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  1. On your current car you say you have used actual car weight, is this the unladen weight of the car on a weigh bridge or is it the loaded up car including the 250 kg mentioned ? Not sure what you mean by nose weight ratio since I have never used the CMC matching service. Anyway, the values you have given would not seem to give a cause for concern.
  2. Our Yale house euro locks say to not use graphite but instead use a PTFE spray. On our caravan I have never used anything on the locks on the Bulldog wheel clamp and the Milenco hitch over the last 9 years they have been used and they work as normal. I have been thinking of getting a Wraith lock, how long is the arm that goes through the wheel, our caravan is 13 inches from the front of the wheel to just reach the chassis.
  3. I would never travel without a spare wheel (car or caravan) even if it might reduce the car CO2 emissions slightly. Our caravan spare wheel was removed from the underneath basket and travels on the floor near the front to help get the nose weight up, once on site it goes in the car boot, in storage it is kept in the bathroom. Yesterday (Sunday) at 2 pm I had a call from our daughter. Out with a friend in their car and they had a puncture on the car (no caravan involved). No spare in the boot, told no sealant kit, no jack, no pump, not in RAC or similar, can I help. Phoned Kwik Fit to see if I took the wheel round could they do something but already fully booked and closes at 4 pm so of no help. Went to the car with lots of tools and pumped the tyre up but slowly going down and the friend had to do a 50 mile trip to get home so they could go to work on Monday. Thoughts were they could do a couple of miles to our house, leave the car and get home another way, what a potential nightmare. Turned out the car was less than 1 year old and had Audi Assist so they were called and AA came out, pulled out a large nail and filled it with sealant so they could get home. If the tyre had been badly damaged it could have been different.
  4. We are insured through the camping club and the policy says to be serviced annually but does not specify who does it. It is a new for old policy but I do not know if this makes a difference. I would ask your insurer about servicing but I would not expect a DIY service to be excluded. Same applies to cars, I service ours once out of warranty but the MOT each year is a good check it is roadworthy. At our caravan services the dealer gives a check list of everything done but having a check list does not actually mean it has been done, just the box ticked. I always keep the service receipts/damp reports and have never bothered getting the caravan hand book stamped, saves it getting oily finger prints on it. If you search on caravan service check list lots of things come back, as an example https://www.gocaravanning.com/caravans/maintenance/caravan_service.htm You could get one of these filled in as your evidence of the service.
  5. To find out what it is like to live in a static you could hire one for a week, should not cost much this time of year, maybe even ask if you can try out the one you are thinking of renting. It should not be much different to living in a bungalow. We use one for holidays, as others have said, they are not well insulated so can get cold at night (and in the day) without keeping the heating on but if there is a lot of glass they get hot in the sun. If it has a metal roof when it rains the sound of rain on the roof can be very loud so ear plugs help when sleeping. If under trees the rain drops are larger and louder. If there are neighbours close then their noise may be heard louder than if in a brick built house, but if in a flat/terrace house then it might not be any different and at least you would have your own space around the static. I am surprised you have not mentioned council tax since that is usually paid.
  6. Could be the house RCD that is faulty. To check it needs a RCD tester that is plugged in to a socket and it checks the time and current the RCD trips at. We had a house one go faulty and it was tripping when an electric shower was being used but went after some time , not as soon as the shower was started. A test showed it was tripping at a far lower current than it should. It would sometimes also trip when switching on the kitchen fluorescent lights or the vac. Fixed by fitting a new one. Without a tester it would be cheaper to just get a new one and see what happens.
  7. I do not know how old your car is but often a mileage between services will also have a time limit so 20k miles could also be 2 years if not reaching 20k miles. Not many would want their own car to go 20k miles between an engine oil/filter change though but if owned by somebody else they might not be bothered such as a company car. As for preventative maintenance, I sometimes adopt the policy that if a job will need doing once whilst I have a car such as a timing belt, I would do it sooner rather than later so I get the benefit and not the next owner. If you have just got the car and it has alloy wheels, it will pay to remove them and apply a smear of copper grease where they contact the hubs. Often corrosion occurs there making it difficult to remove them and the grease will prevent this. Far better to do it first time on the drive than on a road somewhere with a puncture.
  8. No need to be a contortionist and work your way through the locker door and up through a bench, I would have thought opening a window would be a lot easier or even the main door.
  9. There was a topic on this 2 weeks ago
  10. Attached a picture of the pipes going to our kitchen sink tap (2011 Elddis). I would imagine you could re-use your existing hoses which in our case are push fit at the 12 mm pipe end. To get the tap out the hoses need removing from the push fit end (push in the plastic collar and then pull out the hose), the nut holding the tap to the worktop removing and then the tap should lift out with the hoses still connected to it.
  11. Sorry to see you go and I hope it is not for long, I have appreciated your posts.
  12. I was at the CMC Troutbeck site and the pitches had tv aerial bollards since reception was poor with the caravan aerials. The site sold the necessary coax cable at a suitable length at a reasonable price and I simply plugged one end in the bollard and the other end in the back of the tv at its aerial socket. The cable was routed through a side window and the window then closed against it and then routed down the back of a bench on its way to the tv. Nothing complicated about it and it worked a treat. One thing to be aware of, when going to different areas the tv will need retuning to the new area.
  13. I guess at the end of the day, if it is in excellent condition, it has not been abused by the previous owner and the op is happy with it, the date of manufacture is only important to the selling price and warranty.
  14. Maybe the first year it was the dealer's display model so they did not want to sell it. Have you mixed up the dates since 11/2/2017 is February and not November ? At least if it was not used for a year that is 1 year less wear on it.
  15. Hardwick Hall does not open again until Feb 15th. There is the tram museum at Crich that is not too far away but it does not open until 14th March. Chatsworth House is not that far either but does not open until 20th March. If you want to travel further there are hill walks around Castleton on Mam Tor. We were at Teversal a few years ago for 3 nights, the facilities were good but I did think having rooms with a basin, toilet and shower together, meant 1 person occupied what could have been by 3 people at the same time if they were separate.
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