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  1. It’s in the awning area so hang a dart board over it! The custom graphics idea mentioned earlier is a good shout.
  2. Excellent info, you can’t beat someone’s real experience
  3. I've been restoring classic cars for 35 years, I do all of my own bodywork knocking out some show-winning finishes, but even I'd admit to steering clear of that. As Silversurf has said there is an opportunity to lose the paint repair in the swage lines but you need to be using proper equipment, not an aerosol can. I use 2K direct-gloss which can have matting agent added in varying amounts to match the caravans semi-gloss (powder coated I think) finish, but again, it's difficult to do that and get an invisible repair on a driveway (wasps & dust just love to land in fresh paint!). The oth
  4. From 2017 they are GRP internal walls as well as external on Sprites. We swapped to a new Sprite in 2018 after four new Swift Challengers and there's hardly any difference in spec now, the Sprites really aren't the basic/budget models that they used to be. The construction is identical, the only differences are in the trim and no electric hot plate on the cooker (plus no Alde heating option).
  5. 2014 saw the introduction of timber-less framing and 2017 saw the introduction of GRP internal/external walls. As Ern has said, the Swift Talk forum would be a good place to go.
  6. Maypole universal covers are best seen as temporary. Repeated use sees them tear eventually and their fit is obviously universal so they don’t cater for aerials, solar panels or doors. Personally I’d save for a custom fit cover. They aren’t cheap but will last longer than a universal one.
  7. This worked well as I was trying to get something finished. It stung a bit when the paint thinners soaked through the tissue.
  8. It's called an argument starter, yours appears to be working okay! As has been said, if it's an OEM product fitted by the caravan manufacturer, replacing like for like is fine. When you remove it just check for signs of overheating and when refitting a new one, ensure that non of the conductor strands are broken and they're inserted correctly into the bore and the screws tightened sufficiently.
  9. That’s a decent upgrade! I had ours (2018 Swift) raised from 1624 to 1800kgs. I have no intention of loading up to it, but “just in case”!
  10. Just to balance the views from the other side. We DON'T do weekends away like some folks do, we've tried it a few times but for us by the time we've got there and set up etc, it's time for something to eat and then bed. Saturday is spent doing whatever the area has to offer then Sunday morning just feels a bit "flat" as it's time to pack up and go home, plus all of the unpacking/washing etc when we get home. We live an hour away from the Peak District so we can be somewhere nice within an hour, but (sadly) for us, short breaks just don't "do it".
  11. This is what we had, it's the expansion/header tank and doesn't have a cap, I was convinced it did.
  12. We had the Alde heating in a 2016 Swift (part-exchanged in 2018) and I was convinced it had a cap on it, looks like I was wrong. I guess in this case it could be over-filled? When we had ours we had no problems with anything spilling out.
  13. It's the Alde heating fluid reservoir, it's housed in the wardrobe. With no cap on it'll make a right mess.
  14. That will be the Alde heating fluid reservoir and it should have a cap on it.
  15. Be careful if going with a Lunar given the possible problems with any spares relating to body items/anything Lunar specific owing to trading problems. One possibility might be a layout with an L-shape lounge as they tend to have a long settee on one side and another full length under the window. We had one back in 2007, an Elddis Avante 540, but L-shape lounges have since fallen out of fashion.
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