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  1. Good luck with the travelling, bank holidays are usually dreadful.
  2. Unless there are problems with the cars' suspensions, it sounds like motion sickness. The NHS website has a page on it https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/motion-sickness/ If you ever go on a chemical plant with high level open grating floors, if high up and you look down and the grating and ground below appear moving at different relative speeds it makes you feel unsteady. If you find you are focusing on the wires in the screen it could be similar.
  3. Maybe the difference is a commercial site is more flexible since they are a business wanting to earn money so if they can still get paid for an empty pitch it makes no financial difference to them. A CMC or C&CC site though may be more concerned about pitch occupancy being maximised for the club members. If the site you want has narrow access roads then this has to be a factor on arrival times. Another possible consideration is the site wardens do their cleaning late morning so may not be available to book people in. In your case you might be better still setting off early to try to avoid bank holiday traffic but finding a layby not too far from the site where you can stop for a break so you do not get there too early.
  4. Are both new cars the same make/dealer ? If could be the new smell chemicals are affecting you but when driving you are concentrating on something that takes your mind off it. Try with a good flow of outside air at face height and see if it still happens. Soft suspension or spirited driving can also affect passengers more than drivers.
  5. No fault with the car/caravan, the fault is with you for not going fast enough. You need to go faster than the speed of light so you should then still see the light leaving the lamps.
  6. There was a topic on here not too long ago where it was shown the filters can worsen the quality of the water if not frequently replaced. We ditched our filter when I found how expensive they were and then it was only on the supply to the kitchen cold water tap. It was hidden under a front bench so if I had not known this I could easily have thought one was never installed.
  7. I am surprised it has not been mentioned yet, but the big problem with car parks is that spaces are barely wide enough, especially with cars and occupants getting wider but not the spaces. I am surprised though people can find free car parks any more to be able to take up 2 spaces, all the ones I come across are managed by parking companies and if you dare park outside a marked space you could get a parking charge. Many topics on here go this way, it adds to the enjoyment of the forum. We could do with a shovel icon to help people dig themselves deeper.
  8. The Lidl smart charger at £13.99 has the extra setting for AGM batteries which charges at up to 14.7 volts instead of up to 14.4 volts. Leisure batteries can survive being discharged to a low voltage so you might find yours will charge up and be ok. If not, if an AGM battery costs more than a normal one then stick with a normal one. There are different ratings for leisure batteries and selection depends on whether you use site electric hook ups and whether you have a mover. Types are A,B,C so have a look at this to help decide which type you need.
  9. If the outer skin is aluminium, a nibbler is better for cutting sheet metal without causing distortion and just removes about 1 mm wide. You can get ones to attach to a drill and hand ones, both costing a similar amount.
  10. If you are going for a static caravan (mobile home) you will probably find it has a consumer unit (fuse box) that supplies all the electrical sockets, heater, cooker, lighting, etc. If you are going to connect up an electrical supply to the consumer unit it is not as simple as running a 13 amp extension lead from your house. If so you should really employ a qualified electrician who can certify their work. Otherwise you are probably limited to a 13 amp extension lead with a few sockets at the end of it to plug in your things.
  11. When on my own and reversing on to a pitch, I often get out of the car to check its position and do not try to get it parked in one go so have never hit anything. When there are 2 of us I still have to do this but maybe not as many times. Maybe a difference with HGV drivers is they are trained/qualified and park every day as opposed to a caravan a few times a year.
  12. The dealer should be ashamed even asking you to take the caravan in that state. There should not be silicone on the joints, it ought to be something like Sikaflex which does not set. Hopefully the next caravan will be in new condition.
  13. This might also apply to the driver getting to another age band and maybe also getting extra years of no claims discount.
  14. Our passports were due for renewal so we did it now so they were made in the north east UK and not in France when they are then blue.
  15. We do not have a motor mover but we are getting to the point where we could do with one. On sites it is not a problem reversing the caravan due to the room available. At the storage site there is the slightest slope to push/reverse the caravan up and there is not the room to use a car without risking bumping other caravans. I have a T handle with a towball on it which fastens to the hitch and makes moving the caravan a lot easier but when on my own getting the caravan up the slope is getting harder and barely just possible. Milenco used to sell these handles but the one we had from them was thin walled tubing and it bent and snapped. Our latest one is thick walled tubing but I could not find any links for them on the internet.
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