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  1. If you are going to do a diy mod to get a low voltage/no voltage cable in the same socket as a 240 volt cable, you need to be extremely careful since any faults with the 240 volt side can end up in the low/no voltage cable, hence why you should not be able to buy something with this already in place. If you do this and later come to sell the caravan I would remove the modification. You might also want to disconnect it if serviced by anyone than yourself. If you were doing any house wiring it has to comply with BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 IET Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition and IET Electrician's Guide To The Building Regulations Fourth Edition 2015 (or later editions if they exist) and these mention keeping different voltage cables apart and shielding.
  2. Sounds good but depends on how much shopping is bought if it can be carried. How about click and deliver rather than click and collect or leave her behind and collect without her. Some of the ones wishing to reduce the 2 metre guide are those who want to get more into their pubs.
  3. I think it unlikely you will get a combined 240 volt socket that also has a low voltage other connection with it. Electrical regulations would probably not allow this. If 240 volt wiring is near to low voltage wiring there has to be shielding.
  4. Look in the caravan handbook and it should tell you what model of hitch is fitted. We have a BPW chassis with a Winterhoff WS3000 hitch and use a Milenco super heavy duty hitch lock designed for it. https://www.milenco.com/products/security/hitchlocks/super-heavy-duty-winterhoff-ws3000-hitchlock
  5. With the ehu disconnected is the battery still showing 12.56 volts and do the lights and roof fan still work. Just a check in case the second hand charger is not right and it is the battery powering everything, which it should be doing anyway.
  6. Our caravan storage never closed so they probably did not get anything from the government that suggested they should. All I had was a letter from them saying not to go in the office to pay the fees and to do it by bank transfer or by post. I have been the one not wanting to go, following the government message to stay at home.
  7. The polythene screen in the car sounds like a good idea. If having to take somebody from another household maybe all to wear masks, clean inside the car before and after the passenger has been in, drive with all the windows open to give good ventilation, no touching. Before getting inside the car check the temperatures of everyone which might show early signs, a simple IR thermometer check of the forehead would give a good indication. Otherwise being inside such a confined space if somebody has the virus is likely to result in all people inside catching it. At recent doctors and hospital appointments Mrs P had to wear a mask. At the doctors for a blood test they would not let her in without a face covering so she used a dust mask and the nurse wore a mask and visor. At the hospital for an iron infusion they provided a mask, the same simple type being worn by the nurse treating her. Both places checked her temperature and she had to clean her hands. All surfaces were wiped down but this is normal.
  8. Pity all damp repairs are not as cheap as this to fix.
  9. Caravan dealers are opening soon so there will be a good choice of other caravans to have a look at. No need to set your heart on a particular one yet until you've have a good look around.
  10. I have noticed that some caravan dealers will be opening soon. If people are missing their caravans in storage and do not want to go and check on them, they could soon visit a dealer to look at caravans . Seriously though, if the government are allowing dealers to open then people should be able to go to storage sites so they can take their caravans to/from the dealers for servicing and bring back newly purchased caravans. This will be reasonable, people with caravans in storage should not be excluded from using dealers and if so then it should also be reasonable to visit your caravan to check it is ok. It is nearly 4 months since I last visited our caravan and will be going in a few days or so. It might not be there now (with a bit of luck so I could get a new for old) but more likely will be full of cobwebs and need a clean inside and a damp check. The tyres might need pumping up a bit as well. It will also need a check before booking a service so I will know if any additional work is needed.
  11. Glossop Caravans website says they are planning on opening early June and are getting things ready for it. Bet you can not wait, it seems ages since you ordered the caravan.
  12. The static we use is on a Camping and Caravanning Club site so the site has similar rules to their camp sites. Not a curfew where you have to be inside at certain times but a quiet time between 11pm and 7am where arrivals/departures are against the rules so people are not driving about. You can still be out though so walking back from a pub after 11pm is ok but no singing and shouting.
  13. I think the non essential part of the guidance has not applied since 13th May and we are now allowed outside so visiting a caravan in storage ought to be ok. The important thing is to social distance. The guidance does not specifically mention caravan storage as it does not mention almost everything else. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guidance-on-spending-time-outdoors?utm_source=f3fc1c2a-9679-494b-9830-6451ea9e84de&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=govuk-notifications&utm_content=daily
  14. I suspect the stress crack will be back in a few weeks since it does not mention sorting the underlying problem which could be the wood work under the panel. It also does not mention replacing the wood inside the caravan which might have suffered from the damp. Our caravan gained stress cracks on the front panel which had a similar price repair, looked good at the time but in a few months the cracks looked just the same. They said a proper repair was a new front panel and the wood sorting. I would be tempted to look at another caravan and avoid this one.
  15. I used to work in the chemical industry and it was normal to wash hands before and after going to the toilet so nasties were not transferred to your bits. At one place we were shown photos of cancers resulting from people not washing chemicals off hands, not something easily forgotten. Double washing might be a good idea for the virus since if it is picked up on hands it would be transferred to everything touched if not washed off so that includes zips/buttons.
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