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  1. Thanks Jaydug I am just starting my caravan adventure - upgrading from canvas as will not have kids to hold ropes etc around for much longer. . Also starting to need a bit more comfort. . But keen to work out the basics and do's and don'ts now rather than on site. . Can't wait!
  2. Many thanks Paul. Could you also please tell me how to switch from battery to mains as I connect mains and it still runs from battery - unless I have a dodgy extension cable. Fran.
  3. Thank you for accepting me onto this forum at caravan talk. I have just bought an Avondale Dart 556-6 after looking at second hand caravans accross the the north west ans it seems like a nice dry well looked after example and whilst it's not a modern palace I it seems sound and we are ready for our first caravan holiday. The only thing is I don't remember any of the great advice, instructions and tips the previous owner kindly gave me and the manual although very detailed does not seem to have an idiots guide as to how to set up the caravan. For or example I attach it to the mains but it's still running off the battery and I see the tap I hidden under the seats but is there a sequence to connecting the water. . It's not plain English in the hand book or maybe I am just dim. Can any members please point me to any info or sites that provide more information for the beginner? Many thanks Fran
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