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  1. Travelling out was manageable but coming back from Schipol was a nightmare. Personally I won’t do it again for a while. The confusion also surrounded the times for doing tests. 72 hours on one, 3 days but your first day is day 0 on another site. I could go on but it’s an experience I want to forget!!! And this morning I have woken full of cold so won’t be going anywhere until I’ve done my day 2 test. Now, is that day 2 from arrival on Friday, from this morning or 48 hours from the last full moon…….? 😂
  2. Yes, it was very unpleasant. It was almost comical when the airport publicise the need for social distancing but then cram everybody into the various queues like sardines.
  3. Just a few comments on my experience this week after a business trip to Holland. Trying to understand exactly what the requirements are ISN’T straightforward, it’s easy to think that it is until you actually start to review both countries Government web site advice and they contradict each other. This is compounded further when your travel company give you the WRONG advice! Due to the nature of our business I was exempt from the 10 day quarantine rule on arrival so armed with a mountain of forms I left a very quiet Birmingham airport with no dramas. There were one or two people desperately downloading forms after finding they didn’t have the right information. Holland is very relaxed on COVID now but masks are still required on public transport. The return journey from Schipol was utter chaos. If returning to the UK there are additional checks needed at the airport which are completely understaffed and unclear. I witnessed people crying and confused after being refused boarding due to having taken the wrong tests/wrong time etc. Airport/airline staff giving the wrong information. Huge queues. I always arrive early for flights but I didn’t even have time for a drink, the process was so slow and confusing. My advice to anyone thinking of flying anywhere is simply, don’t, but if you do, treble check and cross check what is required, allow LOTS of time and prepare for chaos. Never again.
  4. You could make it a condition of sale that before any money changes hands that the seller has a damp test (or full service which includes a damp test) carried out by a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme.
  5. Another happy Kampa Gale owner here. Very easy to use and efficient
  6. I’m currently sitting in Birmingham airport waiting for a flight but I’d sooner be sitting in the awning with a drink….. You can keep any other form of holiday destination unless I have to tow my own accommodation!
  7. The OP hasn’t visited here since asking the original question so perhaps decided otherwise
  8. Yes, we also use the Kampa/Dometic Gale pump on our Isabella Cirrus. It works really well.
  9. My own experience is that in Europe, caravans don’t have the “sad” image/label that we get in the UK. I don’t know what it is but colleagues from France, Germany and Holland see caravans as very outdoors/action but over here a lot view them as some sort of dreary pass time taken up by dull retirees who wear matching anoraks and sit in a field watching the rain. Personally I don’t care what anyone else thinks!
  10. The OP hasn’t been on the forum since June last year so we’ll probably never know.
  11. Spooky! Same poster, same question, 3 years between them!!!
  12. I ought to wear one on sunny days in case the glare from the sun reflecting from the top of my head dazzles oncoming traffic!
  13. We have had lots of Swift’s and one of them (2010 Swift Challenger 550) suffered a lot with the impeller seizing on the pump. Pulling it out and flicking the impeller with a screwdriver and a drop of oil cured it for a few months but it kept doing it. In the end I replaced it.
  14. I’m also an avid road cyclist, I do use cycle lanes BUT there are now lots of joint cycle lanes/footpaths and folks walking and day-dreaming plus dogs plus cyclists is a recipe for disaster!
  15. I have just got back from three nights at Sethorns in the New Forest. It's a site associated with the C&CC between Brockenhurst and Sway, I went down for the Classic Car autojumble at Beaulieu on Saturday and Sunday and chose this site because the others were booked, I didn't think it'd be up to much, but I was pleasantly surprised. These sites are set in forest land and are very basic with a theme of blending in with the surrounding scenery rather than spoiling it, a lot don't have EHU's, but Sethorns has. The pitches are fairly randomly dotted throughout in the trees, some are hardstanding, others grass, the hard standings are simply an area flattened (kind of) and gravelled. Don't expect a well manicured pitch boundary as with the Club sites! Rather than looking shabby, the place has a real back-to-nature feel about it. The water/waste disposal facilities are very basic but functional, electric hook up points can sometimes need the use of an extension lead, but as you can park/pitch however you want on the pitch, you can position the caravan however needed to reach the hook up best. Squirrels and deer are in abundance so it's wise NOT to leave anything food related outside. The Sethorns site has an old railway line running through it that's been converted to a foot/cycle path and to be honest, with the weather being good you could happily not have to go anywhere by car for several days. The downside (or upside, depending how you view it) is that the mobile phone signal is awful/non-existant. I had to go to the end of the drive to get one. Price? £20 per night for a hard standing EHU pitch.
  16. I emailed them with changes to my car and phone number in 2018. I followed it up with a phone call 2 weeks after as I had had no reply. Last month we were at the C&CC site in Keswick, they still had my old details on file……
  17. With some models, yes. I had a 2013 Mercedes C Class estate and a 2016 BMW520D and both had factory (not dealer) fitted tow bars. As you point out, buying a car (especially an older one) carries a risk that it’s been used as a workhorse dragging heavily laden trailers rather than occasional light duty. Personally I would go for one without a tow bar. Specifically targeting one with a tow bar already fitted will severely narrow the available choices.
  18. You’re not a true Swift owner until your cutlery drawer has been full of dishwater! On ours I wrapped Gaffa tape around them all as added security.
  19. Is that specific model actually approved for towing?
  20. There is nothing wrong with anything else other than the screw assembly! The materials used for the caravan construction is fine, the switch from timber to plastic is a strong step towards reducing damage from damp.
  21. Use a Scotchbrite abrasive pad and detergent to clean and key the surface first (all over, especially the edges as that's where the paint will peel first). Ideally you want to prime it first, especially the edges. Steer clear of water based cheap paints unless you want to be applying about 20 coats to get it to cover!
  22. Thanks everyone, as someone who used to scoff at the very idea of "mental stress" and the like, the whole COVID situation has really highlighted how so many people suffer in so many different ways. I've never been a great overseas traveller but the lack of apparent clarity (to me) over the "do's & don'ts" relating to travel during these COVID times has only seen my confusion-fog get even more foggy! I know there's a whole host of information on the Government web site but (maybe with my own confusion making things worse) it jus doesn't seem clear to me. From what I can see, I need: A certified PCR test done in the UK before leaving for Holland. A certified PCR test afterwards, now this is where I'm confused, do I have to have this done in Holland BEFORE arrival in the UK or afterwards once in the UK? I'd happily defer my trip, really I would, but it's getting difficult to actually do my job without going over for various training.
  23. Yep, same here. I added a couple of sockets next to our bed for phone charging etc, relocated the toilet roll holder as it was next to the sink and under the toothbrush holder resulting in the toilet roll rapidly turning into papier mache! Adding a TV bracket in the lounge and fitting a motor mover are about the lot with this one. When something fails I try to make the repair better than what was done in the factory.
  24. It was more hot water, effectively doubled the volume of water with both heated to the same temperature.
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