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  1. Years ago I owned a Swift. The water was complete drained over the winter, two plugs under caravan, we used the caravan twice in the spring, no problems! Went away in May and the tap fell off at the swivel! Guess what the dealer said; "Frost Damage". After a "Discussion" they accepted the claim but in fitting the new tap damaged the enamel sink! After a long who was to blame face to face, the sink was also replaced. I won't go into the oily foot marks on the carpet!
  2. Getting back to the original heading of this thread! How many forum members have actually been stopped in a road side/service area check?
  3. As a thought they could be inside other poles! They do slide together. I have had this problem twice!
  4. I use the second one in your pictures. Never been a problem. Got it off eBay.
  5. At what age do people give up caravaning? Or does the length of a piece of string come into play? I am well into my 7th decade!
  6. Some "Young Person" in a hoody put an "Antivax" leaflet through my letterbox last night! Handwritten on the front were all the usual false "Claims" as to what the vaccine will do to you! It went straight into the bin.
  7. I'm sorry but "Buyer Beware". I am very aware that this not what you want hear!
  8. I would love to find a mk1 two door RR V8 with AC in original unused condition. I put over 160.000 km on one in West Africa in the early '80,s. What a machine! I could fill the tank on the equivalent of £5.00!
  9. A bit off topic, but when I worked for a truck manufacturer we would be bitterly criticised if the MPG obtained was below our 'Quoted' average. On inspection it was often found that the truck had a big light bar with at least 6 big spot lights on the cab roof! You can imagine what this can do to the air flow over the roof!!
  10. Is it fitted correctly? I had difficulty until I realised the sprung loaded safety plunger had to be pushed up to allow the pad to seat properly, the plunger will then drop down into place when you release it. (I had to hold the plunger up carefully with a loosely fitted pair of vice grips)
  11. Japanese motor cycle manufacturers used to have a nasty habit of changing the colour at a connector! This made fault finding rather interesting!
  12. Without looking at the invoice I think it was £140. I'm past DIY! I know if can be cheaper but that's it for 5 years.
  13. Remember the vast majority of electric faults are due to poor/bad connections. Everything from a switch not 'On' to a wire 'Loose' or 'Broken' and everything in between! A multimeter (DMM) is absolutely invaluable. An electric circuit is like water in a garden hose, what goes in one end must come out the other! If there is a hole it leaks out. The only problem is you can see water but not electricity. Seriously, take care and you should find the fault. One objection that I have is the habit of manufacturers who use white cables for all circuits! Colour coded cables a
  14. Had my 2016 Valencia serviced and heating fluid changed today. No problems, no damp, no advisories all good. Can't be bad, can't wait till we can get away. Tonight's PM announcement may delay things though!
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