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  1. Sodium hyperchlorite is the main ingredient in bleach but at £15 for 25 litres that is a good price compared to ready diluted from supermarkets.
  2. If an older lodge it might be built to caravan standards but newer ones may be built to residential standards. We used a 2007 one which had holes in the floor of each room as well as ones under gas appliances (using propane). When it was very windy I would temporarily cover some of the holes but not the ones under gas appliances (boiler and cooker). This flooded and was replaced in 2016 by one built to a BS residential standard and this only has holes under gas appliances (using propane) but has vents on the windows that can be opened so designs do change. I would make sure your carbon monoxide alarms are working and as others have pointed out, make sure the floor vents under gas appliances are clear if you use propane gas.
  3. Maybe the CMC have made a mistake by providing cover backed by their own assets rather than insurance backed by underwriters. They might have thought it was just going to give them a nice profit but if they have a lot of claims the CMC or the cover part of the CMC could go bankrupt. Hence why they are now trying to avoid having claims from future policies in flooding. If they do not sell any more policies though they will have even less money to pay out for claims so the business model looks as though it could fail.
  4. If I used bleach I think I would be unlucky and end up with it on my clothes and shoes and walked in to the house, possibly ruining them or turning them white. I could just imagine white foot prints on the carpet and getting told off.
  5. I find using a watering can and a stiff bristled brush works well enough to clean paving.
  6. For the caravan towels I made a couple of large coat hangers so they can be hung from cupboard handles. Made from string, a hook and a length of plastic cable ducting/pipe the width of a towel through which the string is threaded and then tied with a hook. The towel then drapes over the pipe.
  7. So they do not want to sell 'cover' that might have to pay out. In a few weeks they might be saying they will not cover cold weather/ice/snow anywhere in the UK during winter. Looks as if in a year they will not sell cover any more, nobody will take it out with them.
  8. If your charger is a smart one it is unlikely to charge a completely flat battery but an older none smart one may work to get the voltage up to about 10 volts when the smart charger can then be used. I have done this with our caravan battery when it was down to about 8 volts so know it can work. 2 things had flattened the battery, the heater fan had been set on Auto which kept the fan running at a very low speed which I could not hear. Now I make sure the 12 volt master switch is off (I thought it was) and the heater fan switch is off and not on auto. Also the alarm battery had failed so the main battery was constantly trying to charge it - sorted by removing the alarm battery until a new one was bought and removing the 12 volt fuse for the alarm. In storage the alarm battery also needs to be kept charged up so ours is removed (insurance does not include the alarm).
  9. Do not worry about the CMC site and mentioning an awning pitch unless you want to when you arrive, they cost the same. I booked one at my last outing and did not take an awning, they were not bothered but it meant I had a larger pitch which was better and helped when reversing the caravan so the pitch peg was at the rear right corner of the caravan. It also meant I could park the car at the caravan door side.
  10. Sorry for restarting an old topic but probably better than starting a new one. Has anyone used the Maypole SH5432 wheel clamp in this link ? It would be easy enough to cut off with an angle grinder but so are many others but I am looking for something that would be easier to use than our Bulldog Centaur for when away.
  11. Just make sure the water heater electric switch is not turned on.
  12. This 15 year old topic indicates the required ventilation area https://www.practicalcaravan.com/forum/general/1203-floor-vents BS/EN721/1999 as ammended 2004,(Leisure Accommodation Vehicles Safety Ventilation Requirements), states; minimum low level ventilation for vans in this case with 5 to 10 square metres of floor space is 1500sq mm or in real terms an opening of 100x15mm which is but a fraction of the standard door vents capacity. High level ventilation requires more and in this case it is 10,000sq mm which should be taken care of by the permanent ventilation of one closed rooflight which is of the order of 12000mm square even with the blind shut.
  13. On the boiler there could be a drain point screw that needs tightening up - we had this on a house boiler which took a bit of finding. With the mains water supply isolated to the boiler, does the pressure gauge on it show the pressure is falling if the heating is not used for a long time - if so there could be leak on the heating side. The heating side should have anti freeze in it which might be coloured (you could check by taking a bit out of a radiator bleed screw) - if so is the tray coloured from the drips ? The drips being greasy oily could be anti freeze rather than a stop leak additive, does it have a curry smell to it ? You could pull off the front cover of the boiler and look for any signs of a leak which if not leaking now could have left stain marks. If you do not have a manual for the boiler these can usually be found on the boiler manufacturers web sites and this will show how to remove the cover if it is not obvious. Your site is likely to want you to have a boiler service or gas check every year so if you do not find anything wrong make sure the boiler technician checks it as part of the service.
  14. It has been on the local BBC news that most of the 25000 vehicles that use the bridge each day are exceeding the 50 mph speed limit so next week they are going to put speed camera vans on it. Should give a nice income for Christmas but it might be hard to hide the vans so they cannot be easily noticed.
  15. Does she have long nails or wear rings, our daughter's car handles have scratches on and around them from these ?
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