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  1. For information. Update on heater failure. Repaired by Dealer under warranty. The gas exhaust extractor fan had failed! All working now. Had it running all morning on gas and electric.
  2. Works well for me! Also use the scales to weigh the gas bottle.
  3. When I worked for a German 'Car' company I asked the question of our transport dept , "Can I tow with a space saver". I never got a satisfactory answer, not even a yes or no! If the manufacturer doesn't know what chance do we have of getting a satisfactory outcome to the question? Space savers or cans of goo reduce the vehicle weight thereby reducing fuel consumption! Thus reducing emissions.
  4. In one word; Useless!
  5. A good clean with white spirit and industrial velcro! (3 x 1 inch squares) Job done. Dealer fitted plate fell off within 1 day of getting home!
  6. I had to make up an extension cable so that I could get the pump near enough to the awning. This is on our favourite site with hedges on either side of the pitch, couldn't easily get the car close enough. Now works a treat, at least it did before the closures!
  7. In normal times the "Grey" pound is worth a lot to the UK economy.
  8. Absolutely NOT, I worked for 44+ years and paid all my taxes etc. I earned my pension by right! All the current price increases and the reinstatement of the TV licence aren't covered by any increase in my pension.
  9. Stupid question, maybe; Is the glass 3.15amp fuse 12v or 230v? I notice it has 230v stamped on the end cap.
  10. By God you've worked hard. Really glad you got it fixed!
  11. Check the wiring behind each socket, it's possible one has come loose and is shorting against another wire or terminal.
  12. Just a thought, have you checked the 13 amp fuses in the appliance plugs??
  13. We tend to go away outside school holidays, therefore the answer is "Staying at home". Not that there is a choice at the moment. Keep safe and "Stay at home"!
  14. Thank you for that information! I'll take a look.
  15. My Alde heating system failed and blew both the 3.5 amp fuse and the 5 amp fuse in the consumer board. I fitted new ones but they blew twice more. Do you have any thoughts? It is a 2016 MY Bailey Valencia. It is SH and failed on the first night. It was running on gas and electric at the time. It is under dealer warranty but obviously the dealer is shut until such times as things return to normal!
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