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  1. Once again thank you for the helpful answers! John
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. Does anyone know the paint colour for a 2007 Coachman VIP 520/4. I've searched the forum but not found a result. Any and all advice welcome.
  4. I reversed into a tree and there is a smallish hole in the top LH corner.
  5. Hi all Does anyone know of or can recommend a "Mobile" bodywork repairer in or near Northamptonshire? I've searched the internet but had no success.
  6. It may be a bit obvious but is the Master Switch on?
  7. Probably because there is a "Spike" in the circuit causing a poor connection to make contact. Just been away for two weeks in this high temperature, the fridge worked perfectly!!
  8. On the 12v feed behind the fridge there is a connector block with 4 wires. Cut this out and replace with new one. I had similar problems for more than 8 years, various "Electricians" failed to find the fault! The red feed wire male and female made intermittent contact! In fairness to the electrians I had also used a DMM meter and not found the fault! I even replaced the master board without success. When fridge failed Code 12 showed on the panel. The Coachman wiring diagram has no relationship to the actual wiring in the van!! Now sorted, touching wood, for more than 12 months!
  9. I hah a similar problem on a new Hyundai SantaFe. It turned out to be a loose screw in the 13 pin plug on the car! Poor original fitting. Take your 13 pin plug off the car and check all the connector screws.
  10. My experience is that well over 95% of all electric problems are caused by poor connections. This can be anything from a dirty contact to a broken wire and everything in between! Try the contacts where the pump fits into the filter housing, the connections at the pump itself and continuity in the cable from the pump to the plug end. Is the pump impeller stuck/jammed?
  11. Thanks for the welcome! JohnPat
  12. A good few years ago we were on a CC site in Cornwall. Kids next door started to play with a tennis ball, then a large plastic foot ball, this came into our awning, we complained and warned them, they moved away. They progressed up to a full sized rugby ball. After kicking this around for a while we heard a loud crash! They had kicked it through their own front window! A full width one! Justice!! The parents language was very choice. JohnPat
  13. Hi all. I've been caravaning for over 40 years. Our current outfit is a Coachman VIP, had it for 11 years and apart from a few problems raising their heads it suits us perfectly. We used to go to France but now stay in the UK. Just found this forum, good site with plenty of topics! Happy caravaning. JohnPat
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