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  1. Well it got delivered today & it's lovely. I gave up fitting the towbar myself & booked it into PF Jones at Stoke on 8th July. While fitting the towbar (and dedicated electrics) is straightforward, trying to get to grips with the various trim znd bumper clips without breaking them was challenging.........
  2. If all else fails, clean all the contacts and apply electrical contact grease to stop it coming back. Plug the hole in the top of then lense with silicone sealant and drill a drain hole in the bottom.
  3. It was priced at a similar level to others. What we've found is that shorter 2 berths are quite scarce, there are lots of end-bathroom models out there but the overall lengths are usually around 20 feet which is too long. Someone will indeed buy it but I suspect that within a couple of years the damp will re-appear.
  4. Yesterday I took my parents to view a (new to them) caravan. They are looking for a 2 berth at a maximum of 18 1/2 feet overall length to replace their current caravan. I found a 2010 Elddis Avante in Lincolnshire that seemed to fit the bill, as it was over an hours drive I rang the dealer who assured me it was a well cared for example so we set off......... Initial reactions weren't good, it had lots of small dents all over the body, I appreciate that any 9 year old caravan will have gathered a few of these over the years, but this was excessive, plus two "outward" dents where someone had used slightly too long screws on the inside that had formed "pimples" on the outer skin, but not quite broken through. We then ventured inside. The previous owner was obviously a bit of a DIY enthusiast as every single cupboard had had extra security catches added to the outside of them, there were THREE clocks installed, several additional 230V sockets (complete with nasty white trunking for the wiring to them), two additional aerial sockets (with the obligatory white trunking), two spirit levels screwed down, a spice rack screwed to the wall, white plastic edging trim along the edge of the sink/drainer applied with some very messy mastic. However, the icing on the cake was yet to come. Running my hands along the top edge of the walls to check for bumps/pimples caused by damp (there were bumps) I noticed that the wallboard covering was not original. You could see where it had been cut to go around the cupboards and everything else, looking inside the cupboards showed that while the wall covering was indeed similar to original, it was a slightly different colour! I handed back the keys and told the sales guy that we weren't interested and why. "I didn't realise that" was the reply..................
  5. I roughly place a black garden waste rubbish bag over mine and gather it at the bottom of the tyre and tie string round it. If you use plastic sheet then what about some white upvc or similar?
  6. Put aside an afternoon, get some rubber gloves, some patio cleaner (or Traffic Film Remover), an old tooth brush, a sponge and a decent helping of elbow grease. I mix up half a cup of patio cleaner with a gallon of hot water and give the caravan a good wash, then rinse. This won't get rid of all of it. I then mix up a litre of hot water and half a cup of patio cleaner (so a much stronger solution) and use an old tooth brush and sponge on any stubborn stains, the gloves are a must as it REALLY dries out your skin. I then follow this with another all over wash with diluted patio cleaner as at the start then either a good polish OR at the least, another wash using car wash & wax. I know this sounds laborious but it really does shift 99% of the muck. I only have to do this at the start of each year, if I polish it after it only needs a quick wash with car shampoo to bring it back to clean again. Others use the various Fenwicks caravan products but I've never used them so cannot comment.
  7. GaryB1969

    8k tug

    When I ordered my BMW 520D company car in 2016 a manual version was also available, but I chose the 8 speed auto as the published BMW economy figures showed the auto as being better. Over the 2 1/2 years I drove it (55,000 miles) my average total consumption was 48mpg which isn't bad for a car with a kerbweight of just under 1800kgs and a 188bhp engine. The mileage was a mixture of all-sorts but mainly A roads and motorway with some caravan and trailer towing thrown in.
  8. GaryB1969

    8k tug

    I've been through this scenario recently, looking at replacing a company car following redundancy. I looked at various price groups and found that in the £5K to £10K price bracket, luxury cars (BMW 5 series, Audi A6 etc) tended to be a higher mileage than an equivalent Mondeo, Skoda etc. There were a few very nice cars if you look hard (low mileage, full history etc) but unfortunately not heavy enough to be a good match with our caravan. An estate is usually a bit heavier than a saloon (and more practical if you need it), but there are 101 variants/models so some will come down to personal choice. In the end I spent a couple of hours wandering around a car-supermarket place, not really to buy as they tend to be expensive, but just to get an idea on the various models available. I decided to up my price and went for a Volvo V90. In your price bracket there ought to be some very good Mondeo estates available.
  9. The one on my parents Kia Ceed goes in vertically, my stepfather is 85 and while still reasonably fit he struggles. He also uses a garden kneeler but it's still fiddly. None of the towbar receiver is visible so you really do have to feel around to line it all up. He fits it in April and leaves it in place until they stop using the caravan in September time.
  10. Agreed, I take delivery of a Volvo V90 next week and was asking this same question to myself, I'll keep the Mayday cover as well.
  11. One danger is the load balancing with multi-vehicle charging on a typical housing estate with everyone using single phase chargers. The plan (well, one of them) is to install 3 phase supplies into new build houses. Sounds good, but what about the houses that aren't new build (the majority)? There are 101 other technical reasons that require massive investment (that isn't there), which, when coupled with the other limitations of the current ED1 price review means that actually implementing all of the seemingly good stuff that is publicised in the press is a LONG way off. The publicity surrounding EV use is ramping up, but the actual implementation of it is lagging far behind.
  12. I suppose a lot of folks go through stages of questioning "why?", especially when the weather's poor or you've discovered something that needs doing repair-wise to the caravan. For me personally, I have spent many years staying in hotels on business and I hate it. I'm guaranteed to have someone in the room next door who snores or have a room overlooking a busy (noisy) street. Staying in a hotel room as a family of three is a cramped experience where you really don't feel like it's "your own space". Car-wise I enjoy driving larger luxury style saloons/estates so I'd always have a car capable of towing and being able to keep a caravan at home escapes storage costs. Being a bit odd and not liking foreign travel, added to the reasons above means that a caravan really is an ideal holiday style. I suppose at some point we'll have a package holiday in the sun, but I'll keep side-stepping that idea until I get forced into it! Having been made redundant, but not having any debt has recently re-focussed my drive and I'm now looking at ways to retire early, so spending less money and use the caravan we have is a lot more attractive than spending more money on overseas holidays.
  13. It is commonly known that SOME 2012 Swifts had the wrong sealant used on the front windows resulting in damp in that area.
  14. Fast chargers are indeed coming, but the cable over-laying project to run it is a long way off. 11kV fast chargers at street level are in the pipeline but above ground street furniture at LV has enough risks, MV street furniture is a big HSE concern for the industry.
  15. For me, when spending a lot of money i prefer the option of using a dealer for peace of mind with the warranty and a bit more security/leverage if something goes wrong.
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