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  1. I cannot remember the exact numbers but this 27% was about 200 deaths out of about 740 deaths in the year. Without knowing the details, it could be some of these were exempt from wearing a seat belt.
  2. Learnt something new again from the forum. I have not moved our Status aerial since new and it has always pointed forwards with the red dot at the front. The caravan handbook makes no mention of pointing it in any direction when travelling but I have just read on the Vision Plus Status 530/540 leaflet that came with it 'To reduce the possibility of damage when travelling, point the antenna backwards.' Since it has not been moved in the last 8 years I am not sure I would want to do this in case any seals get damaged.
  3. Have a look under the tap in the sink unit to see if there is an isolation valve that needs turning on. If so it is likely to be one with what looks like a slot in a screw that needs turning with a screwdriver so the slot is in line with the pipework.
  4. When you do get the car and caravan weighed, ask what the accuracy of the weigh bridge is since it is likely to be plus or minus a figure and you might need to make sure you are below the minus figure. Depending on the type of weigh bridge it could be +/- 50 kg or more https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/weighing-vehicles-for-enforcement-consolidated-code-of-practice/consolidated-code-of-practice-enforcement-weighing-of-vehicles
  5. Decibels are a log scale, a drop of 10 decibels drops the sound intensity by a factor of 10 and the loudness by a factor of 2 (according to internet searches). If the OP is trying to reduce the noise intensity to a third of the measured 40 decibels then it only needs reducing to around 36 decibels. The loudness to get to a third might need it dropping to around 25 decibels if I have got it right.
  6. Our tap water is very hard (Lincoln) and cars other than black also suffer from water marks. I have tried a chamois but it did not remove the water enough. On the windows I use a squeegee to clear the water straight away (same with our house windows). A soft squeegee could be used on the paint work but I would be worried it might scratch the car if not kept clean. It helps if it rains soon after washing the car to remove the stains. Our cars have a paint sealant which also helps keep the cars clean but the stains still occur as tap water dries on the car. When I visit the Lake District I fill a few bottles with tap water which there is very soft and use this in the car washer bottle.
  7. Do you not get points on your driving licence and increased insurance premiums if caught speeding like you would in the UK ?
  8. Links to similar hinge failure topics with fixes: https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/information-technical-tips-advice/caravans/front-gas-locker-door-broken/
  9. It is the car insurance that would be bothered when towing, not the caravan.
  10. I removed the locker door and hinge from the caravan this morning and what I thought was a metal plate with studs still glued to the door turned out to be the paint from the hinge and the studs are glue that went in to holes in the hinge. I decided against fitting it back with nuts and bolts since it would not look good and instead left it at Torksey Caravans for them to glue it back together since I did not have any suitable glue. So it turned out to be the common fault of the hinge coming unstuck but seems like a flawed design. To stop the damp from the front window I might try some silicone sealant under the lip of the rubber seal where it contacts the body. There appears to be a gap at the top of the window although it should be sheltered by the strip that the tops of the windows fasten to.
  11. As a start, if you look at the car V5C registration document it will give the weight the car can tow.
  12. You might need a new flush pump. Ours was found seized when last serviced and they said sometimes tapping them might let it work but not in my case so a new one was put on.
  13. This joint will always leak without any sealant. Rather than using a solvent to glue the joint you could use a smear of silicone sealant on the pipe before pushing it back together and then it should still be possible to pull it apart later but it might not be easy. On our house kitchen taps the spout is held in place by a small screw at the back of the tap. We had to replace one since the spout seal was leaking and scale had built up in the joint causing wear. A socket set helps accessing the nut that holds the tap base under the sink. The tap tails were disconnected at the copper piping to allow the tap removal and they had to be fastened back to the tap before refitting it.
  14. I try to avoid shops that sell these smelly candles, even when not lit they make your clothes smell and for me bring on hay fever symptoms. Same with stores with the perfume counters in the entrance like Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser. So the garden centre that has the signs about tea lights would help me decide not to go there.
  15. The lane departure might help us against those who use their phones whilst driving. We were hit by somebody drifting across the lanes on the M60 and I thought she might have been on the phone. The car damage was slight so did not stop us using it but I took photos and later noticed the other car tax disc was out of date which an on-line check confirmed. It was a pity the police were not called and they could have towed the other car away for crushing.
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