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  1. It's a pickup that's been hacked down into a trailer. Red-neck engineering at it's finest. Ignoring my original post the Americans do sell a similar device to that called a Tow Hog (I think). It doesn't articulate and attaches solidly to the receiver hitch but it's wheels swivel.
  2. Want a fifth wheel caravan but don't drive a pick up? No problem if you're a creative American! No this isn't in the UK. It isn't safe. It isn't recommended. Just before those with no sense of humour chip in.
  3. A delayed response from me! I fitted mine to the front axle but if I did it again I'd fit it to the rear as already mentioned.
  4. I'm too engrossed watching traffic when in an unfamiliar area to notice the presence or not of street lights. Road signs are the No.1 speed communication but an on screendashboard reminder is a helpful assistant for me.
  5. It's also a problem/difficult to know every speed limit while driving through unfamiliar areas in traffic. It's in these situations that I'm thankful for the Volvo display. Of course it isn't going to be accurate 100% of the time but it's a lot better than guessing or stopping to measure the distance between street lights........
  6. Not all cars are the same. Not all cars can be re-programmed to allow a "plug in loom" to be recognised and give the same functions as a factory fitted (as opposed to dealer fitted) system. I went through all of this with PF Jones and Volvo.
  7. I have a 2018 V90 and so far the speed limits displayed are spot on, including temporary limits. It's a good job as it'stoo complicated for my patience level to change anything!
  8. In the UK vehicle's built after August 1998 must have type approval for towing stated by the manufacturer and towbars must follow the same so in most cases (ignoring grey imports) having a custom made towbar isn't possible. I know that this isn't the case in other countries. American trailer hitch manufacturers list hitches/towbars for several vehicles (Toyata Prius mk1 as an example).
  9. For an EV (not PHEV) to make a decent tow car there would need to be a countrywide revamp of caravan AND trailer parking facilities at rest areas with plenty of charging points but that's a different conversation. There are certainly some interesting vehicles and concepts springing up, eventually someone will get it right, rather than just getting it right for certain groups (BIK advantages for company car drivers as an example). EV commercial vehicles will need to tow so it will get there, but for me it feels like the automotive industry is still in the design and development stage and using the public to test concepts rather than solutions.
  10. Ok, NOT the same but I tow a 1624kg twin axle with a V90 D4 Momentum (1825kg unladen) and it is great. The only minor gripe is the soft rear suspension.
  11. I used to do the same (I think it was around a fiver) until I trod on it! I used it so many times I now have a good idea of how long it takes for me personally to be completely free. There are so many variables including body fat content as (apparently) fat slows down the alcohol absorption rate. Exercise seems to help speed up the process.
  12. People focus a zero limit on drinking then driving straight away. I have never done this but I (like a good few) have driven the next morning believing I'm fine but quite possibly not. To police a zero tolerance properly would necessitate the sale and regulation of RELIABLE and ACCURATE breathalysers so people can know for sure when they are fit to drive as "a bit of a hangover" can actually mean you're still way over the limit. I purchased one from Alcosense and the results were very interesting. If I drink four pints of average (4.5%-ish) beer between 7.30 and 10.00pm I am under the limit at 7.00am the next day BUT there is still alcohol in my system. Drink driving is not clever but everyone is different and needs help to assess when they are free of alcohol in their system to drive again.
  13. There used to be a P76 at the motor heritage museum at Gaydon along with a few other interesting pieces.
  14. The Maxi used the same doors as well. I remember my dads well Harvest Gold and rust in every panel! I think the 3 litre was RWD unlike the FWD arrangement of the others?
  15. Australia got a few odd-ball BMC/Leyland variants including one that looked like a cross between an 1100 and a Maxi. Possibly called a 1500?
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