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  1. I guess a rivet is not the best fixing in thin plywood. Something with a larger head on the wood side should last longer, like a toggle bolt but then the hole would need to be enlarged and then sealed.
  2. We use a Milenco super heavy duty hitch lock and a Bulldog Centaur wheel clamp. The clamp is a pain to use and we might replace it with a Milenco Wraith for when away. It was chosen though since it can be altered to different wheel/tyre sizes and at the time (2010) we were thinking of changing the caravan. Both are quite expensive compared to other types. https://www.milenco.com/products/security/hitchlocks/super-heavy-duty-winterhoff-ws3000-hitchlock https://www.bulldogsecure.com/view/bulldog-ca2000c-centaur-wheel-clamp/109
  3. I wonder if after this summer holiday many of the recently bought caravans will be put up for sale again, having done their job of allowing a summer get away and not being required for possibly another year.
  4. Our caravan is in storage so empty of all water and just before we set off the toilet is used for no. 1s only and do not bother flushing it since it runs quite happily into the waste tank. If a flush was needed then a bit of water from a bottle could be used but never had to do this. When we return home the water systems are drained down before setting off so the toilet is not used at all and the motorway services are used if a stop is needed. Motorway services are open and can be used. We were at Scotch Corner services this week, you queue up outside, people on the door control numbers going in, the doors are open so no need to touch them, sanitiser at the entrance if wanted, masks have to be worn.
  5. For the few sites you do wish to use I would book well in advance. From other topics on here it seems that sites might be full. For your water supply you could need possibly 40 litres a day if all of you are washing but not showering. If you do not have a fresh water supply nearby then that is a lot of water to carry to cover a few days. Obviously the waste volume produced will be the same. The toilet could be full after a day with 4 people.
  6. Survey completed. It is a pity it does not ask for comments without the need for further contact. On the Environment Agency web site flood maps can be seen for the country so no need to first try for insurance to check on a site. I have used this when looking at houses and storage sites. The C&CC have a static site at Keswick that has flooded from the lake and also a brook that runs down the side of the site to the lake when the lake has been at a high level. After the last flood in 2015 all the statics were raised further so they are unlikely to suffer from flooding again. The height was provided by the C&CC insurer who insure many on the site. Flotation devices are not required due to the height. Apart from being expensive, experience on the site has shown these are not a good thing since they need to be maintained professionally and when they have worked the static needed to be positioned back again, plus under the static still suffered water damage giving costs to repair.
  7. You can check if there is anti freeze in the heating by bleeding a bit out of a radiator (as you do to remove any air from the bleed screw). If you have a refractometer you could check its strength or you could put the bit you collect in the freezer and check it does not freeze. The anti freeze could be coloured or clear but will feel a bit greasy. Do not get it on any paintwork or carpets and it will probably be toxic depending on what type has been used. When looking for drain points underneath, they might look something like the attached with points at each end of the static. There should be 3 at each location covering hot water (red pipe), cold water (blue pipe) and the heating (white pipe) so the heating one should not be used.
  8. We went there 20 years ago using a tent. I do not remember any smells but the works might not have been there then. We were pitched close to the facilities block so not near the works. Reviews on UKCS though do mention the works and smells depending on wind direction https://UKCS/sites/reviews.asp?revid=4716 The last review is July 2020. I do remember there not being many toilets in the facilities but that might have changed.
  9. Paul1957

    New Tap

    Have a look under all the taps. If you have micro switches you will see small switches under all the taps, one for hot and one for cold plus the wires for them. If you have a pressure switch this will be on the back of the external water pump socket or on the cold water piping just inside the caravan near the pump socket.
  10. I cannot understand why an insurer would allow an unattended caravan to be left without security devices on. At the motorway services it can take maybe less than a minute to lift one off a car and onto another and then be gone. No way would I even want to do it. If we do a services stop one of us stays at the car/caravan whilst the other goes. The car is usually full of stuff on display as well so a few seconds to break in and that could be gone.
  11. Not just due to economics. During the government briefings it was thought when the lock down started about 100000 people a day in the UK were being infected so your chance of catching it was high. When the lock down was being eased this was thought to be down to a few thousand a day so your chance of coming across somebody with it was greatly reduced. With the precautions of distancing and now masks the chance of catching if you do come across somebody infected is even lower. Hence there is no longer the need to keep everyone at home all the time unless you are in an area with a local outbreak. You could try a day out in Anglesey and see what you think, not too far from your location based on your profile.
  12. With the 7 pin sockets, having the 12S socket also gives the reversing lights on the caravan, so really ought to be installed whether or not you want to power the fridge and battery charging.
  13. Last week I was sealing the front window bar. I did think about removing it but found it was too big a job in storage so instead put some sealant on the top edge and ends and in the screw holes. The end windows I could remove easily from a step ladder but when it came to the middle one had to give up. It needs a platform across the fairing so I could stand in the middle of it.
  14. Why are you having to put a deposit down before seeing the caravan ? Is it you are just desperate to get one or are dealers wanting it ? Advertising something they may not have for sale could be just to get interested buyers to contact them, or maybe not. See if it is still for sale in a day or so.
  15. One thing to consider, if you go for new including fitting, the warranty will include everything. If you go reconditioned with you doing the fitting, your warranty is just for the axle, not everything else. Any possible claims for the latter become complicated deciding who is responsible. Chances are, at 26 years old there will be more than just the axle that will need replacing so you would need to have a good look to check everything before starting the job yourself and to order any parts.
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