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  1. One of my mates had a Ford Mustang (mid 80’s model) and noticed after driving it for six months that the front number plate had the same problem with two letters reversed.
  2. Nice and compact and for just over a tenner certainly worth the money.
  3. 15 years ago we were on the CMC site at Sandringham, the couple next door had a foreign caravan (possibly Adria) and on leaving the caravan the door locked behind them. Apparently it was faulty and occasionally did it (the lock part dropped into place occasionally when the door was slammed) but they always took their keys with them, but this time they forgot them and they were sitting on the table inside the caravan. I helped them to break in and it took about five minutes. I won't say how we did it but it was just so easy that we now never leave anything valuable in ours when it's unattend
  4. I have found that moisture gets trapped in the folds/creases around the air tubes. Fortunately we keep the caravan at home so we can put the awning up and let the wind blow through it for a day to dry it out.
  5. Ignoring the issues that I and others have had with leaks, they all seem to suffer badly with condensation so if it had been packed away on a dry day there's still a chance that the internals could be wet through condensation hence the smell. One (other) downside with some of the Kampa air models is that they are one-piece, so if you can't put it up on the caravan at home to dry out completely, you really do struggle to get it completely dry.
  6. This is the inner lining of ours following a rain shower.
  7. They don’t all leak but I’m not aware of another brand with so many complainants (yes, I’m one). I personally wouldn’t buy another and I would point out the issues I have had to anyone that asked. It’s a pity as the design is actually very good.
  8. As said, think of all the solar panel equipped caravans on forecourts with no battery fitted. Three of our caravans had solar panels, all I did when removing the battery was to ensure the positive & negative terminals couldn’t accidentally touch each other.
  9. Odd, works fine on both our phones but did take a few seconds to load.
  10. Now working fine on my IPhone and my wife's Samsung.
  11. Same here, looks like the problem is their end.
  12. Yes they're the ones on the display, I have never worked out the real consumption figures as I've never had the inclination/need to do it but I am using less fuel than the BMW I had before based on what I spend on fuel per month. The only real moan I have is that the fuel tank on mine isn't as big as the BMW.
  13. I have never owned an XC60 BUT for the last 18 months I have owned and towed with a V90 with the D4 engine and the Aisin automatic gearbox. The engine pulls our twin axle Sprite Quattro with a factory MTPLM of 1624kgs very well, I always have the gearbox in Eco mode and it is always in the right gear whether towing or solo. Fuel economy-wise I get 28 to 29mpg towing and a solo average of low to mid 50's, but on a motorway run sitting at 65mph solo it is in the low 60's. Overall, very impressed with the Volvo and every bit as good as the BMW 520D that it replaced.
  14. Master switch for the motor mover.
  15. A friend has just had a 2005 Sorento in for an MoT and discovered the rear subframe had almost rotted through completely on both sides! Apparently he sees more structural corrosion of suspension components than bodywork nowadays. This was so bad that the car effectively had rear wheel steering! He had to issue a dangerous vehicle notice for it.
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