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  1. Paul1957

    Car battery replacement?

    Found a supplier of the adaptor from an earlier topic, cost around £24 http://www. disco3. co. uk/shop/index. php?act=viewProd&productId=45
  2. Paul1957

    help finding caravan to match my car

    Some car manufacturers such as Citroen, give a max towed weight including weight transfer from the car load which can give a false indication of the max weight for a caravan if the car is going to be fully loaded. As well as the kerb weight you need to look at the allowed car max weight and the car/trailer max weight as shown on the car VIN plate with the difference between these 2 being the max weight MTPLM of the caravan.
  3. Paul1957

    Car battery replacement?

    Can the Lidl charger be used whilst the battery is still connected to the car without risking any damage to the car's electronics ? The 13 pin plug adaptor looks appealing, anyone know where to get one ?
  4. When we get a car new to us with alloy wheels, I remove them, clean up the hubs and apply a smear of copper grease where the alloy touches the hub. This prevents the corrosion that sticks the alloy to the steel. Getting the wheel off the first time can take a bit of effort and may involve holding a piece of wood on the inner side of the tyre and hitting the wood with a 4 lb hammer. Doing this on the drive is better than waiting until a possible puncture on a road.
  5. Paul1957

    Best type of fasteners to use?

    The walls are probably thin plywood. If the above suggestions do not help then spring toggle bolts are good for hollow walls. However, the gap behind the wall has to be enough to take the length of the folded toggle and the hole in the wall has to be wide enough for the toggle to go through. Tying a bit of string to the ends allows the toggle to be removed, otherwise if the screw is removed the toggle is lost in the wall. https://www. toolstation. com/spring-toggle/p53684
  6. Paul1957

    Car battery replacement?

    If the battery was well down on voltage then it could take all day to charge it back up. I would leave it for a few hours more before deciding it needs replacing.
  7. Paul1957

    I think I need a new windscreen

    If possible, it will be better to wait until you get home to replace the screen since if there are any problems after fitting you will not need to go back to Barnsley. Last time I had a windscreen break the crack went right across over a few days, the stone that hit it was only a few mm but had a sharp point. Places like Halfords sell windscreen repair kits if you want to try one as a temporary measure https://www. halfords. com/motoring/paints-body-repair/scratch-repair-paint-restorers/rain-x-windscreen-repair-kit
  8. Can extended warranties be transferred if the caravan is sold ? If not then it should not influence the selling price or part ex price when the caravan is changed.
  9. Paul1957

    Switching from 7 pin caravan to 13pin

    An extra thought, if you are part exchanging your old caravan for the new one and they are being swapped at the same time, then you have no choice but to have the adaptor so you can take the old one in and collect the new one. If this is at a dealer then maybe they will let you have an adaptor or sell you one at a good discount.
  10. Paul1957

    Switching from 7 pin caravan to 13pin

    You can get a prewired 13 pin socket using 2x7 core cables for a similar or less cost than an adaptor from Towbarsdirect in Warrington. Or just get a 13 pin socket and connect it to the existing wires - I did this when our latest caravan had a 13 pin plug after getting fed up of using the 12N/S adaptor. On our latest car the towbar wiring was from these people and uses the 2x7 core 13 pin socket and the rear rubber seal is designed for the 2 cables. I think the idea of using 2x7 core cables rather than 1x13 makes it easier to handle but I am not sure. http://www. towbarsdirect. co. uk/universal. htm#prices When using the adaptor I took it round the jockey wheel handle shaft so the excess cable did not drag on the floor
  11. Paul1957

    Damp front window sill 2010 sancerre

    When our 2011 Elddis Avante was 2 or 3 years old the service found damp above the front right (off side) window. I also noticed water collecting in the front locker which had run down from above. It was fixed under warranty which replaced and sealed the awning rail at that side and replaced the inside front panels. If your leak source is the hinges then some sealant should seal the holes where the rod goes through since it does not look as if the rods pivot. Before you finish putting all the panels back it might be a good idea to spray water on the caravan roof and awning rails to be sure water is not getting in there.
  12. Paul1957

    Condensation on windscreen

    'Conflicting advice----I take it you recommend setting the air control lever to external air as opposed to recirculated air??? Aye fine, but on the Picasso the lever must be set to recirculated air in order for the air con to be most effective. Would external air not allow frost on to the screen during the night??' Just noticed the above in one of Blondchaser's posts. If he always has the heating set to recirculation then it will steam up no matter what unless the air con is running or windows are opened or it is a warm day and everything/one is dry inside. Below about 6 degrees the air con is automatically turned off so on cold days and on recirculation the car will steam up. Recirculation should be reserved to keep external smells out. I would still look under the false floor for any water build up though from a leak since this is a common fault. This is from a topic on Honest John Its not unknown for for Picassos to let water in through the hole in the roof where the aerial is mounted, it can then run down the door pillars amongst other places and out onto the floor. It might be worth removing the aerial, cleaning both surfaces and refitting with some non setting sealant.
  13. Paul1957

    Condensation on windscreen

    We had a Xsara Picasso 2005 model and that used to get water under the false floor at the right side. If you open the rear floor cupboards between the rear and front seats, you might see they have water in the trays and if you pull them out you might find the floor has a pool of water on it. Pulling them out though can cause them to crack. Despite checking lots of things I never found out how it was getting in but in the floor there are rubber plugs and I removed one so the water could drain out and left it out - you could do this first without trying to pull the trays out to avoid breaking them. This car has a bit of a reputation for this problem and a possibility is the doors at the back can let rain get in to the car. You could try a bit of talc at on the carpet in the doorways and when it rains see if there is a trail down the carpet. Other things to check are the door and sill drain holes are not blocked. Other things mentioned by others include checking the engine bulkhead drains at each end are not blocked and the heater/air con drain is not blocked.
  14. Paul1957

    tow car

    You ought to be able to get a decent Mondeo estate about 3 or 4 years old. Edit - just checked and it looks as if the newer Mondeo is about 100 kg too heavy.
  15. Paul1957

    Newbie adviced required please :-)

    An extra thought, do you have somewhere to store the caravan, if not it can take some time to find a storage site.