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  1. Anyone belong to these http://www.retiredcaravanners.co.uk/ ? My parents are interested and asked me to ask around to get some feedback. Thanks
  2. Agree totally but that would require the UK caravan industry to be pro-active and go against everything they've banged on about for years so it won't happen. The CMC letters page would be bursting with furiously written letters scratched out on the best Basildon Bond.........
  3. I remember the new 5 series launched after my 2016 model was quoted as being quite a bit lighter, I'd forgotten that. Thanks for the link, interesting reading.
  4. Really (genuine question not a smart a**e dig)? I change mine every three years, each time checking kerbweights (and other limiting factors) and using the Mondeo and Passat as an example they seem to have crept up a bit with each model over the last 20 years (presumably after the addition of more & more driver distractions, sorry, gadgets). My current Volvo V90 tips the unladen scales at over 1800kgs, previous equivalent models were under this. My previous car (2016 BMW520D) was around 1750kgs. From what I can see the weight climb has certainly flattened out now and you have to wonder just what else can be added to a caravan to make it heavier (Grand Piano?) but I agree 100% that there seems to be a complete lack of interest from the caravan industry.
  5. It was the Granada, the Cortina (mk5) got the 3.0 Essex lump and was badged the XR6 but only as the 4 door as the more sporty looking 2 door wasn't sold in S.Africa. A friend has a 1965 Corsair with the 302ci Ford V8 in it. It sure does move......... Looks like the mk2 Cortina was available in Perana guise, quite an interesting web site: https://www.africanmusclecars.com/index.php/ford/granada-perana
  6. Back in the 80's the choice of larger vehicles were very limited so the majority of caravan tow cars were family saloons and the caravan market followed-suit weight wise. Over time the number of heavier SUV's has increased and many are now regarded as the family car and hence caravan manufacturers followed this trend. Until there is a big squeeze on the larger/heavier vehicles caravan manufacturers won't take lighter caravan manufacure seriously as their target designs.
  7. Mine did originally. "Planning ahead" was mandatory when it came to stopping!
  8. When I was 18 (1988) I bought a 30,000 mile, one lady owner (genuinely, she owned the local Ford garage) 1974 Ford Escort 1100L in purple velvet metallic. It was immaculate, I hardly used it and sold it to my uncle four years later, he sold it two years later and it disappeared. Two weeks ago I saw it for sale on EBay. Restored as an RS2000 replica. Bidding reached over £20K and didn't reach the reserve!
  9. Wow! I got made redundant in June and assumed my annual mileage would almost stop (27,000 a year previously). I bought my Volvo in June with just under 10,000 on the clock and it's just clicked over to 15,000. I am not working until January so have managed to click up 5,000 miles in five months without any commuting or business miles. I really thought it would be a lot less!
  10. My wife's Fiat 500C is two years old next month and has just clocked over to 2,500 miles. I do about 27,000 miles a year. I think in general folks drive further than they used to as the days of working round the corner at the local factory have long gone.
  11. We treat a caravan as a hobby that brings us as a family together and as such we treat it as a significant hobby. From the start (over 20 years ago) we have had a caravan savings account which allowed us to update to a new caravan every two years. With a growing child this also allowed us to change layouts to something better suited.
  12. That's how they refer to it in the US and (I think) Australia
  13. In the late 90's I used to tow a 1200kg Coachman behind a 1998 Peugeot 406 1.9TD pushing a feeble 90bhp. This was fine and did sterling service over four years.
  14. As stated above several times. It is a mistake. Volvo acknowledge it's their mistake. They will send you a letter instructing DVLA to change it. DVLA WILL change it. You get a new (correct) V5. Everyone's happy. Some of you lot could start an argument in an empty room.
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