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  1. It depends how much you want to spend/waste. There are cheap & cheerful (Starcamp, lightweight & easy to put up but not particularly robust), there are expensive (Isabella Cirrus, heavy, expensive but extremely well made). Then there are the ones in between (Kampa, a lot of money but low quality materials). I’ve had all of them, I still have the Isabella……… You will find fans and critics of all makes but sadly my experience of a Kampa air awning and Kampa themselves isn’t great.
  2. We belong to both clubs and have also found it a lot easier to find availability with the C&CC. Their site at Conkers is often quoted as being very “tired” but as we only live round the corner we’ve not stayed on the site.
  3. If you just want an awning for occasional use/storing things in then I recommend one of the cheap lightweight inflatable types like the one below. We had one and I put it up on my own within a few minutes, an electric pump makes it even easier.
  4. I noticed that the large main seal (the one that seals the sliding shutter assembly, not the smaller one that seals the shutter face) was weeping slightly when taking the waste tank for emptying so purchased two new seals, the large main seal and the smaller shutter face seal. Ours is a C260 in a 2018 Swift Group caravan but most are the same. I used genuine Thetford seals, the instructions were okay but the pictures not clear, however, it's straight forward. The main assembly turns anti clockwise to remove it from the tank, this was quite stiff, made worse I suspect by the lea
  5. As above, even if it looks closed it only takes it to be not clicked back fully for the cassette to remain locked. Open the slider and then shut it again.
  6. Here are a few that might be worth talking to, all UK based so could possibly have been asked to do one for a Saab at some point, unfortunately I have no personal experience with any of them so cannot vouch for their credibility: https://towtal.co.uk/a-frames/ http://www.unibrake.co.uk/motorhome-a-frames/ https://armitages.uk/towing-a-frames/ https://www.lnbtowbars.co.uk/products/towmaster-2-a-frame/ http://www.tow-bars2tow-cars.com/ https://www.hedley-towbars.co.uk/a-frames.asp https://www.towaframe.com/ http://www.caratow.com/home.php
  7. Is it worth looking at the Ford Focus? From memory (and I could be wrong here!) the Saab 9-3 was based on a Ford Focus floor-pan/running gear. If so, it MIGHT be that something suitable for the Focus could fit? I know the Focus was very popular in North America.
  8. As you're from Canada what you call a "tow bar" we call an A-frame (what we know as a tow bar you know as a trailer hitch). There are companies over here manufacturing brackets to attach an A-frame to a specific vehicle but I'd have thought someone more local would be better as shipping will be extremely expensive, plus we use the European 50mm hitch which isn't compatible with your standard 2 inch ball.
  9. They are based in Glossop, North Derbyshire. 01457 860118. I have purchased several caravans and one awning from them in the past. The awning department were very efficient at sorting a problem I had with my awning,
  10. We had a Starcamp 260, purchased new, which we've just given to my parents. Yes, it comes with a hand pump, as there's only the one "beam" to inflate it doesn't take long but it won't come with a ground sheet unless you manage to find one as part of a package/deal. They are a good-for-the-money awning, quite light and easy to use. The negative side of the light weight means that the material is light-weight and hence not as robust as some, condensation can be a problem when it's cold at night. Ours was like the example below:
  11. I’m the opposite! I hate packing anything the day before, I love being away and like to squeeze every last minute out of a holiday, packing up early (for me) is admitting it’s nearly over. Fortunately we work well and I start packing the outside stuff (awning etc) and wife does inside. We start at 8.30-9.00am and are hitched up ready to leave by 10.30-11.00am. Fortunately we’ve never had to have an early departure!
  12. Good to hear she’s okay. So many folks criticise the NHS that it’s good to hear of good experiences from others.
  13. Be careful if you do find any insulation as asbestos was sometimes used years ago. Rigid foam was used more recently but you could use rock wool in the roof space if it’s curved.
  14. Ours is a 2018 Swift Group twin axle & so far we’ve escaped this problem, but echo the comments as we’ve heard a lot that clearly do have it!
  15. First time out took an hour as we had to assemble the curtain hook/clip system, each curtain has about eight plastic rivets that need snapping into each curtain and then a hook piece snapping onto them, it took ages but now it's done doesn't need doing again. If just using the main awning it could be up and pegged out in 20 minutes I suppose but I don't rush. One other negative point concerned fitting the annexe. The roof zip that attaches it to the main awning is awkward when working alone as you have to lift the annexe part up and then attach the zip which is quite f
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