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  1. CMC Abbey Wood site from tomorrow for four nights, £165 for a fully serviced pitch. C&CC Canterbury site for four nights straight after (pitch with electric) £95. No idea why I booked a fully serviced pitch (NEVER book caravan sites while an open wine bottle is in reach) but an extra £70 for four nights is a lot for a tap and a drain.
  2. I've always had the skirt outside to try and direct rainwater away from the awning carpet, not easy when it's inboard of the ladder straps but in the past I've found that having it tucked inside allowed rainwater to run down the awning and straight under the carpet.
  3. Possibly because the various organisations and clubs bang on about "kerbweight" being the critical life or death method of measurement for safe towing. At 99.9% of a printed figure in a brochure and you're fine, but at 100.1% the world will end. Most folks on here know that there is much more to safe towing than that and that any figure used is simply a bit of a base line/starting point. However, this is a caravan forum and for some reason folks love to get into an argument about it!
  4. Yep, we're doing just that tomorrow. Four nights at Abbey Wood then down to Canterbury for four nights. A hotel for the three of us would have been around £150 a night. Using the caravan is cheaper, quieter, possibly more comfortable and a lot more flexible.
  5. East Fleet Farm (a CMC affiliated site) had quite a few vacant pitches two/three weeks ago when we were there. Sadly for us (constrained by school holidays) the "choice" sites are always showing as fully booked when we can use them! The C&CC always seem to have availability though.
  6. There's always a solution, our problem at the minute is that we're trying to walk before we can run, so much more research involving more stakeholders needed to be done earlier. Amusingly street lamp charging points were widely accepted as the way forward, I was involved heavily in the connection side of this. Quite late on someone realised that in the UK lights are mounted aeay from the kerb to reduce the chance of damage from vehicles. Charging cables would then be trailing across the footpath! Like it or hate, EV's are being pushed to happen. The UK isn't doing a brilliant job in several areas so it'll be a bumpy ride, but we'll get there. Sort of.
  7. The salesman we purchased our current caravan from (Paul at Ryedale Leisure, Leicestershire) was like that. Our previous four caravans came from a large NW Midlands dealerand was a completely different experience...... While I appreciate that the legal side of towing is entirely the drivers responsibility, a dealer mentioning licence requirements and tow car suitability would be good. Seeing the novice questions asked on various groups demonstrates that doing research beforehand isn't done by a good many.
  8. This is where the various caravan organisations need to speak up and get on board with the various trade bodies that are championing the EV vehicle infrastructure. The old aying "you snooze, you lose" applies here. I was heavily involved in a lot of the rapidly growing network upgrade requirements for mass EV use and can categorically confirm that the charging of passenger vehicles drawing a trailer has NOT been considered (or certainly hadn't six months ago). Enjoy your caravanning freedom NOW. You've never had it so good and easy. Times are changing, slowly, but change will land on your doorstep eventually. Lobbying your favourite flavour of caravan organisation SHOULD be the correct way forward, but you'd have to drag the CMC into the 21st century first.
  9. You don't lose your B+E entitlement when you turn 70.
  10. There is a gap in the market for two new dictionaries: Teenage text speak. The language that my daughter & her friends use is alien to me. A translation service is often needed. Business brown-nose acronyms and buzz words. Having recently been made redundant from a management position in a large organisation it amused me how other managers would regurgitate various meaningless phrases that they had heard someone senior say as if it were some sort of competition. One day I will write them all up.
  11. Our caravan has GRP (fibreglass) sides and the limpets (used with a Kampa awning) and the suction hooks (wheelarch draught skirt) haven't left any marks.
  12. The trick is to tighten them so you're convinced they are nowhere near tight enough, they will be. I use them regularly and while I broke a couple early on, I don't anymore. I also bought some heavy duty suction cups which are BRILLIANT, I'll find a link and post it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F392324846221
  13. No Steve, just a general comment from someone who prefrs an easy going and relaxed forum. Sometimes threads go off at tangents and become personal which is a shame as 99.9% of folks on here seem fine, but occasionally arguments flare up like fireworks in November. I occasionally comment to try and remind folks that forums like this really don't have to be as serious and confrontational as they sometimes appear. But I meant what i said about fat fingers & phone keypads!
  14. You want try posting a response on a phone with small keys when your fingers are like sausages........ I'm just thankful mine make sense, let alone feature correct spelling and grammar.
  15. You'd be surprised. Even something like a Mondeo estate will have a GVW approaching 2200kgs, add a mid-range 4 berth fixed bed at around 1500kgs and it's B+E time. I agree that it CAN be done with careful selection, sadly a lot ignore it or don't research and are unaware.
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