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  1. Thanks for the info. I have discovered that the switch by the door turns on the first strip light in the van, still not idea what the other does but I am guessing it may turn on the toilet light. Will find out when I have replaced the old tube lights with LED's Thanks again to everyone for the info and advise on here. ATB Mac
  2. Came across this when doing my research on solar. Very interesting. ATB Mac
  3. As a recent convert to solar been doing lots of research on the subject. The controller is actually a 'Charge' controller and will only ever supply the proper amount to the battery (unless the controller is damaged in some way) It pays to spend more for a decent Charge Controller as it is an important part of the setup Hope this helps. ATB Mac
  4. Good point. I just meant that they looked like the same design as the rest. No worries, everything else works as it is supposed to. ATB Mac
  5. Thanks for the reply. They look factory fitted, same colour of plastic as the rest of the electrics. Can't see where the cables go unfortunately. There is a light over the sink which has its own switch, same for porch light, has its own switch and red indicator to show it is on. The porch light is of a similar design to the 'mystery switches' with the addition of a red indicator. Thanks ATB Mac
  6. Caravan is a Elddis 1996 Furicano GTX. Can anyone tell me what these (attached images) turn on please? Don't appear to do anything as far as I can tell. One is just on the left inside the door and the other is on the wall, right side of the sink. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks folks, "There is no such thing as a daft question, only a fool who doesn’t ask" Absolutely true Update: Installed a new leisure battery and it is powering up everything it should be. With the aid of my trusty multimeter checked all the 12v sockets are live and all of the lights (internal and outside door) work bar one with a duff bulb. All of the lights are 12v. Thinking of changing the lights to LED to cut down power usage. Would be interested to hear if it is worth doing ? Connected the mains and the battery is charging, fridge is working too as are
  8. Thank for the advice and tips, So far the voltmeter is working and all internal lights work on the battery. Not connected to anything else yet. I have a hookup cable as well as an adapter for the 12N/12S connections. Looking forward to testing all of the connected electrics soon. Thanks again ATB Mac
  9. Hi folks, I know this is going to raise a few 'groans' but as the title says I'm a newbie and this is my first foray into using a caravan. It is a 1996 Elddis Furicano GTX, a very recent acquisition and in excellent condition. Knowing nothing about the systems I am wondering what will work and when; i. e. on battery, connected to the car or connected to mains. The control panel is a Zig CPX-21 (image attached) and it has a Zig X-3 (I think) charger next to the mains switch. If anyone has any experience of these caravans I would be very grateful for any insights o
  10. Thanks for the welcome @Griff @Omega54 Pretty sure EVERYTHING we did back in the day wouldn't get past the risk assessment stage I'm not a survivalist @Johnaldo More interested in canoeing/kayaking, bushcraft (or camping) and good coffee @WispMan There are lots of websites on Prepping if you are interested, some crazy, some not so crazy! ATB Mac
  11. Hello folks, Enjoying life outdoors and (time permitting) sharing info on camping, canoeing, kayaking, bushcraft & survival equipment, prepping, kit reviews/tests. Only recently acquired the van so we will see how things go. Lots of outdoor experience but absolutely none with a caravan, well, apart from a short holiday in Cornwall decades ago that is No doubt I will be asking some questions of you all in the very near future. Found this forum as a result of a Google search and it would appear to be an excellent resource so decided to join. ATB Mac
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