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  1. Rowntree Park fully booked up for the weekends until June 2021 already! There are a few other popular sites with weekend/Bank Holiday availability though.
  2. Well, just to add the above. Today, the sun is out so rather than go for a ride, my wife and I went for a walk, she needed to pick up her prescription so we walked into town and then back home via the countryside. As we walked out of town we were shouted at by a woman delivering something over the road, on asking what she had said as I didn't hear she said that we (my wife and I) should be social distancing and keep apart 2 metres. I asked how she thought other married couples got on living together and other family members of the same household. She scowled and got back in her car and drove off. Some folks live their life being told what to do and they see this sort of thing as their one chance to stick their chest out and assert some (made up) authority to tell others what to do. Social media also helps convince individuals that they now have a right to be Judge, Jury and Executioner.
  3. Be aware that SOME USB sockets emit a blue light when in use. A very bright blue light in some cases! I fitted one in the front of ours but the light kept our daughter awake at night, they might look like a small and innocent LED but once everything is dark they don't half glow!
  4. There are things about "the club" that I criticise, some light heartedly and some not so, however, its value for us means that we will continue our subscription. The Mayday breakdown service and CL network is very good and (for us) the caravan insurance is always competitive. They are now letting you forward book sites up to July 2021, so we have FINALLY managed to book a pitch at the Castleton site for the end of May next year. Been trying to get on this one for ages but it's always booked solid for school holiday times. If anyone wants to put a bet on the weather forecast in Derbyshire for the end of May next year have a bit of a flutter on it being cold and wet! Don't bother trying to book Rowntree Park in York, it's already full for most weekends right up to July 2021!
  5. Some colleagues were taken to a supposedly exclusive restaurant in China by representatives of China Light & Power. The menu listed various supposed delicacies, these were housed (live) in cages and tanks in full view of the diners. Once you chose what you wanted off the menu you then chose the particular victim from it's cage/tank and it was slaughtered and cooked in front of you. If I ever have to go out there I will be vegetarian for the duration.
  6. I don't understand how some members of the public's brains work, I really don't. As some know I (like a few on here) I am keen cyclist, having lost my dad (heart attack) at the age of 59 I have been determined not to follow his example and like to try and stay fit. Staying within the Government's advice (advice given to us the public from experts considering risks, not advice given by someone on Facebook) I have been alternating between using an indoors "turbo trainer" (a piece of kit enabling you to cycle indoors) and going out for an afternoon ride for an hour on an alternating daily basis. The Governments advice is clear, this is acceptable, there is no ambiguity. Two weeks ago I was spat at by a car full of morons and told to self isolate. They were heading into the local "problem estate" so I shrugged it off. Yesterday afternoon I was out for a ride in the countryside, enjoying the quiet roads and the sunshine. A new car drew up alongside me and the older (probably mid-60's) couple screamed out of the window, with pure venom and anger that I should **** off home and didn't I realise that I was killing people by being outside! They sped off before I could react, both of them (in the car) with their dog in the back so hardly on an essential journey. But why on earth do some think like this? Granted, some have an opinion that leaving the house to exercise puts you at risk of needing the already stretched NHS resources should you have an accident, but that's all it is, an opinion. The Government guidelines really are clear, while they are fairly "loose" and leave some interpretation, exercise is allowed while following certain restrictions. I really do loose faith in the publics level of intellect sometimes, I really do.
  7. Dirty, filthy, inhumane, disease-spreading, cess-pits often referred to as markets. I have never been to any part of Asia (and have no desire to) but the colleagues I know that have been are usually shocked at how some of these places operate. Unfortunately with this "lifestyle" being so accepted as normal out there, getting it stopped is probably impossible, getting it controlled/regulated (cleaned up!) is also likely to be difficult. But if something isn't done we will see a reoccurrence of COVID19 or worse.
  8. Major investment is obviously a problem for any one manufacturer but pooling resources could help. They MOSTLY all use a common manufacturers chassis, if more than one manufacturer pooled resources into a few common bodyshells that they each kitted out however they wanted to could result in greater investment/research/development of better bodyshell technology. It won't happen for a variety of reasosn but we're talking fantasy wish lists here! Lighter water would help, making a 100 litre Aquaroll feasible/manageable (should have got that out on April 1st.....). Can't think of anything else really? We have the caravan we like, I've just had the payload upgraded from 1624kgs to 1800kgs (not that we carry much but "just in case" that extra bottle of wine/pair of shoes nudges it over the scales). A lighter inflatable awning (that doesn't leak!) would also be good and maybe some reclining chairs that really do fold up smaller than the usual.
  9. Incredible, it just shows how inhuman, insensitive and how generally thick some of this countries public-figureheads really are. She should be sacked, if the evidence is as clear as the BBC article suggests it must be a case of gross mis-conduct.
  10. How on earth did folks manage to make a decision/draw a conclusion before the advent of online forums and discussion groups?
  11. Volvo V90. I know I am a bit biased (I love mine) but I'm just over six feet tall and even with my drivers seat in a position for my own comfort there is LOTS of room in the back for three adults. There are AWD versions of the V90 available but for £13K it would be a high mileage car. Mine isn't AWD but the D4 FWD, with kerbweight of 1825kgs and around 190bhp it's a very good tow car.
  12. Just read that. Awful, really hope he turns a corner soon.
  13. Perhaps they make things up more than us? If Boris is in a UK hospital and was in a different condition to that reported, it WOULD have leaked to the UK press way before it got across to Russia. Do you really believe all of that rubbish?
  14. There are those that view the rules differently to me and those that blatantly take the mick. Walking dogs twice a day for half an hour each time (in my eyes) is no different to someone going for a run for an hour. However, the shenanigans, wheeler-dealing and generally Chav-foolery of a family near us is right at the other end of the spectrum. Report them? No I wouldn't. We're a small cul-de-sac and they would know it was someone here that reported them and they could make everyone's life hell, if they chose, once life starts to return to normal. Yes, they could well be spreading infection and the like, but they are only one of MANY. They socialise with other (extended) family members on the local problem-estate who take part in a brain-sharing scheme. You would like to think that everyone would understand, but there are a hard-core few that simply won't "get it".
  15. I was only thinking a while ago that there are a lot more doom threads than positive ones on here. It's obviously very difficult to predict what will happen and when, BUT I personally need to focus on positive (and real) future events rather than negative. I was hoping for early retirement in ten years time but seeing as my pension fund had lost nearly a quarter of it's value that might have been kicked into the long grass so I'll stop focussing on the long term and concentrate on the short/mid. Hoping for a few trips in the caravan mid to end of summer (we have a few sites booked) and spending time just relaxing with the family while away and sampling some decent food and beers is my No.1 dream (we have a table booked at Rick Steins restaurant in Padstow while we're HOPEFULLY at Padstow Touring Park in the third week of July). More folks realising that staying in the UK for a holiday might inject some much needed cash into the various UK seaside destinations. Slowing/capping the housing market might make properties affordable for some of the younger generation. While it will have a devastating effect on a lot of people already on the housing ladder, slowing the constant climb of prices will benefit some. The attraction of the UK countryside might ensure that folks respect it a bit more. I don't know what the future holds and I am under no illusion that for some it is going to be a very horrible financial mess but trying to look for small pieces of positive things in amongst the mess, bad news and fake news helps me no end. The one very important thing going forward is that (again, hopefully) folks will stop and think about what they have and be grateful for them (both health and materials).
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