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  1. Pulled the caravan out & tried the awning today, very impressed. It JUST fits inbetween the windows which is a result, the only slight faff was zipping the annex on (I struggled to hold the annex up and get the zip started) and the hold-all supplied for the main awning was only just big enough for the awning when new, trying to get it back in after we'd put it up was a bit of a challenge but I suspect removing the awning panels would make it easier.
  2. We belong to both to give a better selection of sites. We’re restricted to school holidays and find the C&CC sites have better availability than CMHC sites, but we prefer the fact that with the CMHC you can wander around and choose your own pitch whereas the C&CC pre-allocate your pitch at peak times.
  3. I’m sure they are a wooden construction but just with no screws?
  4. The V40 is just under 2000kgs maximum gross weight (kerbweights and maximum towing weights around 1500kgs) but actual plated weights will be model specific so care needs to be taken. I'm a Volvo fan BUT I have always thought the V40 had a bit of an identity crisis, in that it's not really an estate and there are better (roomier) hatchbacks out there....... There's so much to choose from that it's difficult to know what to recommend given the need to watch-weights. If I were you I'd sit down and use Google to give some guidance on what various makes/models actually weigh and then
  5. That makes sense, ABS caravan panels aren't painted (the finish is the natural material finish) so anything amiss like you have points to previous repair work. ABS caravan panels can be prone to splitting due to stresses in the design and if ABS splits it'll go right through and lead to water ingress so it's something to keep an eye open for whenever you wash it. If ever you do find any splits seal them straight away (tape, sealant etc) to make it temporarily water-tight and then seek help from a car smart-repair company as a complete replacement panel isn't cheap. The damp area
  6. My mum is 75 and step-father has just turned 87, still towing a caravan! He has the lung disease COPD so putting the awning up can leave him breathless so they're switching to a smaller inflatable awning this year.
  7. Try and feel behind one of the edges of the panel (probably the lower edge), if it is fibreglass it will feel rough on the inside, if it is ABS it will be smooth. I have 25 years experience in thermo-forming ABS and we have never painted anything, the finish is always material finish, most mouldings on cars are injection moulded, not thermo formed and hence require painting. If it is ABS and it is paint peeling, it is likely that it has been repaired previously and that repair is failing.
  8. I suspect that the gel coat had already cracked without you realising, water got between this and the fibreglass and froze, forcing the gel coat to lift. There shouldn't be any risk of water seeping through the fibreglass but I would dry the area thoroughly and stick some tape over it, you can get white duct tape/gorilla tape to stop any more water getting between the layers. That way it'll be protected until the weather gets warmer and it can be repaired properly. Be aware that paints from Halfords and the like are not as good as the 2K types used by professionals (you can buy 2
  9. It looks like the gel coat is coming off (assuming it’s a fibreglass panel) which can happen if air gets trapped under it during the laying up process. You could attempt a DIY repair as it’s out of sight by feathering back the sound gel coat, key the bare fibreglass, apply filler, flat back, prime & paint. This is straight forward for some (I have been restoring classic cars for 35 years!) others may find it daunting. A car “smart repair” company should be able to handle it easily and some will do it at home. Of course, if it’s still under warranty then Talk to your dealer.
  10. What's a skeg? The Sevylor make seem very popular on the second hand market, some of the reviews of the El-Cheapo ones show they're a waste of money, the likening of them to a beach-shop lilo is spot on.
  11. We went through a phase of staying on mainly CL's around 10 years ago, mainly to try and save a bit of money but we also enjoyed the "less uniform but pretty" nature of some. Most of them had at least six pitches to allow for a bit of an over-lap between someone leaving and someone arriving. Occasionally there'd be six or seven caravans for a night but as it didn't affect me I wasn't overly bothered as there was usually plenty of room. One just outside Whitby also had an adjoining field with five caravans on it, no idea how they got away with it/what the reasons were but the "best" was one
  12. I assumed that anything spent on a boat will require a similar amount spending on equipment/gear etc and from experience, I have also assumed that buying known names/branded second hand will be better than buying cheap/unknown from EBay. Boats/water sports are something that have never really interested me but over the last year or so it's something that has started to attract my eye.
  13. Brilliant thanks. I have seen some of the cheap new kayaks on EBay, reading the feedback they’re awful so I’ll keep my eye out for a decent used one. I’ll also enquire about permits/registration.
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