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  1. The C&CC would not insure our caravan if it was valued over £20k unless it had an AL-KO wheel lock OR is stored in a CASSOA gold site OR has a tracker. Could be Caravanguard will insure you if you have one of these 3 things. I could not do any of these so insured it market value at well under £20k and any old wheel clamp is good enough for that.
  2. For a static caravan you need to have a good look at your site contract. This will spell out your options and if you can sell privately how much commission, if any, you need to pay the site. Chances are it can be sold back to the site at a big discount to what you paid and they will then sell it again at a lot more. Somebody recently posted they wanted to sell privately but the site then wanted it removed off the site so any new owner would have to find their own site which would be difficult since most do not allow somebody to bring their own.
  3. For the garage to be commenting the 12N socket does not have any power, I guess it actually means the socket is not working the lights on a trailer so they are investigating. I have always used a bypass relay for the lights and it takes a 12 volt fused supply. If the fuse is ok, find the relay and see if the 12 volts is reaching the relay. The relay ought to be in the boot area and then have links to the lighting wires and be joined to the tow bar cable. So to find the relay follow the tow bar cable into the boot and the relay should be at the end of it. If you then do not have 12
  4. A year ago our daughter was out with a friend on a Sunday and at lunch time we got a call saying they had a puncture but no spare wheel, just the gunk and no break down cover. Initial plan was I would collect the wheel and get it repaired but there was nowhere that could do it that day. Next plan was I would keep pumping it up so it could get to our house and then give the friend a lift home so he could go to work, 50 miles away. Next day get a repair and collect the friend. Fortunately it turned out the car was less than a year old and had break down recovery so the AA came out, removed a 6 i
  5. A google search comes up with a few caravan storage places in East Lothian. You would have to call them to see if there are any spaces though. Whilst they may not be very close to you at least it would solve your problem. In the storage places I have used, one was 25 miles and the latest 12 miles from where I live but going there is just accepted. In some ways using storage can be better than leaving it parked on a road, less likely to suffer damage and does not indicate to others you are away on holiday. Another one is it will not annoy any possible neighbours who get fed up of seeing it outs
  6. If it has a Thetford toilet as in this link, it shows at the side of the cassette locker a clear plastic tube with a rubber bit at the bottom. This is pulled out and pointed down so the cistern water drains out. If you have used chemicals in the flush water you will probably want to collect the water so it can be used again. I only use water so it can drain to the floor or into a bucket and poured away. Once the water has been drained use the pump a few times to make sure that is also empty. https://www.caravans.nl/eriba/eriba-touring-troll-530-gt-bed-xl-zit-wc-hefdak-777724.html
  7. When we came to renew our caravan insurance through the C&CC last October 2020, if it was valued over £20k they wanted an AL-KO wheel lock OR a tracker Or storage on a CASSOA gold site. Other types of wheel locks or clamps did not count.
  8. Citroen seem to use various terms for the nose weight. In our 2007 C5 hand book it just says 'Nose weight', in the sales brochure for it there is 'Max tow hitch down load' which has the same value as the hand book. In our daughter's 2016 Cactus hand book it has 'Recommended nose weight' and again in the sales brochure gives 'Max tow hitch down load' with the same value. I always take them to mean the same thing, the max to be used.
  9. If the damp readings were whilst the caravan was in use then some of it might have been condensation. My damp meter has a minimum reading of 5% and can show this but is not a sign of damp. Over about 20% would require monitoring/further checks. I would be tempted to take the caravan to another dealer/get a mobile service agent out for an independent damp check and report. It can cost about £40, or at least it did when I had a damp check at Glossop Caravans but without having a service done. At the start of a season I can get a bit of black stuff flushing out of the cis
  10. Put a photo of the latch plate on here so we can see if it looks normal since it might just need straightening.
  11. This is excellent advice, whoever serviced it will have done the same to both/every hub if it is a hub bearing at fault.
  12. Likely the water will have got under the carpet and spread around. The smell could be the carpet which might need replacing. Whether the floor is damaged may depend on how long it was wet. We had a leak from a radiator valve in a static and that needed a new carpet and underlay but the wood floor was ok. The leak was in the bathroom but went under the carpet into the bedroom so both carpets had to be replaced. Being from the heating it had anti freeze in so a bit of skirting also needed replacing since it took the paint off. The bill was paid by the plumber and site since the plumb
  13. No need to buy bottled water, just fill the kettle at the site water tap or fill a bottle there. Others still use water from the aqua roll without a filter and have not mentioned bad guts.
  14. Are you sure the bearing on the hub is at fault, have you jacked up the wheel at that side to see if it wobbles about ? The attached shows what a bearing will look like and they do not need a new hub to replace them. For the bearing to fall apart sounds as if the hub nut has come loose - maybe its nut was not fully tightened/ a new one not put on when it was serviced ? There are people on here who service their own brakes and should provide good advice. If it can be traced back to the service I would not use the same person again. If you need to pay somebody to fix the caravan, I s
  15. Ignoring the solar panel, I would check the alarm back up battery. It should last a few weeks or more on its own but if it has failed it will be constantly trying to charge up from the main battery. I had this and the main battery would go flat in a short time (I do not have a solar panel). I seem to remember the alarm battery lasted about 7 years. It is the same type as used in our house alarm and the house one lasted 3 years. Replacements are available from places like Toolstation if it is a 12 volt 7.2 Ah one for about £18. However, to allow for when there might not be a battery
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