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  1. Yes, 2/3 of them. I do my wife’s Fiat 500 and my old American Ford but the Volvo goes to the garage, it hasn’t got a dip stick & the filter is awkward to get to. Plus I intend to change it every 3 years & full history will help, the Fiat will be with us for ten years so history isn’t so critical (but I log everything I do to it and keep receipts), the Ford was built in 1957 and probably won’t be on any of the main dealers systems....
  2. We have a 2017 Kampa Rally 390 Plus which leaked through the material (not the seams), I gave it two coats of Fabsil Gold and it’s now fine. However for £1,000 I expected better and won’t buy another.
  3. I cycled past our local Wetherspoons at 8.00am and folks were sitting in the garden drinking!
  4. I saw quite a few on the roads while out on a bike ride this morning. Mind you, there were folks drinking in Wetherspoons beer garden when I rode past at 8.00am so I predict a manic (and possibly foolish) weekend in a lot of places!
  5. Yes I have heard of him but never used him. I love places like that, time capsules that have escaped changes that have strangled bigger businesses. There’s a guy in Burton on Trent selling New Old Stock body panels from a garage behind a row of terraced houses. It’s like stepping back to the 50’s!
  6. That’s interesting thanks. The downside is I have to take the component to them and then collect it again. I’ll wait until it’s lifted, there’s no shows happening at the minute so I’m not desperate.
  7. For all those that are away over the next few days, please post up a few reports on how things go. Thanks
  8. It’s a general engineering place, not a garage but their expertise is critical for a certain aspect of updating the running gear in an older car. I know I’m being vague but I’m conscious that they might be exempt in some way (but I don’t think so).
  9. I'm North West Leicestershire and a lot of pubs round here have stated that you must show I.D with an address before being served. Of course, it won't stop someone with valid ID buying a round of drinks for others from within the lockdown area but there isn't a great deal else they can do other than not open. I rang a company in Leicester on Tuesday that I need to do a specialist job for me on a part for one of my cars, their response was "business as usual, bring it in". I told them I'd ring them AFTER this lockdown was lifted. If that attitude is typical across the city then the lockdown is nothing but a word rather than an action.
  10. Thanks, we booked with Padstow Touring Park back in January but up until last week their own web site was live, I panicked when it suddenly took me to another site! I've rang them and left a message, waiting for them to ring back.
  11. Just tried to log onto the Padstow web site www.padstowtouringpark.co.uk and it now diverts you to https://lovatparks.com/locations/cornwall/padstow not sure how long they've been part of that group but the web site change has happened since last week. We're (hopefully!) there from 18th July for a week but looking at the web site and recent park activity there does seem to be a push towards the static caravan side of things. I suppose there's more money to be made with statics.
  12. It was also about as awful as it could get compared to newer diesels. The Metro wasn’t brilliant but the BMC diesel would have made it worse. It would have been a good way of preventing speeding crimes though! Somewhere I have got an advert from Perkins diesels listing all of the cars that they offered conversions for, I’ll try and find it next time I go in the loft. Back in the 60’s my dad used to race Formula 1 stock cars, these used V8 engines, originally flat heads but later OHV’s where possible. He bought a 1957 Oldsmobile as a tow car, pulled the V8 out for the stock car and machined an adaptor plate to mate a Perkins diesel to the Oldsmobile’s original Hydramatic automatic gearbox. Apparently the acceleration when towing was “leisurely”.....
  13. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/sites-touring/uk-sites-touring/cirencester-park-access-road/?p=24 See last page.
  14. One of our local pubs (Leicestershire) will only serve people showing I.D that shows they are not from the locked down areas of Leicester. Okay, it’s not foolproof but at least it’s an attempt to ensure people comply.
  15. There is such a fine and delicate line between keeping safe and keeping the world turning that it's a difficult one to tread. We can't let people be exposed to a threat in the same way as any other threats in life. However, if we don't start to get the wheels of the economy turning soon, a good many will see the house they are isolating in become repossessed along with the cars that they use to travel to the Doctors in. So many businesses are closing and people losing their jobs. Before anyone jumps in, yes, a good many are also dying, but both issues need addressing together, not in isolation from each other.
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