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  1. This is the council owned park rather than the CMHC site just off the entrance road? There have been a few posts over the years about the council owned one attracting some of the less desirable members of society, it looks like you have met some of them! The CMHC site is more expensive but better (in our opinion, but we have only used it once, back in 2013).
  2. That looks like a standard ball has been used for towing as under certain articulation conditions those side pieces will foul the towball due to inadequate clearance. Your dealer really hasn’t shown any care and has no idea of customer service.
  3. I cannot offer any advice only to say you’re not alone. We had lots of issues with a new caravan in 2014 purchased from a large north Midlands dealer and they ignored phone calls and emails, eventually (through Swift) I found another sympathetic local dealer who sorted everything and got my business going forward.
  4. There was an article in a caravan magazine a while ago where someone only had a few inches to spare each side of the caravan as it was pushed down the drive, he fabricated some "skates" that clamped to the awning rail front and rear, these had small wheels on them so if the caravan got too close to a wall the wheels rolled against the wall protecting the bodywork, it was quite a neat idea!
  5. I can't see any problems there, especially using a mover which will give more control and also act as a "brake". A lot of restrictive covenants (but not all) have wording to the effect of "caravans, boats etc should not be parked in front of the building line", seeing as you are proposing to park behind this you might be okay, but worth checking. These covenants are usually on the title deeds to the house so the Land Registry can provide a copy for a small fee online.
  6. Welcome, I know a company (Basecamp?) tried to promote touring caravans in India a few years back and started to import one or two models over there, I think the problem was the lack of infrastructure (camp sites etc) as well as the fact that towing a holiday home behind a car just wasn't known in India. My wife is Indian and her (UK) family also don't really understand the appeal of a caravan so it's going to be a tough job marketing it over there but I wish you all the success. Talking to her side of the family they were saying that hap-hazard road traffic regulations mean that actually registering and using a trailer based caravan isn't easy as there simply isn't a category/recognition of them in the regulations, along with no real industry for the supply and fitting of towbars/hitches to cars out there. Having said all this, India is a big country with some excellent opportunities for touring caravan use away from the cities, so if this works it'll be a great success!
  7. I forgot you were in N.I, I guess they are pretty much inline with over here? Have a good nose around on You Tube for all things caravan related, some of it is complete rubbish but there's a lot of interesting (and sometimes entertaining) stuff on there, from reversing skills, pitching up, loading etc, etc. I was off work for a few weeks at the end of 2017 after a hernia op and spent ages on You Tube to fend off the boredom!
  8. Low Voltage actually refers to anything up to 1,000V, everything on the network coming up to your house is classed as "LV". (Pedantic hat taken off now......). Reverse polarity is a problem but if the usual checks are done and a reverse-wired adapter used then it will not be a problem with any device fitted within the caravan. The real solution to all of this would be to have a haircut like mine and use a gas-stove kettle!!!
  9. It will be on the VIN plate (possibly located on the door pillar of the car), if your kerbweight is 1660kgs then I would guess your MAM is going to be around 2150kgs which will put you in B&E licence territory with a 1460kg MTPLM caravan. The VIN plate on the car and the caravan's plate are what any roadside check will use against licence type held. Have a look on You Tube for B&E licence tests, there's some really useful information on there which confirms what some have said in that the test itself isn't that difficult and passing it would open the doors up to a whole host of other caravans.
  10. Our 2018 Sprite has the Truma system and you can set the current draw maximum on there, it switches off other appliances (if current draw exceeds the limit (it will switch the fridge from mains to gas as an example - from memory).
  11. The Kampa awnings that leak are over & above ones that haven’t had chance to weather, ours soaked through the actual material rather than the seams. There is a Facebook group called “my Kampa awning leaks” I posted videos of ours on there. It’s a real pity as they are a great awning regarding design and usability
  12. Take videos of it leaking and take it back. Condensation IS a problem on this type of awning but leaking Kampas are known. We have a 2017 model of the same awning and water poured in (NOT condensation). Unfortunately the online dealer I got it from went bust and Kampa were less than helpful. In the end I bought a can of Fabsil Gold and reproofed it myself. They are a great design but the water proofing quality is hit & miss.
  13. I watched someone use one last year. They had a tent and the Aquaroll was fitted with a tap in the filling cap, he placed the stand against the Aquaroll and wrapped a rubber bungee cord round to secure it, then tipped it onto it's side with the tap at the lowest point and used it to fill cups etc from there. Yep, catching it on my heels was a constant irritation so I tend to push it now rather than pull, but I like the idea of the webbing through the handle.
  14. 1. It's within it's maximum towing limit so is legal, the oft-quoted "85% rule" is an advisory guideline given by the various clubs/organisations, there are lots of factors for safe and stable towing over and above kerbweight/MTPLM matching. 2. Having personally towed (carefully loaded) caravans at 90-odd percent matches for many years myself, you are neither stupid or too ambitious, load carefully, tow at sensible speeds, be aware of your surroundings (passing HGV's, cross winds etc) and you will be fine. 3. Quality brands of everything in life have their faults. Back in 1999 we bought a 1996 Coachman and by 2002 it was so damp it was almost scrap. However, the newer ones are lovely caravans, but as with any caravan, a damp check is essential while a full service history also gives some peace of mind.
  15. My parents use an Aquaroll type of container for the waste (it’s a black one to avoid confusion!) as they find it much easier to push/pull than the traditional Wastemaster wheeled type.
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