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  1. Update to the above and my Bailey Unicorn Vigo: When the temperature increased a little the sealant hardened and the repair worked. I have lived in the caravan for the last year and it has coped admirably. As I write I am on my way south with it possibly to sell, as I am taking a break from my time North. There follows a quick list of things I liked and things I did not like about the caravan. As a commuter I did not want to spend hours ‘tinkering’ but equally I have not towed it very much. Liked: Windows - double glazed, clear, easy to clean and lots o
  2. Update - back at the caravan and unhappily my repair did not work so still leaking. What a pain.
  3. Thanks Trelfa, I am back there in a few days when I will find out if my fix worked -the sealant should have set but did not by the time I left. I sealed around the end caps. If it hasn’t worked I will attempt to take the end caps off and do as you describe. For those who have not suffered a leak it is a ‘big deal’ in that it has the potential to ruin your caravan if left. A three year old, otherwise great(and expensive) caravan ruined through a simple fault whether design or manufacture is not a relaxing thing. ..unless you are rich. Would I have been happy with the caravan wi
  4. Just an update. I had put silicon(see below) along the strap and around the ends. I chose this brand as they had a display sealing a joint of almost the same material as the caravan construction. Because the temperature is low here it is taking a while to dry but once it has I will go over it with bedding tape. There may be a problem removing it but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. As for reaching the middle I just spread my weight and I believe Bailey once advertised their construction by parking a car on the roof of one of their vans. I know it isn’t the neatest of jobs but
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have contacted the dealer and they would repair it but it is a long way back so not economical - over 1000miles and 2 ferries. They have agreed to pay for the new parts and I will fit it myself but then become responsible for water ingress to that part of the van. No rain predicted until Tuesday so it is drying now and I will go to town with the bedding silicon and tape next week. I tried tilting the van but the water still pools in that area and the joints stop it running off. Duct tape was ineffective last night but water dripping is not the only problem: My ma
  6. Hi New to this forum but not a Troll. Not a caravan enthusiast but bought a Unicorn Vigo 2016 in October. Was advised by the dealer to go for a Swift but my tow car couldn’t manage the weight and the Vigo was just in. I bought it to live in while at work in North North Europe. Until last week I was very happy with it: Great Layout for one/two people and fully functional kitchen and bathroom. .comfortable and light and over the winter months the Aldi central heating kept me warm. However, The cold dry has disappeared and has been replaced by rain. La
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