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  1. It is a legal requirement to fit height marker lights. As to why it is at the front rather than the back is a "Question".
  2. I had this problem a few years ago, but the spider had somehow got inside the burner causing poor combustion. I found the problem when black smoke started to emit from the external vent. A new burner was required.
  3. A DMM (Digital Muti Meter) is cheap and worth its weight in gold! If you have one methodically go though the system until you find the "Dead" end! Remember over 95% of all electrical faults are caused by faulty/poor/broken connections.
  4. One time many years ago, when I was an expat in West Africa, I arrived back in Lagos, and went through immigration only to find my Yellow Fever vaccination was out of date ! ! Now, in Africa that was a big problem! I won't go into details but I was arrested!
  5. No problem near St Neots, plenty of 6kg propane in stock. Brand new bottle as well!
  6. Thanks to all for your replies. This is what I thought.
  7. I've asked this question before on another thread but not had an answer. Sorry for the repeat but my question is; Is there a water filter on a 2016 Valencia 3? There's no mention in the hand book and I can't find one anywhere.
  8. This looks like a cap to me.
  9. It can leak, although I haven't had the problem, there are mentions of this elsewhere on this forum. My problem is the micro switch, I have had to change 3 due to fluid ingress destroying the contacts. I now have changed my 'van. But I still drain. Remember water equals weight, not a lot but it all adds up. 1ltr = 1kg! With my Bailey I have to consider this.
  10. Don't travel with fluid in the flush! I learned the hard way!
  11. The Sat Nav in my Hyundai frequently won't accept the last three digits of a post code! Most frustrating. My Garmin stand alone is very good, but why do I need to duplicate?
  12. Number one idea is the right one. I've had this problem. Easy done and easy to rectify. You may have to do it in two stages.
  13. Frost damage? You may need to replace the complete unit.
  14. I have a Bailey S/H 2016 S3 Valencia. There is no mention of a filter in the hand book and I can't find one anywhere. My question is, does it have one, if so where is it? Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried "Search" but can't find the answer.
  15. Loose connection or faulty earth!
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