a 1 mile trip from storage rather than 80 miles to the dealer. However, I asked for something extra to be looked at and they said Elddis would not sell them the parts so could not do it. How true this was I am not sure but if this happens in the industry then I would try to get an Adria dealer to agree they would undertake any warranty work before you commit to buying or get the selling dealer to agree they can do any work and maintain the warranty.
  9. I am one of the lurkers and only log in if I want to add to a topic. So some of the lurkers may well be members already or previous ones still wanting to keep in touch with the caravan/motorhome world. Perhaps if an indication of the amount of money needed to run the forum is given more may chip in.
  10. We also got this. Anyone looking over a car is just doing it to get some work out of you/extract money out of your wallet. When our cars go to the dealer for the MOT or a service, they always do this type of check with a video sent to you, plus an estimate for the work they recommend. Green Flag will be wanting a cut, if only to pay for all the letters sent out. Having this middle man, it could mean prices are higher.
  11. I guess this means you no longer have a valid driving licence to be able to drive in the UK until you pass a driving test. Whoever delivers the caravan therefore will be doing it to your home/storage site. I tried to look up the caravan MTPLM and it appears as if it could be 1500 kg. To tow this with a car will need a B+E driving licence if the car gross weight is above 2000 kg which will mean taking a towing test on top of the car test.
  12. Something to bear in mind, if you buy a big heavy caravan and plan on keeping it for quite some time, you are also going to have to keep a big heavy car to tow it. If we change our caravan I would prefer to go for one a lot lighter (current one MTPLM 1499 kg) to give a greater choice of tow car. However, when I last looked at caravans and found one I liked, it weighed just the same and what appeared to be lighter ones had the same MIRO but a lower payload so not really any lighter. This has not been mentioned but I guess you already have the B+E driving licence to tow with a gross train weight over 3500 kg. I would not think easier straight line reversing and safety on a blow out would be good reasons to justify a T/A, it ought to be you prefer the T/A since you like it better due to size and layout that suits your needs. Most reversing would be done when positioning on a site or back at the storage but on a T/A a mover would be needed any way so most would use it to site a caravan. TPMS is the way to go if worried about a possible puncture on any caravan. The caravan nose weight should be adjusted to be the lowest of the car, its tow bar or the caravan. The car should be in its hand book, same with a caravan but is often 100 kg and as GaryB1969 has mentioned, the tow bar will have a sticker with its limit on it.
  13. Only time I close the blinds on our caravan is at night when using it. However, an exception is when using it and the sun is shining, then closing them on the sunny side helps to keep it a bit cooler.
  14. If you find the caravan is 5 years older than told, I would try to get a revised valuation. If you still like the caravan and want it and it is damp free with no other problems, see if they will sell it at the lower price. I would not believe much they tell you though so make sure you check everything with damp being the major one.
  15. I've had a couple of petrol Saabs with turbos and at the time I think the adverts were saying the air coming out of the exhaust was cleaner than that going into the engine. I am not sure how true this was but maybe the clean image has lingered.
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