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  1. Hi Paul i have an acer laptop which is superb. I don’t play games or anything on it but it was very reasonably priced for what it is. i seems to handle watching all kinds of videos (including 4K quality) so I’m really happy with it. victoria
  2. Still laughing about this lmao
  3. Yes that’s something we could have done. I didn’t really see why he needed to be watching that kind of thing on a nice peaceful holiday. No doubt our neighbours heard it all too which is hugely embarrassing! Like Paul (and others) I would rather not have it and make our own fun 😛
  4. WiFi is a must for me I’m afraid. The last caravan holiday holiday I went on (with a boyfriend now ex!) found the signal to be so poor that we couldn’t watch our things online. while I’m happy to read, men tend to need internet lol!! Have things improved at all?
  5. Oh dear haha I wonder if my little micra will be able to tow a caravan!! I don’t expect so
  6. Well done for haggling so much money off your caravan Pete! Very impressive!! Think I need some tips on that kind of thing. i tend to offer the listed value on things
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