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  1. You can get radio controlled thermostats which do not need wires between the room thermostat and the boiler. It is mentioned as this note on a manual for the boiler (if it is the right one) https://www.aristonconnections.co.uk/resource/file/598C1F054843C.pdf Note: A radio frequency (RF) Programmable Room Thermostat is available from Ariston stockists. The Receiver unit can be fitted in the time clock position (10)
  2. Are sat nav/dash cam calculated speeds more accurate than vehicle speedometers ?Just seems odd that satellites 12000 miles or more away can be considered to be more accurate than something fastened to the car.
  3. If you do the weight plate upgrade when the caravan is ordered it might not cost anything. The caravan MIRO will not change, just the MTPLM will increase which will allow a higher payload so unless you put more things in the caravan to use the extra payload, you will still be towing the same weight. It does impact though on your tow car towing ratio and driving licence if you passed your test after 1997 and the car gross weight and caravan MTPLM weights then go above 3500 kg when you would need to pass a towing test.
  4. I have often wondered if the club annual tow car awards are sponsored by the VW group since their cars more often than not win.
  5. If there is a 10 year damp warranty then a 2012 caravan I suspect should still be serviced or the warranty may not be valid.
  6. At the time the Picasso was our second car with the towcar being a Saab 9-5 with 2.3 petrol turbo engine. I was looking to replace the Saab so gave the Picasso a try having read they were good tow cars. Eventually the Saab was replaced by a Citroen C5 2.2 hdi 136 hp hatchback (mass in service 1560 kg) and that could tow that caravan (MTPLM 1300 kg) all day without hardly noticing it. When the caravan was replaced with a heavier one (1500 kg MTPLM) it was not as good so the car was replaced with a Citroen 2.2 hdi 173 bhp estate, mass in service 1680 kg, and again this tows the caravan very well. From my experience I would not get a car for caravan towing which has a mass in service close to a caravan's MTPLM.
  7. I have towed our caravans with 6 different cars and found the heavier and more power/torque the cars got the better they towed. The worst car was a Xsara Picasso 2.0 hdi, 90 hp, mass in service 1300 kg, caravan about 1100 kg when towed but MTPLM 1300 kg, so on paper the weights were ok. I only used it once since it felt as if the caravan was trying to push the car off the road so had to keep the speed down on the flat and it was slow up hills anyway due to lack of power/torque. Stability against snaking was not a problem since I was not going fast enough although it looks as if the studies only seem to be looking at snaking.
  8. This is another report from the Bath University studies https://purehost.bath.ac.uk/ws/portalfiles/portal/147993632/JAUTO981.pdf A quick look in the reports suggests the tests were only done to 50 or 55 mph. Looks as if this topic is coming to a natural end with the OP not being happy with advice being offered. As for trying to insult older people, they have more experience having gone through the learning curve younger ones are starting.
  9. Whilst nobody is making aacaravans tow, until able to change the car measures can be taken to make it a bit more stable. Make the car as heavy as possible and the caravan as light as possible as well as the nose weight check. Wait until the car is changed before fitting a mover, put the caravan battery in the car, do not put anything in the caravan and remove anything in there that will not get used. Make sure it is drained down before towing, put any gas cylinders in the car, if possible put the spare wheel in the car. Doing this it should be possible to get the caravan actual weight less than the car mass in service.
  10. Your caravan to car towing weight ratio (caravan MTPLM /car mass in service x 100) works out at 112% so is not recommended. Even if you did not put anything in the caravan it is 102% so would still not be recommended. Usually a caravan dealer would ask about the tow car when buying the caravan and would advise on suitability.
  11. As noted by others, you need to look at the car mass in service on the registration V5C document but looking at the numbers you have given, it looks as if the caravan MTPLM is going to be a long way over 100% of the car mass in service and is therefore an unsuitable match. Have a check of your car insurance (or was it caravan insurance or car warranty ?) since some have mentioned before that they are not covered if towing over 100% of kerb weight. I suspect you will need to replace the car or caravan.
  12. I would imagine hitching up on your drive and then setting off would cause the least amount of inconvenience to you and other road users when compared to parking the caravan on the road and then hitching up. Is the centre white line a solid one - if so vehicles are not meant to cross them.
  13. There are 4 places listed here https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-storage/wales/carmarthenshire
  14. At the Lawns I liked the Elddis Affinity 574 with fixed end single beds, 2'4" wide and 6'1" long (ok for me). Here no climbing over anybody to get to the central toilet and nobody moving around in the night next to you to wake you up. MIRO 1316 kg, MTPLM 1467 kg with maximum to 1500 kg.
  15. White elephant or not, without the Humber bridge it is a long way round and every time I have used it it has been well used by many other vehicles.
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