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  1. I suspect the caravan never weighed more than the Duster when towing despite the ratio of MTPLM to kerb weight being over 100%. If the car was fully laden then it might have weighed a lot more than the caravan which would help with stability. Sensible driving also helps. When we got our current caravan the MTPLM/car kerb ratio was 102% and the car towed it well enough, however I did not put much in the caravan so the actual ratio was in the 90s%. Our latest car the MTPLM/kerb ratio is 93% but again with not much in the caravan the actual is 80s% and that does tow better, especiall
  2. We had a year 2000 caravan which had a Zig x7 battery charger. This failed after about 9 years and needed to be replaced. It always had a battery in and I never tried it without.
  3. I find having the caravan hand brake off can help but then care has to be taken if it is not on the level so it does not run away before it is put back on. I sometimes put a foot on the tow ball as well. Ours is a Winterhoff so that also needs the stabiliser handle lifting up and pulling back so it releases. All in all it can take a bit of uncoupling and with a foot on the tow ball, one hand on the stabiliser handle and another on the handbrake. Our car has self levelling suspension so the tail gate has to be closed whilst doing this, otherwise the car will just lift as the jockey wheel is wou
  4. When our caravan is not in use I bring the battery home and charge it up once a month or so if it needs it. Same with its alarm battery. I am the sort who does not like leaving things plugged in when not required, even more so if I am not around to check on them.
  5. Maybe your Mrs had a secret plan to get the larger caravan which she knew the Duster could not tow and getting the larger car was her first step. Just looked and the Duster has a kerb weight range 1191 to 1405 kg and a petrol towing limit of 1400 kg so clearly not up to pulling a Buccaneer and she probably knew that.
  6. I think we paid £450 last year for our outdoor storage. If you pay CaSSOA and register with them to their gold standard you can charge a bit more since caravan insurers will often charge a bit less than if not registered. What I do notice whilst there, other people are always coming and going to check their caravans, do jobs, clean them or go away/return them so you might need to be always available. A site toilet is also useful and caravan washing facilities. Legal Eagle raises a good point about the caravan locks - a hitch and wheel lock are a must for most insurance
  7. Jezzerb, if the Duster was such a good tow car what made you not get another one, was there another reason than just towing a caravan around ?
  8. I have found caravan gas ovens take a lot longer to warm up before putting any food in and then take longer to cook it and I always use it on the full setting. As an example, fish fingers at home are done in 20 minutes but in the caravan around 30 minutes. I once talked to somebody on a site and he used a table top electric oven from Aldi/Lidl to cook in. It saved using his gas but gave good results. I think they only cost about £20 so something to consider. Microwaves are another option.
  9. I have a copy of a December 2016 sales brochure for the C4 Picasso (before it was renamed C4 space tourer). Note a 160 hp engine is not listed so may be only a later model. If you are looking at cars from 2017 this might help since it gives the following weights: C4 Picasso 2.0 hdi 150 manual / (auto) - kerb weight 1415 kg (1435 kg), mass in service 1640 kg (1620 kg), max laden 2030 kg (2030 kg). - max towing weight 1700 kg (1700 kg), nose weight 70 kg (70 kg). It might be the max includes reducing the car load. C4 Grand Picasso 2.0 hdi 150 manual / (auto)
  10. As an example of what a 12N plug looks like with its casing on, this one from Halfords https://www.halfords.com/motoring/trailers-towing/trailer-accessories/ring-12n-plastic-plug-197247.html
  11. You can see the Citroen handbooks on the service.citroen/ddb site http://service.citroen.com/ACddb/ For a 2018 on model 2.0 hdi auto 160 hp, the 5 seat towing limit is 1500 kg and the 5 or 7 seat grand towing limit is 1300 kg, nose weight is 70 kg. In all cases the towing limit can be increased by reducing the weight carried in the car. I could not find any car weights in the handbook but I do not think the C4 space tourer/Picasso is that heavy so may not be suitable for towing a 1500 kg caravan. You might need to look at sales brochures and car vin plates to get car weights.
  12. Have a look at the car vin plate, it will give the car gross weight and the maximum train weight. Subtract one from the other and it gives what the car can tow (also found on the car V5C document). Then check the car kerb weight is at least or more than the caravan MTPLM from the label next to its door.
  13. The OP might also be referring to the 7 pin 7S connector.
  14. Good job this was not the first reply to the topic, we would all have had nothing to do
  15. I would have a good look at the T&Cs to make sure you are not still liable for the full amount of the booking. There will be a clause on cancellations which ought to make it clear.
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