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  1. It will have brakes and the hand brake will pull them on so you know they work. If it has not been serviced recently it will be worth having one so you know the brakes are good.
  2. Only a few weeks ago the local leaders were complaining the government were not involving them. Others complaining lock down measures were being implemented with little notice. The government were told off by the speaker for not involving parliament. Now involving all these people, the result is that measures are taking a long time to be implemented and the infection rate gets higher with consequent health problems. When the mayor of Greater Manchester was giving media speeches, he only seemed to go on about money, I did not hear him mention the extra deaths the delays would be causing.
  3. Any particular reason why not, campervans carry them all the time. Our caravan is in storage so I carry everything in the car including the gas bottle and make sure it is well packed and is more secure than it would be in the caravan locker where it would be just held by a strap. In the car its sealing plug is fastened so not connected to a regulator/piping.
  4. The Saab estate in the above photos looks like a 9-5 estate yet the number plate you quote comes back as a 9-3 estate on the MOT and askmid websites. So possibly the car has false plates on or whoever noted the registration got it a bit wrong. Somebody stealing caravans though is unlikely to be using plates that could be traced to them. Both cars are silver though in the photo and checks but it has been said one was grey.
  5. If you are in tier 2 or 3 Santa is not allowed in anyway so prepare the children well in advance that he is not coming and save the money on the presents.
  6. Our caravan insurer does not recognise the Milenco wheel lock (Wraith ?) as a recommended lock, only the AL-KO one for a caravan above £20k replacement. Below that value you can use whatever lock/clamp you want as long as one is used, plus the hitch lock.
  7. The service centre is about ½ mile from the sales site so you will probably be collecting from the sales site. However, I would expect both sites will operate similarly. Problem I find with Glossop is the traffic since there are always queues at the lights whichever direction you travel. On the infection rate, it does not take long for it to get high, a few weeks ago we were about 3 but latest about 180 per 100,000 in 7 days. Only way to keep/get it low is for everyone to keep apart as much as possible.
  8. If you can not get a spare part, how about repairing the old one. If it is just LEDS that have failed these could be replaced.
  9. Are you sure business trips are not allowed when in tier 3 since this will be to look after your letting business ? You might have to pay a local professional to sort the mice since you will likely not be able to stay there overnight, they will hopefully put down traps and block any openings. Could be a past holiday renter left some food down that attracted the mice.
  10. Mrs P's wedding ring cost far more that £6, where did you manage to get yours from ?
  11. Last week I took and later collected our caravan from Glossop Caravans for its service. I am in tier one, they are tier two. They have clear ways of doing things, you have an arrival time allotted, you go there and wait in your car until somebody comes out to you. Masks are worn, you only go inside if you want to so you can pay and that can be done outside, the waiting room toilet can still be used. In the inside waiting area all the chairs have been removed and there are screens up at the desk. Everyone keeps apart. If you do not collect your caravan when it is ready they can cha
  12. I came across a Mercedes with a run flat tyre today. I heard a banging noise and then the car slowly came round a corner with a flat front tyre and a flap on it was banging against the wheel arch cover. Possibly it did not have a spare wheel, sealant would not work and the driver might have been trying to get home or to Kwik Fit which was another mile away. Whatever, the wheel would be ruined so a new tyre would not be enough.
  13. I would keep an eye on the front cracks and try to get a long term guarantee. Our 2011 Elddis has stress cracks in the front grp panel. These appeared about 4 years old so out of warranty and I had them repaired/filled but they came back within a year or so. Surely 99% damp is water with a bit of debris in it, my damp meter only goes up to 50% for wood.
  14. Put a curtain wire/drain cleaner wire down the pipe and see if it pushes the ring out. If trying to flush it out it will help if any horizontal sections are raised to give a slope to the outlet. If any sections of pipe can be easily taken apart that might help.
  15. I appreciate some of the modern gizmos, not needing a choke, having an electric windscreen wash instead of a manual plunger, sat nav is brilliant for marriage harmony but I still look up the route on maps, electric windows, the greater comfort and reliability that modern cars provide and decent fuel economy. Mrs P spun and bumped her then newish car on some spilt diesel on a motorway slip road bend. The police said it was a common problem there due to the nearby business park with wagons filling up with diesel and spilling a bit as they go round the bend. After that I would not go
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