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  1. Right, fitted & inflated, I'll see if it stays inflated tomorrow!
  2. I don't think anyone touched it, but you never know. It has remained fully inflated since this morning, I'll now put it under the caravan and inflate it and see what happens. If it doesn't go down it could well have been a bit of muck or something in the valve when inflating it.
  3. It always nagged at me. Not having a "mechanical" reliance would be like venturing under a car only supported by a hydraulic jack with no axle stands.
  4. I suspected that but water immersion showed no leaks. However trying to submerge each half under water for anything more than a few seconds is difficult due to its buoyancy.
  5. We have a Lock N Level airbag leveller for our twin axle. They seem like a good piece of kit, especially for those like me that HATE a caravan that isn't level. With single axles we coped well with ramps, but the Lock N Level seemed like a much easier way of levelling a twin. I have used it three times so far (we bought it 18 months ago), the first two times it was on the N/S and hence obscured by the awning skirt while in use. I always put thick rubber mats under it to prevent damage from stones etc. When leaving site I never paid much attention to it, simply crack open the linking valve and open the release valve. All seemed good. We were away at Southport CMC site last week and I used it on the O/S this time, everything worked as efficiently as ever. However, two days later while getting into the car I noticed that the airbag under the front wheel was flat! Fortunately, the rear bag was still fully inflated, holding the caravan up so excessive strain on the corner steadies was less than it would have been for a complete deflation. I raised the steadies, deflated the complete air bag, then dropped the steadies again. I have just inflated it to the maximum recommended pressure of 30psi and can find no trace of leaks while submersed in the bath, next step will be to inflate it in-use with the caravan on top (corner steadies UP!) and see if it deflates. They are a very good and precise system, but if you use one keep an eye on it as deflation could cause some serious damage. My confidence in these is now severely reduced!
  6. We pre-booked the popular attractions (London Eye and Madam Tussaurds) to beat the queues. It costs a bit more but definitely worth it. Abbey Wood site is a great base for London and easy to find following the directions in the book.
  7. We did this a few weeks back. The train from Abbey Wood and the tubes all take contactless credit and debit cards so we did this. Each day, the train into London and back plus various tube journeys typically cost us £10 each per day.
  8. I have just had a look and it's held in place with normal screws, not plastic ones. I've took a few photos to show it, you can also see the holes left from the pocket which I sealed. You can also just make out the double sided tape behind the blocks.
  9. No but it covers them so you can't see them when fitted. Make sure you get a fitting kit with it (they are sometimes supplied separately). The fittings are four plastic blocks that come with a kind of plastic rivet/screw. These need a hole driĺling in the door liner. I also used a square of double sided number plate adhesive tape behind each one for added security. They are easy to fit, ours has been on for 18 months with no problems, you just need to be careful with it when fitting a bin bag.
  10. From memory it was an option but this was an ex-demonstrator and it didn't have it.
  11. No it doesn't have that unfortunately. Not exactly "tail dragging" but it could be better.
  12. Thanks, I'll measure up when we're back home. The V90 has a 100kg noseweight limit but even with a lightly loaded boot, at 100kgs on the hitch it drops quite a bit. I now aim for 90kgs but it isn't easy.
  13. It did. The pocket is glued to the inner liner in places as well as four pegs but is easily prised off. Despite what some dealers say, the door inner linings are identical for those with and without bins.
  14. Our Swift was the same so I removed it and fitted a Hartal bin.
  15. Ideal for used tea bags, tissues and the like, we always use ours, in fact I just have after making the breakfast. As has been said, you must FULLY retract the door blind before closing the door. The lower blind runner clip on our flyscreen is broken because we didn't!
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